More Than I've Ever Needed

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(Old Navy boyfriend shirt & vest / LOFT leggings / Vince Camuto boots / Vintage bag / H&M beanie & belt)

Staycation has officially begun! Yesterday afternoon I fell asleep while watching Netflix and when I woke up, I found Obi curled up right beside my face. Good thing his butt was facing the other direction, lol ;) It's only 1 day left to Christmas. Have a safe and happy holidays everyone! You might see one more blog post from me before the year ends :)

xx toodles.
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True Love Has No Hiding Place

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(Old Navy coat / Joe Fresh sweater & jeans / Marc by Marc Jacobs purse / Forever 21 necklace / Expression ankle boots)

WORK. It's what my life is all about at the moment. I'm fully aware that I currently don't have a work-life balance. I keep telling myself that it'll soon be over, to look forward to next week when I can finally have the morning to sleep in and the rest of the day to do anything but work. To those who are also counting down to the start of their Christmas vacation, hang in there! :)

xx toodles.
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The Things You Say

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(Mackage leather jacket / LOFT sweater (underneath) / H&M scarf / Joe Fresh skirt & tights / Coach purse / Old Navy booties)

Guess who decided to bring her camera with her to document her outfit?
It's been almost two months since my last blog post, but who's counting, right? ;) 

I wish everyone a great start to their December. 
Lets make the last month of 2014 counts! 

xx toodles.
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(ZARA jacket / Joe Fresh sweater & necklace / H&M skirt / Rebecca Minkoff bag / Mossimo boots from TARGET)

I'm back to my sporadic-posting mode. There's a time when I always made sure I brought my DSLR with me wherever I go, but that time has long gone. I barely wear heels, I often opt for a 3-item outfit: jeans+sweater+flats, and I've reduced the size of my go-to bag from this to this. It's fair to say that I'm no longer a blogger.  But I'll keep posting pictures... when I have new ones to share with you guys. Like these, which we took on our way back from brunch last week. I was going to post them right away, but I decided to wait until it's a month after my last post. Because I can be dramatic like that sometime. LOL.

Who's excited for Fall? Woooo!!!

xx toodles.
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