A little height is better than staying flat

(H&M blouse / UO blazer / Forever 21 jeans, satchel, cuff / Aldo shoes)

I'm tired. I'm cranky. And my feet hurt like hell. I never knew that wearing flats could torture my feet as much as wearing 4-inch heels. At least my legs would look better in heels. Anyway, these photos have nothing to do with what I just wrote. I'm that tired.

I'm starting to lose interest in blogging. Is it just a phase? Or is it here to stay? Maybe I need a break. Or a shopping spree since my mom is in town. Ha!

xx toodles.
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Good times bad times give me some of that

(Uniqlo dress / ZARA cardigan / Forever 21 satchel / Aldo wedges)

For the next couple of weeks, my days are going to be jam-packed. My mom is coming to visit and she'll stay here for 2.5 weeks. During the same period, I'll be helping my bff at the Canadian National Exhibition as much as I can due to an unfortunate incident that struck her family a few days ago, which left her with a shortage of people. This means from this point on, I'll be out of the house starting 8am til' midnight. Raccoon eyes will ensue, but I know I'll have lots of fun with the Monochromachic bff and mom ;)

For Torontonians: If you're planning to go to the CNE this weekend, don't forget to drop by at my friend's booth inside the Direct Energy Hall, International Pavilion, Hall B. She's selling handcrafted house decorations, accessories, purses and CLOTHES (!!!) from Indonesia. Look for Product of Indonesia. I will be there, too ;) ;)

xx toodles.
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Keep your cheeks away from my face

(H&M blouse / Vintage belt / Sirens leggings / Jeffrey Campbell wedges)

For me, one of the biggest fashion faux pas is treating leggings as pants. I'm sick of seeing girls (and women) walking down the street wearing leggings with a top that doesn't cover their ass. I feel even more sick when the leggings are too thin (stocking-like) that I can see through them. 
The other day at the subway station, I saw a girl wearing a pair of black sheer leggings. Did she not look at herself on the mirror before she went out? Did she have a mirror AT ALL??? I was walking behind her while we were going up the stairs and all I could see were her pink thong and butt cheeks. I swear I threw up a little in my mouth. 
I mean, what's the deal with wearing leggings as pants? THEY ARE NOT PANTS! I'm not against leggings, but please... wear a more appropriate (longer) top with them. You're not Lindsay Lohan whose ass is so tiny and bony, it doesn't even look sexy in leggings.
If you have extra fat here and there like me, then cover your ass. I don't want to see a huge ham in front of my face on a daily basis. I'm sure other people would appreciate that as well.
I also hate knee-length leggings, especially the ones with lace trim. And this picture proves my point:
Oh My Lawwddd...

End of rant.

xx toodles.
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I dream of Wang

(Forever 21 top & necklace / Uniqlo jeans / UO purse / Blowfish flats / Betsey Johnson sunnies)

Am I craving for Alexander Wang's Diego purse? NO. Am I loving his newest runway collection? NOPE. I literally dreamt of Wang two nights ago, which was the most random dream I've had so far. I don't even like his design (yes, unlike most bloggers who go ga-ga about his pieces), so obviously he should not be stored in my mind. So how did he just suddenly show up in my sleep??!?!?! Anyway, the dream wasn't pleasant. In it, he was the guest speaker for a fashion seminar held at my campus. He was a total prick, totally all over himself and implying that he's just as legendary as Karl Lagerfeld, if not, more. WOW. At the end of the seminar, I came over to him and asked for some fashion tips. He brushed me off and told me that the seminar was over. ANOTHER BIG WOW. That's pretty much the gist of it.

To all A.Wang fans out there, no offense. It was just a dream ;)

xx toodles.
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Bang-less, shoe-more

(H&M floral blouse / UO eyelet skirt & purse / Forever 21 wedges)
I had been fighting the idea of growing my bangs ever since I got the blunt cut. There's just something about blunt bangs that can make my overall appearance look... edgier?:p But due to the temperamental weather we've been having lately, managing blunt bangs has become... very high maintenance :( I have decided to grow them out so I can go back to the side-swept style, which will be much easier to take care of. During this transitional period, you'll be seeing A LOT of my shiny forehead :D
I would also like to thank everyone who have voted and left suggestions on my Jeffrey Campbell Shoe-lemma post. Meeker got the most votes, Oh Yes got the second most votes, and Ameake only got a sad 8. While everybody was busy voting for Meeker, I kept asking myself "Why did nobody vote for Ameake???" I think it shows that my heart actually belonged to Ameake (or Oh Yes. Still deciding...). So, Meeker is now out of the picture. I'm not a "statement shoe" girl to begin with anyway. Thanks for all your inputs! I truly appreciate them :)

ps. You might think the skirt length is inappropriate for work, but I did the "sitting down" test at home and the hem actually (almost) reached my knees. And it was a Casual Friday at work :p

xx toodles.
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Somebody stop me

So here's the plan. I'm going to visit Forever 21 store after work to see if they have these cutie-pies in store (available on their website):

Now I just need someone to say: STOP! DON'T GO! HAVE SOME SELF-CONTROL! or something like that, to me. But you have to admit, they look pretty nice, noh? The workman boots look pretty sturdy and well-made. The taupe wedges are very chic, just like their "name". And the lace-up booties are androgynously perfect and versatile (imagine wearing them with skirts, dresses, tights, skinny jeans, etc etc...) God help me!

I couldn't find them. I roamed around the store for a good 1/2 hour and still no sign of their existence. I don't want to buy them before I try them on, so there goes that... :(

xx toodles.
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Saved by the bell

(UO blazer & socks / F21 tank & necklace / H&M shorts (again!) / Jeffrey Campbell wedges)

Did I mention that I'm going back to school this September? :) I'm so excited to finally be able to learn what I've been wanting to do. I'm enrolled in a Fashion Merchandising Certificate program and if I don't slack around, I will be able to finish school by Spring 2011 (F/T work, P/T school). So this is my attempt to look like a college student. I was hoping that the striped blazer and socks would do the trick, but  maybe I should have skipped the socks and thrown on some tights instead. As much as I would like to embrace the "socks in heels" trend, I would never look as good as other bloggers who can pull off this look. I have better luck with over-the-knee high socks, though ;) 
And in the spirit of going back to school, let me introduce you to my grade school crush:
The one and only, Zack Morris :p

xx toodles.
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Help a friend, pick a shoe

1. Ameake - love the sculpted wedge heel. It's very feminine and it suits my personal style.
2. Oh Yes - OH YES were the exact words I said when I saw this. SHOEGASM!
3. Meeker - this boot is the perfect combination of sleekness and edginess. The heel is bananas!

Now, Meeker is a stretch from my usual taste, but maybe it's time to expand my shoerizon? (that's "shoe + horizon = shoerizon", in case you're wondering :p). Oh Yes was a love at first sight. I can't imagine myself stomping around in Jessica Simpson's Dany, but since this is the wedge version, it should be easier to walk in... right? And I just found out about the gorgeous Ameake. The sculpted heel is very sexy and everything else about it is just so right.

Ummm... help??? :(

Current standing:
Ameake - 8 votes
Oh Yes - 19 votes
Meeker - 22 votes
Keep the votes & suggestions coming, guys. I TRULY appreciate all of them. Thanks mucho! :)

xx toodles.
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Pins and hairbun

(H&M shirt & sandals / F21 dress & heart necklace from Jasmine / F21 cross ring & necklace / UO purse / Betsey Johnson sunnies)

Boy, Saturday was a boiler! The humidity reached 90% and it was cloudy throughout the day. "Muggy" was how the news described the weather (I called it sticky!) But that didn't stop me and other Torontonians from enjoying our Saturday. CL and I went to the the market to have some grilled octopus with fries and Veal Parmigiana sandwich. This combo has become our favorite Saturday lunch menu since last month and I don't think that's going to change for awhile.

Also, CL surprised me with a new iPod Nano :) I mentioned before that I'm not into technology that much. I'm still using a regular (aka. no camera) cellphone that I got 4 years ago and I used the first generation of iPod shuffle before he got me the new one. I guess I just have a different set of priorities: shoes first... bags second... clothes third... food fourth... and techy gadgets fifth :p 
He engraved the back with "iHeart K.P." Well done, boy! ;)

xx toodles.
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Just for laughs

(ZARA blouse / F21 tank / Uniqlo jeans / The Sak purse / Jeffrey Campbell wedges)

A conversation that took place at the office 2 days ago:
Big Boss 1: Wow, look at those shoes!
Big Boss 2: Holy smokes, those are some shoes!
Kristy: *nervous grin*
BB 1: How do you walk in those?
BB 2: Yeah, how?
BB 1: No no... can you RUN in those?
K: ............

The conversation ended with me running away from them and I distinctively heard them laughing. This proved two things:
1. I could actually run in them (... for about 5 seconds until I started to wobble, but I managed to get to my chair before I fell).
2. I made my bosses laughed. That's a good thing... right?

And look at what the humidity did to my hair :( I put it up in a ponytail as soon as I finished taking these photos. I need some frizz therapy PRONTO!

xx toodles.
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This little pig eats beef

(Banana Republic shirt / F21 tank / ZARA skirt from Seval / The Sak purse / BCBG shoes)

Went to a korean bbq place with CL after a loooong hiatus from stuffing my face with all-you-can-eat grilled meat. Favorite thing on the menu? Grilled tongue. It's like having a french kiss with a cow (ok, bad attempt to make a joke :p) We went to a little cafe afterwards for some dessert because obviously we're such pigs and all-you-can-eat bbq couldn't satisfy our growing bellies. 
Sharing a cup of frothy hot choco and a huge slab of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake was the perfect way to end the night :) Now off I go to continue watching "I love you, Man". CL was depressed for awhile after he saw that movie because he thought he didn't have a bff and he needed one. Maybe I should set him up on some man dates :p Any takers?

xx toodles.
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Meeting the Tortoise

(UO top & blazer / H&M shorts & belt / The Sak purse / Century 21 shoes)

Saturday was a blast. I finally met up with the chic and adorable Jess for a little food and shopping escapade. Some things I learned about her throughout the day:
1. She has a thing for McDonalds.
2. Burritos make her knees weak :p
3. We're both in Accounting *yawn*. Hahaha...
4. I used to go to a high school 10 minutes away from where she used to live. ♫ It's a small world after all 
5. She taught me how to use the lockers at the Toronto bus terminal. Random I know, but it can be very useful one day ;)

Of course, we also helped each other take pictures of what we were wearing :) It's so nice to have someone who understands the "joy" of taking outfit pictures (sorry boyfriends!:p) Check out her blog for the close-up shot on her Chanel tattoos. I WANT :D

xx toodles.
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