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Happy shopping, girlies! :)


Rummage Results

the line up by the entrance

pretty much at the end of the line, hahaha!

After a Friday night filled with drinking and dancing with a couple of girlfriends, I still managed to go to the AA rummage sale on the next day. With sore legs and lack of sleep, I forced myself to stay on the line for 2.5 hours OUTSIDE in Toronto's cold weather. The overly excited and SUPER LOUD high school kids and 1st years made lining up almost unbearable (they're singing Miley's Party in the USA!!!!).

I was inside and ready to shop by 6pm. Most of the stuff were:
1. on the floor
2. got holes in a size a loonie (Canadian 1 dollar coin)
3. ripped seams
4. broken zipper
5. size XL+

Determined to at least buy something, I rummaged (literally) through piles of clothes. I couldn't find the two skirts I wanted, I found the mesh dress but it had a giant hole, I found the lace bra in white and black but the seams were ripped, and I couldn't find the mesh shirt and the pullover. Very disappointing! Anyways, I finally settled with 2 items: the interlock cut-out back mini dress in black and a nude-colored bandeau bra. Both for only $15 :) :) :)

source: AA website

(AA dress / H&M jacket, faux fur scarf, tights / UO bag / Aldo heels)

Gosh, my hip is so lumpy :-S .......


AA Rummage Sale in Toronto, Nov 27-29

Attention Torontonian shoppers (and AA fanatics),

AmericanApparel is having its first ever rummage sale in Toronto starting tomorrow until Sunday (Nov 27-29).
Now, I'm not an AA fan. I don't even own AA items (except for this 1 neon green tank, which was a gift from my ex-coworker). I find AA stuff to be extremely overpriced. On top of that, I despise most of their ads. However, as a true shopper AND a bargain hunter, I can't pass on this special event where the sale is up to 85% off !!!! I can always find something I like...right? ;)

So, I made a list of items I will look for when I go there:

1. Jersey pocket skirt (yes yes, the ultimate 'casual chic' skirt)

2. Micro-fiber tulip skirt (this would also do if i couldn't find the jersey one)

3. Mesh dress (i know this is borderline sexy-skanky, but it can be a great layering piece)

4. Mesh long-sleeved shirt (not sure if this is going to be on sale since it's a new item)

5. Floral lace bra (no full frontal shots because they're too raunchy!!)

6. Lightweight Raglan Pullover (Thanks Lena for the tips!!)

I'm sure the place will be packed with hard-core AA fans! I better put on my sneakers to survive the madness :) :)
Wish me luck!


Wake up in the morning feelin' like P.Diddy

(H&M cardigan & shorts / Bluenotes loose tank / Ardene tights & necklaces / Forever21 socks & bangles)

Kesha's song "Tik Tok" is such a guilty pleasure. She reminds me of Ashley Tishdale sans the weird nose, hahaha... I've been playing her tune on youtube at home AND work. Let's hope I won't lose my job because of this. For those who haven't heard the song, here it is:

Catchy, non??

My previous obsession with "foul" songs was Sexy Chick. Lena would sooo agree with me on this. The play count for this song in my iTunes is 134 (and counting...). Hahahahaha!!! :D

..Yes I can see her...Cause every girl in here wanna be her..
..They say she needs to slow down...The baddest thing around town..


Christmas came early

I have been spoiling myself (and torturing my credit card) with early christmas presents. I bought three pairs of shoes in a span of 2 weeks. It started off with the beige heels from Aldo. Then, there were the givenchy-esque black lace-up wedges from Aldo. My latest purchase were the deena & ozzy lace up peeptoe boots from UO.

I've been salivating over these boots ever since I saw them on one of my favorite bloggers, Late Afternoon. I was debating for awhile on what color to get, but being a risk-averse that I am, I crowned black as the winner. 
These boots are currently on sale for $49.99 (originally priced at $68) and I had a 10% off coupon, so i got them for $45 (boo yeah!).

Unfortunately, I had to buy them online as they're not sold in Canadian UO stores. I won't be able to get my feet in them until Christmas (so I guess this one is not an early christmas gift. Ha!). I shipped them to Boston, where my relatives live and where I'm going to this Christmas. The shipping cost to Canada is bananazzz! They charge $25 for the first $50 while they only charge $6 if it's shipped to a US address. WTH, right?

My concern about these boots (well...a couple of concerns actually) are the peep toes and the suede material. These two are irrelevant during the cruel Canadian winter. The snow salt is going to ruin the suede, fo' sho.. And it's crazy to wear peeptoes during snowstorm and blizzards. So now I'm questioning myself, did I make the right decision? Oh no, buyer's remorse... hahaha... :D


A run on my dots

(Forever21 tank & jacket / H&M skirt, tights, beanie / Aldo shoes & bag / Walmart socks)

As mentioned in the previous entry, I did a bit of shopping on Saturday, which included 2 pairs of dotted tights (finally!) I was so excited to find them at H&M (where else, right?) because I had been debating for the longest time whether or not I should buy them on EBAY (I had 3 pairs lined up on my watch list). So I decided to wear them today and not even 5 minutes after I put them on, I made a hole on the derriere section (bad luck with hosiery #1). Then an hour later at church, I found out another VISIBLE hole on the lower left side (bad luck with hosiery #2). I was crossing my legs to try to cover it up BUT (bad luck with hosiery #3) my boot zipper got stuck on the them and managed to create more mini holes. Just my luck.....

I feel like giving my 2 cents on the movie 2012. To be honest, I didn't want to see it at first. My friend had to twist my arm to get me to see it. IT WAS A LONG MOVIE. They could so do it in less than 2.5 hrs. That being said, the movie got some great moral messages. Anybody who thought of seeing it, you should go. Beyond the special effects and action scenes, 2012 delivers a good message (and reminder) to all of us about humanity :)

Have a great Sunday!!!!

girl crushes

(Forever21 top & jeans / ZARA blazer / thrifted scarf / Payless clutch / Aldo shoes)

I just got back from a night filled with 2012, a bit (yes, just a tad!) of shopping, a big chinese food dinner topped off with sweeeeett chinese dessert :)
Can I get a burp? haha..

So, while I was at the dessert place, I flipped through a couple of japanese fashion magazines. I have officially developed a crush towards Japanese models. They have the perfect long wavy hair, big round eyes, perfect-size pouty lips, super narrow waist and loooooong legs! And when they pose, they don't strike a fierce pose like ms. banks. Instead, they would lift one leg up and show a big smile on the face (so cuteee....). I wish I had their petite frame and long legs. You see, I have short legs. Even after I cuffed my jeans to make them fit better, the knee area was still loose :(

My other girl crush is Rachel McAdams. I saw her in The Wedding Crashers on TV last night and oh my Lord, she's perfection! The skin, the smile, the eyes, the face, mmmmmm..... And I would never stop hoping that she and Ryan Gosling would get back together again in the future! Team McGosling, anyone? :)

(source: hotcelebs today dot com)

(source: celebrity gossip dot net)



(H&M dress, belt, bag, scarf / Ardene tights / Forever21 jacket / Aldo heels)

(H&M top / ZARA jeans / UO bag / Ardene & Forever21 necklaces / Aldo heels)

So, this is the perfect striped top that I had been searching for the longest time :) Luckily, it's a hybrid between a top and a dress. I wore it to work today as a dress and planning to wear it tonight as a top paired with gray jeans and the same heels. It works both ways, right?

Bad Romance has been playing non stop in my iTunes. To be honest, I'm a bit scared of Lady Gaga. Only God knows what's on her mind because her music videos are always so "different", sometimes in a creepy R-rated way... Regardless, her songs are always so catchy (ga ga oh la la....roma roma ma ma...). There's no doubt that she's a top-notch performer. Lena from
Quality Rivets raised an interesting point about the possibility of her taking over Madonna's throne as the Queen of Pop. I guess that's possible... although I always thought Britney was the one who would take over the title. Is Britney still in the game? :)

Anyways, I gotta get ready for dinner.
1 lb of steamed mussels in white wine cream sauce, here I come!! :D


Olive & Mustard

(my legs look like they just got infected by some weird skin disease..)

(H&M scarf / Forever21 jacket & dress / Ardene tights / Payless mary-janes)

I like to play favorites with my clothes, especially when they are newly acquired. You know, the 'honey moon' phase when you are at the beginning of a relationship. You feel good when you are with that special someone. Same thing applies to my current closet favorites. I feel good when I'm in them, but I also like to ignore the fact that my looks have become very repetitive. Hey..at least it doesn't involve leggings tucked in UGGS boots, right? ;)

I am debating whether or not I should get a hair cut. My hair (especially bangs!) has been out of control, especially now that the cold temperature has come upon us (static alert!). The only solution to survive the day without a bad hair day is a pony tail. But that poses another problem: exposed face and ears --> not good in cold weather. Dilemma....


I'm no model..

..so I'm running out of ideas on how to pose in front of the camera..

(Forever21 lace top / ZARA sheer blouse / Bershka leggings / ALDO shoes / Forever21 & Ardene necklaces)

Debuting my new Aldo heels that were on sale for $50 :) Still trying to figure out the right time to wear them out since winter is upon us and the temperature has dropped to the single-digit range. This kind of weather makes my nails chip more easily. Does that even make sense? :( Maybe it's the lack of humidity?

Also, I've been breaking out like crazy. You can see the scar marks on my face, thanks to the camera flash (-_-"). I don't know what to do with them. I've done all I could with the facial wash and spot-on treatment, but every time one goes away, a new one resurfaces. BIG SIGH....

Anyways, I gotta get ready for bed. Have a great night, everyone :) :)


No Choos, New Shoes

I'm sure a lot of fashionistas out there have paid a visit to the nearby H&M store to check out the new JC for H&M collection.
I, on the other hand, skipped the first day and went to Toronto's H&M flag store on the 2nd day. There were still some pieces left for sale, such as the blue suede dress, the gray one-shoulder dress, the black jumpsuit, some metallic dresses, the fringe dress, and some shoes. I totally missed out on the black embellished dress (they still have one on display behind the window glass, I doubt they'd sell it though..), but I'm sure I could find a similar one from other stores.

Overall... I think the collection is ok.
I'm not a fan of his shoes. I think they're too... feminine and... formal? I don't know...I'm not a big stiletto fan :(

H&M's next designer collaboration should be with Marc Jacobs! or Zac Posen! or Philip Lim! Either one, it would be THE BOMB! I would sleep in front of the store the night before the opening! :D

So anyways... since I didn't get anything from the collection, I treated myself for some shoe-shopping at ALDO and got myself these babies:

yeeeeesssssssssss :) :)

The Perfect Stripes

(Forever21 top, jacket, shoes / Silence&Noise skirt / UO purse / H&M shades & belt)

Why do most malls close at 6pm on Saturdays? Wouldn't they be making more money over the weekends than weekdays? I went to a mall today and I got there at around 4:30pm. After a quick bite, I regained the energy to walk around and visit some stores. After my second store, the mall closed. I checked the time and it was only 6:05pm. What the???

Anyways... I finally found the perfect striped top/dress at H&M :) I have a thing for stripes...BLACK AND WHITE stripes, to be exact. I've seen a lot of fellow bloggers on Chictopia wearing this particular top and I always had my envy lights on everytime I saw it on someone else. I have been to a lot of big H&M stores in Toronto, but I still couldn't find it....UNTIL TODAY, when I spotted it at an H&M store in a sub-urban mall.
(insert happy dance here)

The night went on with dinner at a hot pot buffet place (yum!) and a grocery trip to a big chinese supermarket (God, I love asian supermarkets, they sell EVERYTHING! haha.. :D )

Ok, time to enjoy my almond tofu dessert :)

ps: I wasn't wearing the "perfect striped top" in the pictures. I was wearing the not-so-perfect striped top in search for the perfect one. Haha.. :D


Endorsing XXI

I placed a web order on Forever21 website last week and I received my package in less than 5 days! Kudos to Forever21 team for making me a one happy camper :D

I never realized it (until now) that more than half of my closet is from that store. I remember the time when most of my clothes came from H&M. (recession, people... gotta stay on budget!)
(Forever21 top, jacket, skirt & shades / Aldo boots / UO purse)

They could seriously hire me as their walking mannequin, twice the size of the plastic ones. Hehehe... :D



(Forever21 skirt as top / H&M bandage skirt / Silence&Noise blazer / Aldo boots / Big Buddha bag / Ardene fan necklace)

Funny how I named this blog Monochromachic yet I was wearing colorful top and skirt (where's the monochromatic? duh...)
I don't really wear colors. I find comfort in neutral shades, like white, beige, black and blue. But once in a blue moon while I was browsing through the clothing racks, I found myself drawn to purples and pinks (and ended up buying them....)

The top is actually a skirt that I wore backwards because I just loooovveee the ruffles and had to show it to the world how pretty it is! :D
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to zip it all the way up, so I ended up with a lil' bit of plunging neckline. And that's when my fan necklace came to the rescue.

I also did the side braided hair. I refuse to call it "A.Wang side braid" because I don't think he invented it. He just took what's already been invented by women long time ago, showed it off on the runway, and all of a sudden it became HIS braid. So yeah, NO...

Anyways, Happy Friday the 13th everyone! :)

Old School Girl

(Forever21 jacket, skirt, & socks / H&M tights / BCBGirls heels)

You see... I'm still living in this jacket. Zipped up or unzipped, it's a great piece to polish up a look. The best thing is that it only costed me $19 (one of those Forever21's fabulous finds... FABULOUS INDEED!). Don't mind the material, it's what you get for paying $20 for a jacket.

I've been obsessed with layering socks over tights, whether with ankle socks or over the knee high socks. I think this is a great way to follow the 'socks' trend without looking too much like a school girl (or gossip girl, whatev...), especially when you're approaching quarter of century years old :(

Speaking of age, I just got back from a friend's birthday dinner. He's one of my 'more mature' friends and celebrating another year of his life just reminded me that mine is coming up in a couple of months (yaiks!). Back when I was still 18-19 years of age, I couldn't wait to turn 21. Now, I want to be Forever 21!

Hahaha... :D

(It's ironic how I'm already past that age yet I'm still shopping at Forever21...no age limit, right? :P)


Must Love Pugs

(H&M blouse & accessories / F21 jacket & skirt / BCBGirls shoes / thrifted clutch)

So, I have 2 dogs back in Indonesia. One of them is a fawn-colored pug that I miss so dearly. I wish I could keep a pet here, but my landlord specifically said NO PETS when I signed the lease.

Boo that!

Anyways, I dedicate this post to my one and only Dutie the pug.

(isn't he adorable ??? everybody say "aawww...")

Pink Panther

This is my first post and I am (already) experiencing the writer's block.
Every time I check on my favorite bloggers, they always have interesting things to tell their readers.

For example:
"This is what I am wearing today to go for a sushi date with the boy/bf/boyf/my man/whatever you want to call him."
"The mister and I went to the nearest bar in our neighborhood today for some good ol' wine."
"We just got back from Barneys last call and scored some amazing pairs of shoes."
and so on...

My life is not as interesting as all of the above, so I would write something like...
"I just got back from the office. I did nothing but I managed to increase the size of my Forever 21 shopping cart"

Speaking of shoes, I scored these purple suede heels from Nine West for $25. I would wear them for my next sushi date, wine date, and shoe shopping date....IF I ever found a date.

(H&M cardigan / F21 tank / ZARA jeans / thrifted clutch / NineWest shoes / UO scarf)


Welcome to MonochromaChic!