Bag Matters

Thanks Sharon for tagging me to do the "what's in your bag?" post :) :) Since I only started working full time 2 years ago, you won't see a designer bag, wallet, makeup case, sunglasses, etc. The most expensive thing in my bag will be my cellphone, which is a 4-yr old phone ;) Anyway, lets check out what I have in my bag...

1. Urban Outfitters black bag - very roomy with pockets and compartments :)
2. Stuffed keychains - it's the best way to "jazz up" a black purse.
3. Le Sport Sac pouch - from Sybil :) I keep my lipbalm, hairclips, hair brush, and other junk in there.
4. Leather Gloves - yeah I don't know why they're still in my bag :p
5. Prescription glasses - got them for $20 from some online store.
6. Nail clipper & filer - no more chipped nails!
7. Hand lotion - I should throw that out, it's been in the bag since winter.
8. Bath&BodyWorks hand sanitizer - it's a dirty world out there!
9. H&M Wallet, ClubMonaco coin purse - Yes, I like to keep my bills and coins separately.
10. Nintendo DS - it's for the child in me :)
11. Wayfarers - got them from ALDO for $2. Boo yeah.
12. Ancient cellphone - No camera, no blue tooth, only FM radio. Ha! :D

This is the bag that I would take with me if I could only have 1 bag for the rest of my life. It's not the most expensive bag but definitely the most versatile, which is what matters to me. These photos were taken last weekend. It was surprisingly cold and I was wearing three layers. The jacket was not designed for layering. The arms were pretty tight, I could barely scratch my back :p
(H&M jacket, men's sweater, skirt, tights / RW&Co. scarf / UO boots & bag) 

xx toodles,
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Bitten by the bug

(ZARA trench coat / H&M blouse / Forever21 jeans / ALDO pumps / UO purse)

I have definitely been bitten by the trench bug. I tried to fight it and keep telling myself that I didn't need "another" jacket. But as you can tell, I caved in. I went to the store that every blogger got their trench from (hint: ARAZ) and picked the classic style over the one with puffed shoulders. Hopefully the spring weather will last longer this year so I can wear this baby out until it turn into dust. The blouse is an old H&M piece in my closet, which I love very much. I rarely buy H&M stuff at regular prices. Heck, I do that everywhere! I like to wait for the mark downs and fight with other girls for my size ;) Speaking of H&M, have you guys checked out their Garden Collection? The items are hit or miss. The dresses I wasn't too fond off, but I managed to snatch 4 pieces, including the blue shorts with a sash belt which I had been eyeing on since I saw the lookbook. They will make their debut on the blog in the near future once it stops raining (did you hear that, mother nature??) Oh, and I got a new keychain today for my purse. I went to a bubble tea place for some take-out and saw this small machine that dispenses cute keychains (do you guys know what I'm talking about?) Since I've been playing the Mario game on my DS lately, I opted for the Mario machine and got this guy:
I was aiming for Luigi, but this will do just fine :) Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I will catch up with my daily reads and continue my blogwalking tomorrow. See ya then :) :)

xx toodles,
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Make it work for WORK

I find it quite hard to keep up with the blog posts (i.e. 1 post a day) when you're working full time in an office environment, especially when it is not fashion-related. I can't take outfit pictures daily because I don't wear "blog-worthy" outfits every day. So I promised myself to "jazz things up" (did I just say that?) once a week and wear something "different" to work that I can take pictures of for the blog. 

(Uniqlo striped dress / ZARA blazer / F21 fur vest / ASOS gray tights / H&M dotted tights / UO purse / Dolce Vita pumps)

I wore this to work last week, which was quite a nice change from my usual dress pants + dress shirt combination. I layered the gray tights with the dotted ones for extra warmth and to prevent the dotted ones from running. I strongly believe that my legs are made of skin with micro-thorns that every time I put on some sheer tights, they rip before they reach my waist. Call me crazy but I've gone through 5 pairs of dotted tights and none survived. My theory was correct!

I'm starting to like my bangs :) Though they're poking my eyes constantly, they make my hair look less boring. For example, when I'm having a bad hair day (like the day I took these photos), I can just put my hair up in a bun and let the bangs do the rest. Now if I put my hair up in two side buns, I would look like her: 


xx toodles,
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(F21 parka & jeans / Old Navy tee / Calvin Klein cardigan / UO purse / Nine West boots)

Blogging From Bed. The weekend definitely ended too soon. Maybe because I spent most of it at home in bed, from taking quick naps to watching random horror movies online (eg. Sorority Row --> sisters for life...and death!:p) Anyways, I managed to go out on Saturday to a new brunch place and ordered their infamous Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast. It's pretty much drenched in strawberry sauce, which probably came from a bottle of Smucker. It tasted ok, though I kept telling myself I should've gotten the savory scrambled eggs with bacon bits. Mmmm... The day continued with some window shopping in Yorkville. I never knew a pair of jeans could cost over $200! Maybe I should stop buying those cheap Forever 21 jeans (which work just fine!) and get one of those J-brand jeans to make my butt look that much more expensive. Ha! 

Have you seen "She's Out of My League"? It's pretty hilarious, you should definitely watch it and have a few good laughs :) The movie made me fall in love again with this 80's hit:
Yes, I LOVE cheesy old songs. 

xx toodles,
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You've seen them

(H&M pants / ZARA blouse / Silence&Noise blazer / ALDO heels)

You've seen me wearing these trousers... this blouse... these heels... this blazer. Maybe I should have named this post "REPEAT" :p  I should have not picked this spot to take my photos. The lighting obviously didn't go well with DISTORTED my color palette and as a result, you can't tell that my blazer is light gray, the blouse is soft pink, and the pants are beige (or can you??) The weather has been absolutely nice for the past couple of days. It's a bitter sweet feeling for me to part with the cold weather. I've always been a fan of F/W and not so much of S/S (temperature- and fashion-wise). And I'm currently having this weird obsession for ankle boots. Like, who buys boots in the Spring? Well, I do, because that is when most stores mark the price down and I can stock up on them for the next fall & winter :) 

By the way, I went on EBAY the other day to look for some boots. Do you know that when you type in "lace up boot wedge" in the search box, EBAY will give you a long list of fetish/pleaser/stripper boots? Yup. Sexeeeehhhh...

ps: Thank you Liz from Chictopia (also the owner of blog "Late Afternoon") for sending me the two-finger ring. It's a lot shinier and bigger than I thought. I feel like Mr.T sporting his bling-bling :D Gorgeous ring, nonetheless!

xx toodles,
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You can't stop the rain when it starts to pour

(H&M jacket & snood / Talula hoodie / ZARA top / F21 jeans / Aldo boots & bag/ China Glaze "For Audrey" nail polish)

As predicted by the "trustworthy" Weather Network, Toronto was hit by a rainstorm on Saturday. It was pouring for the entire day, but that didn't stop me from heading downtown for some window shopping and to (finally) see Alice in Wonderland. I had a totally different set of outfit planned for the day IF it didn't rain (ie. cute tights, a pair of wedges, a nice spring skirt, light jacket, etc etc..) But here is what I wore instead. The snood & hoodie combo was a life saver. They gave me an extra layer of protection (ahem... for the new hair, hahaha...) because my umbrella failed me 99% of the time (read: got blown away by the 40km/h wind). You can also tell that my lipstick wore off by comparing the first and last photos :p

Oh, and Alice? It was okay... :(

xx toodles,
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Something new

(F21 black top & lace tank / Silence&Noise pants / Dolce Vita pumps)

A couple of outfit photos I took last week when it was nice and bright. For this weekend, the sun has decided to turn its back on Toronto. It's been raining since this morning and it ain't gonna stop until next week. I HATE RAIN. I much rather have a snowstorm outside than get drenched in the rain. But enough with complaining because I just got a haircut! (Ha! what does that have to do with rain?) I took Lena's suggestion and got the blunt bangs.

My first reaction? ............................................... (exactly, NO reaction, hahaha!) I did not not like it, I actually liked the change. It reminded me of the 7-yr old Kristy who was forced to get a haircut by her mom and came out from the salon with a very short bob and blunt bangs, crying.... :p I also told the hairdresser to keep the length and layers on my hair. Of course, my request was ignored and she chopped off at least 2 inches and I lost all my layers. Oh well... it'll grow back.

xx toodles,
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Loosen up

(Thrifted blouse / H&M pants / Nine West shoes)

Now that winter is coming to an end, a breath of spring air has been affecting the way I dress everyday. I remember how it's only a few months ago that I declared skinny jeans and knee-high boots as my go-to uniform. Now I'm craving for something loose and I don't see a lot of that in my closet. I was browsing on ASOS.COM earlier and I ended up with 6 "loose" items in my shopping cart (this was after I narrowed it down from 15 to 6, haha..) They are still in the cart, btw :p I'm contemplating whether or not I should get them since I'm trying to save up for bigger things. 

I would love to hear any reviews on ASOS from you guys :) I personally never buy anything from that site, though I've spent countless hours browsing through their stuff. Thoughts and suggestions (and voucher codes, perhaps? hahaha..) would be very much appreciated!! In the mean time, this white blouse will suffice (did I mention I got it for $2.50? ...Yup!) 

Anybody who thinks I need a haircut, say Ayyy! 

xx toodles,
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Romping around

(F21 romper & beanie / ZARA striped top / H&M stockings / Flats from mom / Longchamp tote)

On Saturday, I decided that this was my "condo hunting" look. I am still not sure how romper relates to condominium and real-estate market, but I do know that it is not the easiest thing to deal with when you need to use the washroom. I went ahead with it because it was such a nice weather on Saturday (9 friggin' celcius, my friend!) Also because it is loose around the mid-section, which provides the perfect hiding place for my muffin top, ha! It turned out that I made the right decision. After a long day of condo hopping, I rewarded myself with a Korean BBQ dinner, where I pretty much stuffed myself with grilled pork belly wrapped in lettuce and kimchi stew soup (mmm..). I already craved for it again this morning (that's how much of a pig I am!), so I went to the korean grocery store and bought all the ingredients.

Guess what I had for dinner tonight? That's right, home-made Korean BBQ ;)

xx toodles,
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You had a bad day, the camera don't lie

(H&M jacket & dress / ASOS tights / Dolce Vita "April" pumps)

It's been a challenge for me to get up in the morning lately. All I want is that extra half an hour to snooze some more. Maybe I'm getting old. Wait... no. Old people go to bed and wake up early. So I guess I'm just plain ol' lazy. On a random note, I still don't understand the hype around twitter. I'm probably one of the few bloggers who don't have a twitter feed on their blogs. Maybe it's because I don't own a blackberry or an iphone. Maybe if I had one, I would be addicted to twitter as well. But for now, I'll keep my thoughts to myself. On another random note, I don't like blogs with black background. I just think it's... tacky.

And the randomness continues:
- I'm sick of facebook applications.
- Essie makes the best nail polishes (kicks China Glaze's @$$)
- Canon point & shoot is the bomb. DSLR what?
- Earn your followers - don't ask them to follow you.
- I'm still practicing my walk every night in those dolce vita pumps. Bunions, here I come.
- Don't forget to check out H&M The Blues collection. I got that sequined dress for friggin' $18!
- I think I might be the only one who doesn't like Erin Wasson's style & designs. Yup... the only one.
- And Alexander Wang? Overpriced. Overrated.
- I still haven't thrown out those haagendazs bars.
- I'm gonna eat one now.
- Yum.

Sorry if I offended anyone. Can a girl have a bad day and just rant? Thanks.

xx toodles,
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Back to reality

I got the inspiration from a post I did for Caroline Blomst's Spring Looks contest. I couldn't go bare legs as the temperature was too cold for me to embrace without any legwear. As you can see, it was snowing...pretty bad. Welcome to Toronto!

(Talula hoodie / F21 parka / H&M striped dress / EBAY tights / UO boots)

Now that the winter olympic is over (boooo...), I have no more excuse to abandon the blog. How is everybody doing? Not much going on with me except that I've been an olympic buff since last week. I didn't miss a game, including CURLING (I'm still not sure if we can call that a sport. Hmm...)

Things that I need to do a.s.a.p:
1. INCOME TAXES. Gosh... I'm too lazy to go through my finances yet I'm too cheap to go to H&R Block to take care of it. 
2. CONDO HUNTING. It's a really big step for me. I don't want to make a wrong move by purchasing a crappy, old, squeaky unit. But I also don't have the patience to do research and go through a list of available condos. Realtors, help!!!
3. SAVING UP. I've been spending way too much money on clothes. If this continued, I would have to ask the bank for a 50-yr mortgage. Yea, like that's possible...
4. STOP SNACKING.  Must. throw. out. those. haagendazs. bars. and. start. exercising. regularly.  

'kay, my instant noodle is ready. toodles! ;)

xx toodles,
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