The weather fooled me

(Random sleeveless dress / Old Navy oversized tee / H&M belt / The Sak purse / F21 accessories)

This is what I wore when I went to check out VINTAGE 1 in my previous post. The weather forecast totally fooled me. I left the house thinking that it was going to rain FOR SURE, so I had a pair of tights on. Less than an hour later, I took them off because the sun came up and the fat clouds left the sky without a trace. Grrr... I hate moody weather.
The original plan was to visit Toronto's first Topshop store (well... not exactly). I have to say it was very disappointing. They only carried a very small collection, no purses and just a few pairs of shoes. The prices were ridiculous, not to mention we have a pretty high sales tax on top of that. In short, it's not worth it. But they were giving out Vitamin Water bottles for free, so it wasn't so bad :p
This post is scheduled on my moving day. So as you're reading this, I'm already moved in, cleaning up, and trying to find a free wi-fi in the building ;)

ps. Wanna hear me talk? Check out my video interview with Chicisimo HERE :)

xx toodles.
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On my way to Topshop...

... I saw this vintage store on Ossington called VINTAGE 1. It stood out for me because it's the only vintage store along the strip full of random shops. That and the fact that the name was written in white giant block letters (too obvious).

I went inside and it didn't take that long for the store to take my breath away. Now, I'm not a big vintage shopper but this store was an exception. First off, the store was HUGE. The women section made up 2/3 of the store and the men section was located at the back. The owner used old furniture/decoration to create that "vintage-y" atmosphere and it definitely worked on me :p
Lots of vintage men boots!

The store offered a huge variety of clothes, shoes, bags, belts, hats, ties, and many more. The vintage dresses were irresistible. I was eyeing on the gray pleated one with red and blue stripes. It came with a jacket/bolero, oh so adorable. But of course, I chickened out and didn't buy it :( Oh, and you gotta love the cozy fitting room. Where else can you find a floral-printed chair AND two electrical fans to keep you from sweating inside a change room?

One of this store's strongest suits was its vintage shoe collection. Oh my God, I had never seen so many pairs of shoes in my life. They were all neatly displayed in the middle of the store. They also sold vintage Frye boots. I know right? Buttery soft, mildly distressed leather boots can be quite hard to resist ;)

And who doesn't love vintage purses? I find buying vintage accessories is much easier than buying vintage clothes. I loved that camel-colored boxy purse (it's used to be a binocular case) and it was only $20. But again, I didn't buy it :( Another good thing about this store was its designer purse collection. I saw a vintage suede Gucci purse, a few Coach leather purses, and some Louis Vuitton purses. I had my eye (and almost my heart) on this small, clamshell-shaped LV backpack. The price tag said $170. Since I'm not an experienced vintage shopper, I wasn't sure if that was a good deal or not. Care to share your knowledge? :)
Say hi to CL! He's trying to get in the picture and pretending he didn't see the mirror in front of him (righttt....) Too bad he didn't know I was going to cover his entire face anyway. Muahahahahaha ... :D

Unfortunately, this store only accepts cash. Now that's kinda annoying if you're planning to buy a designer purse. Who carries $200+ cash in his/her wallet? Not me, I'm a debit-card girl. The price points were pretty reasonable. The dresses started at $30. I didn't check the heels and boots. The belts were pretty cheap, mostly $5. The owner is a Japanese girl with a great sense of style (of course! Or else she wouldn't own a boutique). I will definitely go back to this store with a bit more cash in my pocket. I'm still regretting my decision not getting that grey dress :( But even if you don't plan on buying any vintage pieces, this store is a great place for just browsing around. The address is 186 Ossington Avenue, just south of Dundas West & Ossington. Shop your heart out! :)

xx toodles.
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Just for fun

I was tagged by the beautiful Bestie from The Capricious Club to answer a few questions about myself. Here they are:

1. What do you do? For a living - Assistant Accountant. For fun - taking pictures for the blog.

2. What did your name your blog and why? Monochromachic - I feel the most comfortable wearing monochromatic colors and chic was a given because this is a "personal style/fashion" blog.

3. Why did I start blogging? Because I wanted people to follow me. Ha! kidding :) Because it's cool and I wanted to be one of the cool kids ;)
4. Whose closet would you like to raid? Easy. Olivia Palermo's.
Source: WhoWhatWear

5. What trend are you loving right now? Scalloped hem. Sadly, I don't own any :(
Source : www.style.com

6. Where do you like to shop? UO, Zara, H&M, Forever21 and Walmart (they sell cheap socks, man!)

7. Are you an impulsive buyer/not? It depends. I usually know it's an impulsive purchase when I want to return it after a second look/try at home.

8. How has your style evolved in the last few years? BIG TIME. Thanks to fellow bloggers who have inspired me to dress (a lot) better :)

And I'll pass these questions on to:
Lena from Quality Rivets
Nicole from le mode du jour
Ahn from 9to5 Chic
Sharon from Elisharon
Jen from her waise choice
Mel from Shop TO Live
Jess from Wild Tortoise
Aney from allure

Hope you guys are having a great weekend. This weekend in Toronto is kinda... suck. Thanks to the G20 Summit :(

xx toodles.
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Life in a glance

First of all, thanks everyone who have joined my giveaway so far. There's about 1 week left until I pick the lucky winner, so JOIN if you have not :) Next, my previous outfit is featured on Style Sample Magazine together with Liz from Late Afternoon, Mel from Another Day To Dress Up, and Meijia from Meijia S.
Psyched! :D

Last but not least, I just made a damage to my credit card at the Urban Outfitters website. I have some valid reasons though:
1). Shipping to Canada is only $10.
2). I found a 20% off code at Extra Petite blog (thanks dearie!).
3). The pieces that I got were $19.99/ea or less (PLUS the 20%!).
4). I will have to start pinching pennies soon (damn mortgage payments!), so it's better to satisfy my shopping craving now than later.
5). The fourth reason is totally a pathetic self-justification because I know I won't be able to control my shopping craving :(

 (H&M top & pants / Forever21 jacket / The Sak purse / Aldo shoes)

Another work outfit, la di da... I took off the jacket after 5 minutes of walking under the sun. Black and sun don't go together. But floral prints do, right? :) And I already warned you about the shoes...

xx toodles.

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Blue-ish, gray-ish, silver-ish. Capish?

(H&M chambray dress / UNIQLO leggings / ALDO shoes / Forever21 bangle)

Capish = "Do you understand?, Do I make myself clear?" or Italian slang for "Your alternative is death. Do you understand?"
-- via Urban Dictionary --
I first heard about the word "capish" when I saw Pirates of the Caribbean. I am definitely not trying to threaten you guys. I just thought "capish" would match my other -ish-ending words in the title :p Anyway, I'm only a week away from my moving day. My basement is full of big boxes and I ALWAYS bump my knees or toes whenever  I try to get around them. Bruises is the word you're looking for. Despite the "pain", I can't wait for next week. I already made a list of items I want to buy from IKEA and I can't wait to start assembling them, pretending to be Mike Holmes ;) AND... my new place is located near a Korean Town, so you can imagine how psyched I am right now (and I'm going to smell like kimchi!) :D My apologies if I bored you with these pumps. I've packed almost all my shoes and I didn't pack these because... no reason, I just felt like leaving these ones out :p

ps. Yay for remembering to adjust the tripod before I started taking photos! 
pps. I do look orange, but I'm kinda digging the over-exposure effect ;)
ppps. One week left for the GIVEAWAY. Join HERE :)

xx toodles.
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What would you do... again?

When your work started at 9 but you woke at 8:45... when you were feeling bloated because you ate so much for dinner last night... and when you TOTALLY FORGOT to come up with a work outfit before you went to sleep (which you usually did)... What Would You Do?
1. You would grab your good ol' cuffed jeans since they can do no wrong.
2. You would pick a looser top to hide that bloated belly.
2.1. You would stop eating before you're full.
2.2. Flowy sleeve is an added bonus for comfort.

3. (Next time,) you would force yourself to stay awake until you can come up with an outfit for the next day because it's really going to save you A LOT of time in the morning!
4. You would wear your new pair of pumps because you have to break them in anyway.
5. You would pick a cute little purse. Ya know, just for fun!
6. You would still be late for work. Oh well...

And what would you do when you tried to take some outfit pictures with a new background without changing the previous camera setting and you ended up with headless shots? You would still post them on the blog because you got no other pictures :p

ps. The pictures were taken after work. I was already 20 minutes late:(

Don't forget to join my giveaway HERE! :)

xx toodles.
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Let it be the center of attention

(H&M dress / Aldo pumps) - that's it! 

In one of my NYC posts last month, I gushed about how adorable these girls looked in their summer dresses. Though I'm a fan of flower prints, wearing floral-printed dresses makes me feel like a little girl (aka. they just look inappropriate on me). So when I stepped into an H&M store in SOHO and (literally) stumbled on the navy polkadot dress, I knew I had to have it (even though it was laying on the floor instead of hanging on a rack :p). I couldn't find the perfect occasion to wear until last Monday when my company had its annual boat cruise event. Company event = an opportunity to dress up. Boat cruise = blue + red color palette. Coincidence? I don't think so ;) I didn't put any jewelries on simply because I liked the dress the way it was. I didn't want to go overboard (ha! get the pun?:p) with the accessories :)

Don't forget to join my $60 gift card giveaway HERE!

xx toodles.

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G - I - V - E - A - W - A - Y :)

I am the kind of person who likes to shop at one-stop shops, like ZARA, H&M, Forever 21, and even Walmart! That is why I am very excited to present one lucky reader with a one-time-use of $60 gift card from CSN Stores that has over 200 stores where you can find anything and I mean... ANYTHING, from high heels to waffle makers to cute bicycles, and to perhaps... some sort of a bathroom vanity? Have I excited you yet? :) 
Since I am not a fan of "difficult" giveaway rules, I am going to keep them simple:
1. Follow Monochromachic via Google Connect or Bloglovin (let me know which one).
2. Answer the question: Goldfish crackers or Ritz crackers? (just for fun :p)
3. Leave a comment on this post with your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS.
That's it!

Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open for my US and Canadian readers as CSN only ships to these two continents countries (haha.. Thanks Mae for correcting my error :p) For my international readers, I truly apologize for the inconvenience and I will come up with another giveaway :)

This giveaway will end on July 1 at 11:59pm EST (that's 2 weeks from now). I will just draw a name out of a hat/bowl/box/whatever I can find when the time comes. Good luck, sweets! :)

xx toodles. 

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What would you do?

(Forever21 tee & jeans / The Sak purse / Aldo wedges / Necklace from a friend)

When it's gloomy outside.. when the weather forecast predicted a thunderstorm.. when you had to wake up early and only had half-an-hour to get ready.. what would you do?
1. You would stay away from dresses because wet legs = not pretty. Hence, the rolled-up jeans.
2. You would not have time to come up with an outfit. Hence, the white loose top.
3. You would not have time to change your purse to match your outfit. Hence, the bag you've been seeing A LOT lately.
4. You would not have time to rummage through your accessories. Hence, just a necklace.
5. You would not want your feet to get wet from accidentally stepping into water puddles. Hence, the wedges.
6. And forget about the face. The rain would wash out the makeup anyway.. (but don't forget to put on some moisturizer :p)

Now.. what would you do if you were in the middle of taking pictures in your alleyway and all of a sudden, your neighbor drove in?
You would run and grab your tripod+camera even though the self-timer was still on. You could end up with a pretty cool shot... like this :p

ps. I'll be hosting my first giveaway in the next post. Stay tuned ;)

xx toodles.

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I pity the fool

 (Nation Ltd. top via ShopFashionistette / F21 tank & bangle / ZARA skirt / ALDO wedges)
So yeah, I went to see the A-team on Friday night. Shirtless Bradley Cooper? Yes please! But the movie itself was pretty entertaining (though Mr. Cooper's hotness was pointless since most of the audience were guys...) I remember watching the A-team TV series back when I was a little kid. "I pity the fool" was definitely the phrase to remember. Too bad it wasn't mentioned in the movie at all (woops! spoiler :p) I went to IKEA the next day for some window shopping for my new place (and for the $1 hot dog & frozen yogurt!). One of the things I love about IKEA is how they name their products. How do you pronounce FJELLSE or SL√ĄTTHULT anyway? And I'm sure most of us are familiar with the NOT floor lamp or BILLY bookcase ;)

Anybody watching the World Cup? I haven't followed soccer in awhile but my all-time favorite team is Italy :)

ps. Excuse the jeans mark on my left calf. It was a pretty tight pair:p

xx toodles,
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Emily from THISWASFOREVER is having an awesome giveaway for a tube of Fiberwig mascara, a pair of super cool false eyelashes, and a white liner pencil. According to her review, Fiberwig is a life saver for Asian girls out there who suffer from having short stubby lashes (aka. me me me!) This is the secret of having those doll-like eyes that you often see on Japanese girls. You DON'T want to miss out on this giveaway ;) 

xx toodles.

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How do you like your wings?

I'm not the type of person who likes to go out for dinner during the week. I prefer to save all the fun activities for the weekend and eat ramen noodles for dinner on weeknights. So when CL asked me to join him for some buffalo wings tonight, I figured that it might be about time for me to venture out from my ramen nights. I usually didn't go for buffalo wings because they're too sour for my taste. And I was right. I should've just stayed at home and had my trustworthy kimchi ramen noodles for dinner :p

(Uniqlo dress / ZARA cardigan / The Sak purse / UO straw hat / Aerosoles wedges)

This is what I wore to work a few days ago. The dress was another Uniqlo piece I managed to get on my last day in NYC. Why I bought it? It's got a built-in bra! I feel so carefree every time I wear it, just like a little girl in a dress ;) And the wedges are from Aerosoles. Yup, my grandma wears Aerosoles. So I was wearing no bra and a pair of grandma's sandals. I'm confused with my identity :D

Attention Torontonians! Have you heard the about "big news"? Topshop is finally open in Toronto. The grand opening of the Ossington store is Saturday, June 19th at 9am. Will you see me there? Not too sure. I'm more of an H&M girl :p Read more here.

xx toodles.
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