Sala-gadoola-menchicka-boo-la bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

(H&M cardigan & pants / Old Navy tee / Aldo shoes / ??? purse / Vintage belt)

I know this outfit is the total opposite of what I was wearing in my last post. But hey, that's the reason why I created this blog: to document my work AND weekend looks. The weather has finally warmed up and I was able (on that day... NOT today. What the heck, Canada??) to go out in cuffed trousers sans stockings. I have a love-hate relationship with these shoes. I love the color and how "sexy" they look in person. But that sexiness stops as soon as I put them on. They make my legs look tiny and disproportionate to my upper body. I have yet to find the perfect way to wear them so I won't look like one of the evil stepsisters trying to fit her giant foot into the glass slipper. (Disney's Cinderella was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid. Gotta love the fairy godmother and her song! :D)

xx toodles.
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I'm so glad you have a one-track mind like me

(Calvin Klein cardigan / F21 lace top / H&M shorts / UO scarf & purse / ALDO boots / Betsey Johnson shades / Ardene rings)

First of all, I would like to thank those who shared their home-buying experience and tips on my last post. I'm glad to know that most of you think house/condo hunting is a pain but rewarding in the end ;) (though I still can't see the end of the tunnel, hahaha...)

Went for a stroll on Queen St West on Saturday afternoon. I didn't think my feet were going to survive a 3-km walk (sorry American readers, I use metric system :p) in these boots, but they did, which proved that they are such a great investment! But they're already showing some wear and tear, so insert a sad face here. Queen St West has A LOT of alleys with graffiti walls that make them perfect for photo op sessions (at least for bloggers, right? riiiggghhhttt???). I was having a hard time finding the graffiti that I liked and decided that this wall was the one that complimented my outfit of the day the most. Anyway... please excuse the squinting eyes. I didn't want to take the outfit photos with my shades on, though I finally gave up and put them back on. Third photo: I like how the white arrow looks like it's going right through my head. Just sayin...

Hope everybody had a lovely weekend :)

xx toodles,

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Too bright for daylight

(Winners dress as top / H&M shorts / Nine West boots / F21 bangles)

I can't believe I missed so many ANTM Cycle 14 episodes (I'm watching ep.1 as we speak). I didn't even know there was a new cycle. Gosh Tyra, you're on fire! Anyway, I just realized that I haven't personally thank all of you for supporting my blog, so... THANK YOU SO SO VERY MUCH :) Thanks for all the comments, the side bar links, becoming a follower, and for every little thing that shows your support towards this blog. I will do my best to return your love :)

I didn't think that the colors in this outfit would turn out fluorescent in pictures until I saw them on my laptop. Seriously, the outfit doesn't look that bad in person! The blue shorts are one of my favorite pieces from H&M Garden Collection. They're roomy and comfortable even though they're high-waisted. Well.. I guess it's also because I got them in one size larger (what's up with me and going up a size?) The super-duper-oh-my-God-it's-so-bright-they-make-my-eyes-hurt yellow top is actually a dress I wore in this post. You gotta love versatile pieces, right? ;)

The weekend is near which means more condo hunting for me :( It's exciting at first, but now it's just purely frustrating. Should I just rent for the rest of my life? Any experienced home buyers care to give me some tips and tricks? Much appreciated :)

xx toodles,

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Don't sweat it

(AA raglan pullover / ZARA skirt / Ardene tights / Payless clutch / F21 necklace / ALDO "Tureson" boots)

Another popular trend hitting the fashion world this year is sweat pants. Lena and a few other bloggers have successfully carried out this trend and made it work. I, personally, only wear sweat pants to bed and I don't feel confident enough to incorporate them in my outfits. So I came up with this "sweat-inspired" outfit on Sunday, which happened to be the perfect outfit for my all-you-can-eat lunch! Gotta love the skirt's stretchy waistband that can accommodate my pre- and post-korean hotpot lunch belly. Speaking of food, I finally used my new waffle maker that I won from Lena's giveaway. I was craving for some sweet waffles the whole day, so guess what I'll be having for dinner soon?

You mean, you never have waffles for dinner?? And NO, my waffles aren't burnt. Those dark spots are some chocolate chips I threw in last minute to make these babies a little more sinfully delicious ;)  Bon Appetit!

xx toodles,

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I like black tights and I cannot lie

(ZARA coat / H&M dress & tights / F21 socks & necklace / Michael Kors tote / Dolce Vita "April" pumps)

So this is one of the H&M Garden Collection stuff that I got a few weeks back. I wasn't sure if it's a dress or a long loose top, so I got it in one size bigger just in case. Everybody was coveting the rosette dress, which I believe was sold out on the first day. Sure, it looks so pretty, so girly, so springy, but also so not me! I'd rather invest on pieces that I can dress up and down than on a dress that I can only wear once or just for the sake of posting it on my blog. I'm happy with my choice. I've worn this dress twice so far: first time was to run some errands (with some flats and black leggings) and the other time was to the office where I paired it with black opaque tights and black pumps (I skipped the otk socks to avoid any "inappropriate" comments at work). I'm really liking the contrast between the light colors on the top half and black on the bottom half. It's my way of saying "I'm not ready for Spring, I want Fall back!" I just can't part with my black tights just yet. I know a lot of people are very excited to go bare legs in Spring, but I'm planning to stick to my tights until the temperature becomes too unbearable to wear them :)

On a different note, one of my looks is featured on College Fashion. It's kinda ironic how I'm no longer a college student, yet I still dress up like one. Am I in denial? Bring me back my youth!!:D Regardless, thanks Audrey from College Fashion for featuring my outfit in your article :):) 

xx toodles,
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Bling on ma' fingaaa

When Sarah from LuShae Jewelry contacted me a couple of weeks ago about letting me pick out a piece of jewelry from her website, I was beyond ecstatic. Her store carries a wide range of jewelries, from earrings to pendants, from promise rings to patriot rings (check it out !). Since I don't really wear earrings AND I'm not good at keeping "promises" (HA!), I thought I wouldn't be able to find anything that I liked... until I stumbled upon this Azul Antique Classic Ring that had my name written all over it! Without any hesitation, I clicked on this baby and a week later, it arrived in a little blue box, all nice and sparkly :) 

For those who want to purchase their first real (non-Forever 21) jewelry piece, I suggest you check out the LuShae Jewelry collection. The prices are quite affordable (everything is under USD100) and they're currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders (who doesn't love free shipping, right?) Thanks Sarah for letting me own a gorgeous ring from your store. I know that I will be wearing it a lot... starting today! :D

Outfit post tomorrow! :)

xx toodles,
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When filing meets blogging

(H&M jacket, belt & tights / Thrifted blouse / ZARA skirt / EBAY purse / F21 wedges)

The Bone Collector is currently playing on TV. I think I've seen it close to ten times and it has yet to bore me. Anyway, I can't believe my last post attracted many comments. Glad you enjoyed the "popping zits" picture, though after a second look at it, I look pretty stupid :p They are getting better though, definitely don't require any popping action;) The weather was nice again over the weekend, which can only mean SKIRTS AND SHORTS ftw! The skirt is a part of my Boston loot from last weekend. It was one of ZARA TRF's "special price" items and since I couldn't resist the price tag, I got two (God bless my wallet). I also had the chance to look at a few condos on Saturday and I fell in love with this gorgeous 1-bedroom unit in uptown Toronto. Though it was professionally staged "decorated" with a lot of super cool IKEA stuff, I was sold! I really love the place but I haven't gotten my mortgage pre-approval yet. I guess I would have to let this one go by :(

Hope everyone had a great sunny weekend! :)

ps. I'm filing my income taxes as I'm writing this post in case you're wondering about the title. Talk about multitasking ;)
pps. go watch Date Night! 
ppps. my skirt is similar to the one Jasmine posted on her blog. I should've bought one in that color, too. Damn it! :p

xx toodles,
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Feeling crappy I turned sappy

It's been a few days since my last post. I haven't been able to take any outfit pictures lately due to several reasons. ONE, I'm catching up with my life and work post-vacation. I always find it hard to turn my gear back to the "real-life mode" whenever I get back from a vacation. When I arrived at my place on Sunday night, I felt lost. My place looked like a mess, my floor felt dusty, my dirty dishes were still in the sink, my hamper was full of dirty laundry, and the list goes on. I didn't have time to clean up because I had to take a shower and get ready for bed so I wouldn't be late for work the next day. Of course when Monday night came, I didn't feel like cleaning the house because I was exhausted after an 8-hour day at work. The pattern continued until last night when I finally had the chance willingness to get my butt off the couch and start cleaning. TWO, it's been raining for 3 days straight. No time for picture taking, no time for dressing up. Though I must say that I've been wearing the ankle wedge boots from my last post for 3 days straight. They are my ''rain boots" and they make me feel tall (yes, I think 5'9" is pretty tall, especially when you're asian). THREE, I have a couple of huge JUMBO cystic zits on my chin and I feel so gross. The second one just showed up yesterday and I was like "Why God...whhhyyy??":( Since I have no outfit photos to post, I will leave you guys with these:

I think this photo explains where my zits came from. I just can't resist the strawberry cheesecake flavor from both ice cream makers! Comparing the calories is not going to make a difference either. But admit it, you feel better eating the one with less calories, even if it's only 3 calories less than the other tub. Ah women...

Of course I was googling my name. Who doesn't do that these days? 

Yes, I make that face when I try (the more appropriate word here is struggle) to pop them. And yes, that was just acting. It hurts too much!! (T_T)

Hopefully I will be able to document some of my outfits this weekend. In the mean time, I wish everyone a great weekend :)

xx toodles,
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Cus' I'm leaving on a jet plane

(Forever 21 parka, skirt, t-shirt, accessories / H&M stockings / ALDO "Tureson" boots) 

Happy Easter, everyone :) I hope your egg hunt went well and you didn't scare off the Easter bunnies. I'm writing this post from Boston Airport, waiting for my flight back to Toronto. Can you believe they don't have any electric plug in the waiting area? I'm at 86% battery life and I hope my MAC will survive for the next 1.5 hours. What else should I tell you about my weekend? I didn't do much shopping. I spent a lot of time with my family, which was my main purpose of this trip. I did buy some stuff, mostly clothes since they don't charge taxes on clothes in Massachusetts (one of the reasons why I love Boston!). I went to Nordstrom to check out the Jeffrey Campbell collection, but it was quite very disappointing. I was hoping to come out with a pair of gray Mary Roks, but of course I left the store empty-handed. Speaking of JC, I managed to score a pair of JC's "Pixie" -inspired boots from Aldo. Granted that they don't look as fierce as the real thing, but they fit my budget so I'll stick to them :) The only con is that they're a bit loose around the ankles, which make my legs look shorter :(

Ps. ok, I'm at 70% battery life. HELP!!
Pps. scratch that. 62% !!!!!! 

xx toodles,
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