Fight the cold

Another snow storm hit Toronto... and it's bad! How do you dress up when it's -20 celcius outside? As much as I love living in the east coast, I can't help but feeling a little jealous of those who are living in the west coast (wearing shorts in February? you gotta be kidding me!) 

My 2 cents on the Winter Olympic:
Canada won three more golds and a couple of silvers and bronzes since my last post :) Of course, those successes came with some criticisms. For example: Joannie Rochette won a bronze medal in women's figure skating last night and many called it a "symphaty" medal (her mom passed away just 2 days before she skated for Canada). Though I agree that Mirai Nagasu (from the US) skated better than Joannie in the long program, her short program wasn't good enough and her score was way below Joannie. The total scores resulted in Joannie getting the bronze, fair and square. In addition, Joannie was a silver medalist in the 2009 world championship. She's got the talent on top of the courage to move on and skate after her mom's sudden death. "Sympathy" medal my @$$!!!! >:(

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There's only 1 reason for the lack of update... THE WINTER OLYMPICS! I admit I wasn't really into the games until a week after. Ski Jumping was the first game I watched on TV and I've been glued to the tube ever since. Figure Skating is on right now and the Canadian couple has a really good chance of winning a gold medal! GO TEAM! Anyway, in the spirit of winter, a huge snow storm hit the town today. It was such a journey going back home from work. Not to mention I wasn't wearing a water-resistant winter jacket. Drenched? CHECK. Slipped? CHECK. Eyeliner smudged? Blown by the wind? Almost hit a pole? CHECK. CHECK. CHECK. 

(AA pullover / River Island shorts / AE dotted tights / NineWest boots)

Nothing special about the outfit, something I threw on really quickly to run some errands on Saturday. I wasn't able to take this outdoor since my contractors were fixing the pavement outside my unit. Please excuse the red-eye :(

(Please excuse the white insoles, they are a tad loose :p)

And I would like to welcome these new babies to my footwear family (THANKS CL!!) Hands down, the highest pumps I've ever owned (and probably for the rest of my life). Towering at 6 inches high, they're not the easiest pumps to walk in. I've been wearing them all night, from taking washroom breaks to cooking dinner to washing the dishes. It's safe to say that I'm doing house chores in style ;)

Last but not least, a shout out to Jasna from Fashion Jazz for featuring me in her last week's Style Scoop column. I was beyond happy and ecstatic!!!! She's one of the sweetest, nicest, coolest girls I've known through blogging :) Read the interview HERE.


edit: Canada won a gold medal for Ice Dance!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!! :D:D:D

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Flaunt it, don't flash it

(Thrifted blouse / F21 lace top & skirt / H&M belt, tights, bangles / NineWest boots)

Debuting one of my thrift finds from last weekend. The blouse tag was removed (don't know why), but I couldn't care less of the brand since the material is pretty thick yet soft to the touch.   Initially wore this ensemble for a bowling night, but then I realized that the skirt length was a bit inappropriate for any bending or squatting position that bowling may require me to do. I did a test run at home, bending my upper body forward like I was about to bowl with my bum facing the mirror. Yeaaa...not a pretty sight. I didn't want to flash anything at the bowling alley other than my superb bowling skill (Ha! I'm totally giving myself too much credit:p) So I swapped the skirt with a pair of jeans and kept the rest the same.

Anyways, I got a list of things to do for tonight that I have yet to start. Of course, blogging comes first since that is the only thing that's keeping me sane after an 8-hr day at work (blogging and this, hahahahaha..) Toodles!

ps: another one of my outfits is featured on AA's product page :D  Thanks AA!!!

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Spring has sprung

Caroline from Caroline's Mode recently wrote an article about the basic pieces we need to have in our closet for Spring 2010. I can't get anymore excited with the items she picked since they are all very wearable and versatile, literally ALL YOU NEED in your closet!

Out of 14 possible looks that she came up with, my favorite is this one because it combines two of my 'currently' most loved items: striped dress & military parka. Now all I need is a grey hoodie and a pair of peep-toe booties to make this dream outfit come true! And in case the cold wind is still around, I can just throw in some tights into the mix and I'm ready to go ;)

Don't forget to check her other looks HERE and enter the contest for your chance to win an entire outfit of your choice :) :) :) :)

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Sit back & relax

(Bluenotes gray tank / F21 jacket, fur vest, necklace / Aldo boots / UO purse / Ardene rings)

This weekend went by so fast but I thank the Ontario government for coming up with a somewhat-ridiculous-but-I-like-it-anyway statutory holiday, called the Family Day, which always falls in mid-February. Everybody can use an extra day off, right? ;) I spent my Saturday with a lot of eating, chasing the streetcars, and a bit of thrift shopping. I was finally able to find something at a local thrift store in downtown. They had a 50% discount for students and I had my old student card handy so why not make a use of it. Besides, it only expired 2 years ago and I think I still can pass as a university student, no?:p I managed to score 3 blouses for $8 (that's about $2.50/blouse! Say WHHHAAATTT???). Anywhoodles, I would like to wish everybody (who's celebrating, of course) a happy chinese/lunar new year and a lovely valentine's day. Now if you would excuse me, I need to hunt down my mom and grandma (and that old chinese lady from two doors down) for some red pocket money. Puahahahaha... :D

ps: I look so pissed in the pictures. sorry guys, it was coooollllddd and my lips were frozen!!

Food Porn! 
(Location: The Hoof Cafe, Toronto)

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(ZARA blazer & blouse / AA mesh bodysuit / River Island shorts / EBAY tights / ALDO shoes / Value Village clutch)

Thank you everyone for the kind words & encouragements you left on my last post :) I've been feeling rather uninspired with the blog, maybe because I'm not a good writer to begin with. I've also been trying to refocus my thoughts on something more positive and relaxing, which in my case, usually involves spending money on small-and-rather-unimportant-but-I-still-have-to-have-it stuff (I like to call it "comfort shopping", hahaha..). After work, I found a beauty supply store that's fully stocked on Essie, OPI, and China Glaze nail polishes. I left the store happily with 5 bottles: do you lilac it?, for audrey, re-fresh mint (similar to Essie's mint candy apple for $3 cheaper!), chinchilly, and california coral. My nails are looking pretty yummy like gummy (HA!) in coral and turquoise shades :D

PS: My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Alexander McQueen. May he rest in peace...
PPS: My brother just recently joined Chictopia. Check him out HERE :)
PPPS: These photos were taken weeks back when the weather was surprisingly warm.

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(Winners dress / F21 parka & socks / Ardene lace tights / H&M belt / Payless shoes)

The new week started off with a bad vibe. Without going into further details, let's just say that I'm scared of losing something that is currently holding my life together. Hopefully it's just me being over analytical and generally pessimistic about life. 

On a lighter note, here are some highlights of my weekend:
1. Tried on a couple of new eating spots - a fish store that (obviously) sells fish sandwiches and a crepe place that serves delicious and savory chicken cordon bleu crepe (mmm...)
2. Was on a mission to find a pair of knee-high boots to replace my old ones. FAILED.
3. Was on a mission to find Essie's mint apple shade. sold out. thus, FAILED.
4. Was on a mission to find some cool rings I saw on Forever 21 website. the store had none. so, FAILED.
5. Planned a quick meeting with the awesome Jess from Wild Tortoise to help her out with her upcoming European adventure. SUCCEEDED ;)

How's your weekend? 

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Can't touch this

(Silence&Noise blazer and pants / Forever21 top and belt / Aldo shoes)

Ah... the famous phrase coined by MC Hammer. He filed for bankruptcy and even his infamous drop-crotch pants could not save him and were renamed as the harem pants. So much for one hit wonder, huh? Anyways, these pants hit the fashion world by storm last year. Too bad they missed me :p The first and last time I tried them on was at Zara and booooyyyy did I hate how I looked in them. They made my butt look like my grandma's (not that I like to check out my grandma's booty or anything). These pants are one of those "fashion" items that I can't touch (can't touch this...ohh oohh ohhh...can't touch this...break it down!). But there's always a substitute to everything, so my solution to "NO harem pants" is "YES high-waisted tapered pants".

STOP! Hammer timeeee.... :D

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Raspberry legs

(Forever 21 tank, romper, wedges / Calvin Klein cardigan / H&M fur / ASOS tights / UO hat)

I'm blogging LIVE from my bed! For the past few days, I've spent more time laying on my bed than walking on my feet. I managed to finish Boys Over Flowers in 2.5 days, averaging at 7 episodes/sitting. Call me crazy, but I was so hooked and smitten by the leading male actor. A friend of mine told me he looks way too girly to be man (shheessshhh.... jealous much?), so I addressed the actor as "my girly man" whenever I talked about him :p Anyways, this morning I woke up with such a terrible headache, which was probably the result of staying up until 6am to watch my girly man! Definitely a guilty pleasure, hahaha.. :D

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