Back in town

Hello lovelies,
It's great to be back!
It was a short vacation but it felt so long and I'm happy to be home :)
Not happy with the current weather outside, but being able to sleep in my own bed is one of the best feelings in the world!
I will share some stories & (of course) photos about my trip in my next post.
My mom is still in town so I will still be busy until early next week.

Until then!

ps: old photos taken about 1.5 weeks ago.

(UO blazer / AA mesh bodysuit & bandeau bra / H&M skirt & bangles / Ardene purse & tights / Costa Blanca braided necklace / BCBGirls shoes)



I would like to wish everybody a safe and wonderful holiday :) 

See you all next week!

xx toodles 


off da' shoulda

AA was having a Friends & Family sale last week and I took advantage of it. My loot consisted of 2 items, a grey pullover and a mesh body suit. The body suit was such an impulse buy, I still have no idea how to wear it (but definitely NOT like how the AA models wear it!) The grey pullover, on the other hand, was such a great buy! I have so many ideas in mind on how to style it :) Definitely a new staple in my closet.

I took these photos right after my massage appointment. Please excuse the shiny face and fugly hair because I was smothered in massage oil from head to toe :(

(AA raglan pullover / Forever21 skirt / H&M tights / Aldo boots / Forever21 accessories)

I can't wait for our Boston trip! Will definitely visit the Wrentham Village Outlet and Newbury St. to satisfy my shopping urges! And Forever 21, because all Canadians know that our Forever 21 stores suck! Hahaha... Any other places I should visit? DO SHARE :)

Anyways, I gotta get ready for dinner with my mom. Toodles! 



My mom came all the way from the other part of the world last night, so I might not be able to update this blog regularly until the end of the year. We will go to Boston and spend the Christmas there with our relatives. Nothing feels better than being with your loved ones during the holiday season, right? Too bad my only brother won't be able to join us :( We'll miss his presence for sure!

Anyways, the lovely Lena from Quality Rivets sent me a surprise package filled with super cool goodies from where she works. THANKS SO MUCH, SWEETS!! :)

(please excuse the tired face and melting make up, i just survived an 8-hr day and a super windy walk back home from work :( )

What's in the box:
1. a studded bag (yay!)
2. a quilted Chanel-esque purse (double yay!)
3. 4 different types of beanies (triple yay!)
4. 2 pairs of fishnet stockings (oh yeah!)

Lena is seriously one of the sweetest friends I've made in the blog world. I really hope I can meet her in person one day :)

Have a great weekend!


May I see your ID, Miss?

(ZARA dress / ASOS tights / BCBGirls shoes / Payless clutch / Forever21 bangle & ring / Costa Blanca necklace)

Last Saturday, I attended my company's christmas party at one of Toronto's finest hotels. I was at the bar to get something to drink and the bartender ASKED for my ID. Ha! He thought I was 19 years old. I left my purse inside the ballroom, so I had to go back in, go back out, show him my driver's license...all that for a watered down rum and coke.

I bought the dress from Zara about 2 years ago. I've worn this for a number of special occasions, such as my 22nd birthday (haha yes, i'm old!) and my graduation ceremony. It's always been my "go-to" dress. When I couldn't find anything else to wear, this dress always saves my fashion ass. Same is for these BCBGs. They are the best shoe purchase I've made so far.
Must. Go. Back. To. Century. 21. SOON...

And now, more photos :)

(excuse the smileys, I have to protect their identities, hahaha..)


Good Vibrations

(Century 21 jacket / Jacob skirt / H&M scarf / Sirens leggings / Forever 21 socks / From Netherlands boots)

4 days without a single entry. Life has been quite hectic lately. New issues came up and they just took the life out of me :( Besides, the sad Toronto weather made everything from worse to worst. It was snowing for 3 days then it was raining for a couple more days. From slushy to icy... and I turned from cheery to b*tchy. Hahaha.. :D

Another set of photos that were taken before the snow hit the ground. Those boots were another awesome find during my trip to Europe. They costed only 15 euro and they got a solid rubber sole that's been quite helpful during this crappy weather. Plus, the color is sooo pwweeettyy! :)

I'll leave you guys with another one of my favorite old school tunes. Such a one-hit wonder but I can't help but to sing along whenever the song is played.

It's such a good vibration...It's such a sweeeeet sensation....
Come on come on....feel it feel it...


True Blue Baby I Love You

Oh Toronto... your winter sucks! When I asked for snow, I meant the white and fluffy snow, NOT a snow storm followed by a hail storm! You ruined my toughest riding boots, you soaked my jeans, you drenched my favorite purse, and you messed up my winter jacket.

source: The Weather Network, credit: Taylor Nullmeyer

I envy those who live in cities/countries with a mild(er) winter. They can wear coats, leather jackets, or even blazers, and still manage to stay warm and look fabulouso. Here, you need to just keep your ZARA coat inside, wear your North Face down jacket out, and watch yourself turning into this:

Stylish, non?

Now, the outfit photos were taken several days ago when the weather was still quite...friendly. The matching boots and gloves were totally unintentional. Bought the gloves at a random store 1.5 years ago for $4.99 (ahem..real leather..ahem ahem..). Bought the boots during my trip in Europe last summer. The leather is still very tough. I remember the guy told me that they're soft leather and they would break in easily. Yeah right. He'd say anything to make me swipe my VISA. And I did. Damn...

(H&M jacket & scarf / Silence&Noise skirt / Forever21 socks / Tommy Hilfiger boots / Random gloves)

Stay warm, people :) :)


Caught in the act

(H&M fur collar & tights / JACOB sweater / Forever 21 skirt / BCBGirls heels / BAD HAIR DAY hair bun)

I've been wearing skirts A LOT lately. I guess I just wanted to take advantage of the warmer temperatures before they plunge into the negatives. As you can see, this fur collar is not leaving my neck anytime soon. I now understand what In My Music Box meant when she said that her fur collar "instantly adds class to any outfit". A classy piece at $5? Gotta love sweet deals (thank you, H&M!).

I have a question for bloggers out there: "Have you ever been caught by someone while taking outdoor pictures using a self timer?" That's exactly what happened when I took these pictures. My neighbours walked in while I was striking a pose (super fierce! hahaha...i kid i kid!) I didn't see them because my back was facing the entrance to our alley way. It was quite...embarassing. I wish I had someone to take my pictures. But again, I don't really feel comfortable posing in front of someone. Ahhhh the dilemma...

On a lighter note, it finally snowed in Toronto! :D



(Bluenotes loose tank / GAP men's shirt / Random black vest / Bershka leggings / Ardene socks / Forever21 studded belt / Aldo boots & purse / H&M scarf)

Winter is the only time I can layer more than 3 pieces of clothing in one outfit. The Weather Network predicts that we'll have our first snow on Monday (I'm obsessed with this website!). Let's hope they got it right this time. Can't wait for Mr. Snowman! :D

It has been a slow Saturday. I should start doing my Christmas shopping since I've been shopping for myself instead for others. Even if I went to the mall with a list in hand, I would still manage to shop for myself (a bangle here, a jacket there, a lipstick here, and a pair of jeans there, and so on....). That's exactly what happened today. I ended up with 2 pairs of dress pants (I've been wearing jeans to work so it's time to grow up!), a sweater, and ZERO christmas gifts. Mission...unaccomplished.

Have a great weekend! :)


Cuff 'em while you can

H&M pants, top, tights
Forever 21 jacket
Aldo shoes
Costa Blanca necklace

The Blog Gods have been very kind to me lately. Jasna from Fashion Jazz featured me in her latest column for StyleScoop. I'm beyond happy and very honored. Thanks so much, Jasna! (I'm throwing air kisses at you ;) )

Next item on my agenda is to do the tag game from the lovely Ange aka.
Me, Myself, and I. Thanks for another tag, Ange! :) I have to answer 35 random questions using only 1 word. Mmm... definitely a challenge to my lack of english skill! Let's start:

Rules: Answer with one word to the 35 questions and then nominate 10 other bloggers...

1) Where is your phone? drawer
2) Your hair? thick
3) Your mother? strict
4) Your father? gone
5) Your favourite plate? spicy
6) Your dream last night? mmm...
7) Favourite drink? water
8) Your dream? heaven
9) What room are you in? accounting
10) Your hobby? shopping :(
11) Your fear? death
12) Missing? bestfriend
13) Where were you last night? bed
14) Something you're not? caucasian (haha!)
15) Muffins? carbs
16) Wishlist? long ;)
17) Where did you grow up? Indonesia
18) Last thing you did? yawning
19) What are you wearing? clothes (duh?!)
20) Your tv? boxy
21) Your animals? stuffed
22) Friends? few
23) Your life? blessed
24) Your mood? giddy!
25) Do you miss someone? yes
26) Car? pooling :p
27) Something you don't wear? thongs
28) Your favourite shop? tough!
29) Favourite colour? gray
30) When did you laughed the last time? recently
31) Last time you cried? forgot
32) Your best friend? far
33) Place I would go over and over? NYC
34) Facebook? distraction
35) Favourite place to eat? Korean

And now I'm tagging:
* Oreo Mom
* Always Overdressed
* Lack of Creativity
* Selective Potential
* Fashion Jazz
* B-entrance
* In My Music Box
* For A Delicate Few
* Clothed Much
* Closet Full of Nothing

The outfit:
Since Toronto has yet to have its first snow/flurries, I was able to cuff my pants and wear open-toed shoes :) The dotted tights are in such a bad shape with holes and runs everywhere (mostly covered by the pants, hehe...)


Just a small town girl, Livin' in a lonely world

(H&M top & beanie / JACOB skirt / Ardene tights / Forever21 socks /
Tommy Hilfiger boots)

The beautiful Angela from Me, Myself, and I and Phyllis from For A Delicate Few gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award. THANKS VERY MUCH, GIRLS! :) This is my first award in the blogsphere and I'm very honored to have received it twice! :D

Without further ado, here are 7 random facts about moi :)

1. I use a fork to eat chicken wings. If I couldn't find one, I would use my right hand to hold the wing and left hand to hold a napkin.
2. I wish Donald Duck was the Disney's mascot instead of Mickey.
3. Speaking of cartoon characters, my childhood heroes were the Sailor Scouts. My favorite was Sailor Jupiter ;)
4. I eat pizza with ketchup and hot sauce. That's how Indonesians do it!
5. I can't drive :(
6. I thought of naming my future daughter Cassiopeia, like the constellation. Did I even spell that correctly??
7. I'm currently craving for corned beef, eggs, and hash. Mmmm...

I just realized that half of my random facts involve FOOD. Maybe I should change this blog into a food blog, except that I don't cook or bake, I just eat. Hahahaha.... :D

And now, I'm passing this award to the following lovelies:
* Michelle from Always Overdressed
* Jess from Lack of Creativity
* Miji and Nesli from Styleseeking Zurich
* B-entrance
* Jasna from Fashion Jazz
* Phyllis from For A Delicate Few (EDIT: I just saw your post, but feel free to do it AGAIN! :D)
* In My Music Box

Btw, isn't Journey's song "Don't Stop Believing" amazing? I mean, it's such a classic! Compare that to Miley's "Party in The USA". urgggh...


American Flag

(H&M jacket, skirt, tights / ZARA top / UO purse / Aldo shoes / Ardene necklace)

So...did any Canadians take advantage of the free shipping from Forever 21 website yesterday? I CERTAINLY DID! hehehe... I was able to keep myself from spending money on the items that I LIKED, but not necessarily NEEDED (I feel like such a grown up!). I ended up purchasing two bangles, a belt and ZERO clothes! Ahhh... I'm so proud of myself :)

But I just found a new addiction: ASOS' Clearance section. Uh oh... :-S

Anywhoodles, the suede jacket is one of my recent acquisitions from H&M. It was marked down by 50%. I had to be crazy NOT to get it, so I DID. The blue is certainly very electrifying! Along with the jacket, I also managed to grab a faux fur scarf for $5! It satisfied my hunger for fur and served as an excellent substitute for a fur jacket that would just make me look like a Yeti :p

ps: does anyone have a lookbook account? can you send me an invitation me so I can join the site? I will give you candies ;)

pps: thanks Kurarin and Jess! A bag of sweet treats is waiting for you at the door ;) ;)