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I'm keeping it short tonight as I have to wake up really early tomorrow :( This is the last installment of my New York photos. Didn't do much on the last day since I had to catch the train to Newark at noon. I only got to eat breakfast (read: Dunkin Donuts) before I checked out and said goodbye to my favorite city in the world. My apology for spamming you with too many (yes Kristy, waaayyy too many!) pictures of NYC lately. An outfit post is next, I swear. Until then, have a great weekend! :) :)

Uniqlo dress / Vintage belt / The Sak purse / Century21 flats

As soon as I landed in Toronto, I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner. Forty-five minutes of bus and subway rides later, I stuffed my face with this...
Have I told you I love Korean food? Oh yes I have... ;)

xx toodles.
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You're the (Big) Apple of My Eye

My third day in New York was filled with more shopping, this time in Soho. My first stop was no other than the LF Store on Spring Street. For me, LF is a (much) more "hippie" version of Urban Outfitters (think floral prints, frayed jean shorts, and chunky jewelries!) But my main reason to go there was to check out their collection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Right off the bat, I was greeted by a pair of gray Mary Roks. They're exactly what I was looking for!! But of course, it didn't turn out to be my lucky day because they were the last pair... and they're size 9 :( Sigh...

But I did get some cool stuff from Uniqlo and UO ;) Now lets move on to the pictures:

Start the day with another "not so healthy" breakfast. Mmmm... doughnuts... (Homer's style)
I warned you about seeing these blazer and shoes again. I wasn't kidding when I said I allocated a huge space in my luggage for my new purchases :p
Who doesn't love the sale racks? ;)
I was saving this place for the last day of my trip. Totally worth the wait! Next time you're in the city, you have to try the Shake Shack burgers and cheese fries. Oh my poor heart...
Inside UO fitting room. Ten bucks, baby! Gotta have it :)
Love her trench coat and purse (Foley & Corinna City Tote, I think..) so much!
I feel like such a stalker :p

xx toodles.

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Can we get away this weekend?

My apology for not updating yesterday. I went back to my hotel pretty late and my feet were just killing me so I went straight off to b-e-d. The weather turned out to be pretty good, cloudy but no rain. I was able to go out sans tights, though the first sight of my super pale legs scared the bejeezuz out of me (and how they're in desperate need of some toning exercises!) Went to do some shopping at Century 21 as soon as it opened while the items were still in their proper places. Bought a pair of brown weaved shoes to replace my "dying" black flats (paper-thin sole, ouch!!!). You'll be seeing them (and the striped blazer) in my next post since I packed light to leave A LOT of room in my suitcase for the new purchases ;) ;) Anyway... shall we check out some pictures of my second day in The City? ;) ;) 

What's a trip without some good ol' Sausage Egg McMuffin for breakfast ;)

H&M top & blazer / ZARA skirt / Vintage belt / Longchamp tote / Random black flats

Cheap bento box and chicken curry for lunch. Gotta save the money for more shopping ;)

Best part of the city. Too bad I wasn't prepared for some picnic/napping on the grass. Sitting on the grass in a short skirt can get quite... itchy :p
Yay for another score from the H&M Garden Collection :)

I searched on Yelp.com for some of the best street foods in New York. This halal cart got such great reviews so I went there for dinner. It was ok :( Though this picture kinda makes my mouth water again, hahaha :D
Garlic and spicy sauces mixed. It was such a heart attack on an aluminum plate!

Good night, everyone :) :)

xx toodles.

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I want to be a part of it

Reporting live from NYC :) I arrived today at 11am instead of the expected arrival time of 7am. That's right! The bus trip took more than 12 hours because this time, we didn't get to wait at the border for 3 hours. Instead, we were there for over 4 hours!!! We left Buffalo at close to 4 in the morning and it was just...a...p..a..i..n. Anyway I'm going to stop complaining (since I'm already here at the comfort of my hotel) and fill you in on what I did today ;)

Isn't this like the cutest NYPD vehichle... ever? :D

I had lunch at a small joint called "This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef". They only have 3 items on their menu: This Way, That Way, and The Other Way. Pretty interesting huh?

Childhood crush: Zack Morris ♥♥

Heart attack in a bun!

A break from the heat: Red Mango Frozen Yogurt! The purple top I got from Shop Fashionette via Chictopia Rewards. LOVE! :D

I'm OCD when it comes to planning, hence the itinerary. So many places to visit, so little time :(

Pole dancing in public in the middle of the day, anyone? :D

This dude dudette person was posing like he she ??? is competing in ANTM. Work it!

Cookies and sweets galore at Dean & Deluca Market in SOHO

A shopping trip to Uniqlo on Saturday afternoon? BIG MISTAKE!! This photo doesn't do justice. 

And since this is personal style/fashion blog, what about some good ol' "Fashion Dos and Don'ts" ? ;)

How cute are they??? I found the same polkadot dress and bought it RIGHT AWAY! 

The weather forecast is predicting some showers tomorrow. My (shopping) trip will consist of places to shop and eat with roofs. Chat soon! :D

xx toodles.
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