Not your average Joe

(ZARA top & skirt / vintage belt / The Sak purse / Century 21 shoes / Betsey Johnson sunglasses)

I went on a guilty shopping spree yesterday after work. Canada's LOULOU Magazine was having a Shop Til You Drop event, which made me (literally) dropped all money out on the cashier counter. My biggest shock was when I went to check out Joe Fresh Style store and the line up was crazy long. After 45 minutes of waiting in line just to get in to the store, I spent about 15 minutes browsing through the affordable Fall collection and AN HOUR in lineup to pay. Thank goodness for the complimentary hors d'oeuvres and wine to keep the antsy shoppers happy(-ier). At the end of the night, I walked out with 2 silk blouses, 1 cocoon-ish cardigan, a pair of slim-cut trousers, and a big goodie bag filled with make up and hair products ;)

ps. I also spotted Dejana at the store. She's so gorgeous and tall, especially in her fierce Doc Martens Heel Boots! :)

xx toodles.
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I look up into the night sky

(thrifted blouse / H&M shorts / Ardene tights / UO purse / Forever 21 necklace / Aldo wedges)

I finished my homework and studied for my quiz (after a 2 year-hiatus from school) just a few hours before my class started. Talking about going back in time when I liked to do my school work at the very last minute. Perhaps I could audition for Jersey Shore with a stage name: Kristy "Procrastination" Petra ;) 

Last night, I was super exhausted and ready to crash my bed, yet I couldn't stop thinking about instant noodle. WTH, right? So there I was, at approximately 10:30pm, making a late night snack that was loaded in carbs, sodium, and preservatives. YUM. I'm the kind of person who can't go to bed with a growling stomach. They say it's unhealthy to eat before you go to sleep, but I like to sleep with a happy tummy. How about you? :)

ps. Of course the guilt was still there, so I did some sit-ups before I head to bed just to make me feel better :p
pps. Bestie featured my last look on her blog. Thanks for the love :)

xx toodles.
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In the land of grey and pink

(AA pullover / Topshop skirt / UO purse / Forever 21 accessories / Jeffrey Campbell wedges)

Hmm... where do I begin with this skirt? It's another gift from my lovely mom. Definitely NOT what I would pick up for myself, even if it was on sale. The print is lovely and all, but it's too girly and froufrou for my taste. It also reminds me of sofa couch prints. I need your ideas on how to wear this skirt without looking too juvenile :)
On a different note, one of my lovely BFs (Blogger Friends, that is :p), Nicole, featured me as Girl of The Week on The Style Spy. Psyched! Thanks Nic <3

ps. why does it take so long for my bangs to grow?!?!?!

xx toodles.
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Make my brown eyes blue

(ZARA cardigan / Costa Blanca top & shorts / Ardene tights / BATIK&CRAFT  purse)

This will not be last time you see me wearing these Jeffrey Campbell wedges. I wasn't kidding when I said they're beyond comfortable. I've been wearing them almost everyday but I didn't take pictures because I didn't want to bore you all with their constant presence on the blog. Or should I?;) Last Friday, I wore them from morning to late evening and I survived with no blisters and very little amount of pain (not so much of a pain... more like tired legs). I also don't have a car so I walk and take the public transit every day. That says A LOT about these babies :)

The top and shorts were some of the great stuff I managed to snag at the Canadian National Exhibition a few weeks ago. Who can resist loose-fitting shorts with side pockets? NOT ME. And did I mention they're only 5 bucks/pair?;) Of course I had to get them in different colors (bone, gunmetal, and black). My best friend and I bought the exact same top so we can wear them together one day (oh so grade school of us!)

xx toodles.
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The Check List

(H&M denim jacket & tights / Winners dress / UO purse / 80%20 shoes / Forever 21 necklace)

Earlier this year, I came up with a list of New Year's resolutions. I think now is a good time to look back and see what I've managed to check off the list.

The Resolutions:
1. Support a child through a charity organization, like the World Vision.
2. Clean up my closet in Spring and Fall then donate the ones I don't wear anymore.
3. LOSE WEIGHT (this must be on almost everybody's list!). I'm not going to be too hard on myself, 5-10 lbs is enough :)
4. Read The Bible regularly.
5. Save at least 1/3 of my monthly earnings.
6. Last but not least... I would like to limit myself to a $100/month shopping budget (God, this is going to be quite challenging :p)

The Results:
1. It took me awhile to get this done, but I finally found a non-profit organization that specializes in helping Indonesia (where I came from). I picked a girl to support, sent out my application, and got approved. Yay :)
2. This was the first thing I did, but my closet has been accumulating more junk stuff since then. A second clean-up round will commence very soon (maybe a blog sale?).
3. I gained.
4. Most of the times, but not every day :(
5. Most of the times, but not every month :(
6. Don't even get me started on this one.

The Add-ons:
1. Bought my first home. Welcome to adulthood.
2. Enrolled in a Fashion Merchandising Certificate program.
3. CL <3
4. I got bangs.
5. Bought my first Jeffrey Campbell shoes (woohoo!)

How are your New Year's resolutions coming along? :)

ps. This is my "Goodbye Summer" outfit. What better way to say farewell to Mr. Sunshine than to wear something SO YELLOW!? :p

xx toodles.
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Connect the dots

(UO blouse / Forever 21 skirt & bangle / H&M belt & tights / Jeffrey Campbell wedges)

The beginning of Fall is my favorite time of the year. The weather is cool but not cold, warm at times but not humid. While it is still here, I'm planning to wear out all my open-toed/sandal-type shoes with a variety of tights, such as in this outfit. On Wednesday morning I woke up with a complete work outfit in mind. I remembered sporting a stripes-and-polkadots ensemble when I went out with my mom last weekend, so I thought to myself "Why not switch them around?" And so I did ;) The tulip skirt was a gift from my mom. It's comfortable, flattering, and perfect for work. I tried to look for it on the website so I could share it with you all, but it's no longer there :( But if you could find it at your local Forever 21 store, just grab it with confidence! At $22 a piece, you'll get yourself a deal :)

Hope everybody is having a fantabulous weekend! :D

xx toodles.
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East of the sun and west of the moon

(MANGO tunic / Uniqlo jeans / Forever 21 accessories / Jeffrey Campbell "Oh Yes" wedges)

I found this silk tunic hanging hopelessly on the sale rack at MANGO and I couldn't help but falling in love with it (and the 70% off price tag!!) It is 2 sizes bigger than my usual size but it fits great and I don't mind the extra fabric here and there ;) I've worn this a few times with a pair of shorts for the weekends, but of course that wouldn't pass as an office attire, so I swapped the shorts with some black skinnies. I always love a simple black and white outfit. It screams elegance and modern, two words that I like to use to describe my personal style.

And Oh Yes... I went for the wedges :) They're officially the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn in my entire life (they beat JC Mariels by a loooooong shot). NO JOKES and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! They're available on Solestruck.com here. Fast and free shipping, too! :D

xx toodles.
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Picture perfect memories

(UO blazer & leopard scarf / Old Navy v-neck / Urban Behavior shorts / Forever 21 satchel / H&M tights / Century 21 shoes)

Having my mom in town has forced me to explore the city like I never did. I tried to avoid the typical tourist traps until I finally ran out of places and decided to give one "trap" a shot. I didn't expect to spend almost 2 hours there, though my mom and I definitely had more fun taking pictures of each other than appreciating what the place had to offer. She's gotten really good with the camera and I'm saddened by the fact that she's leaving in 3 days. Not that I don't like CL as my personal photographer, but he likes to complain when I ask him to take some outfit pictures while mom just snaps away until I'm satisfied with the results :p

Yes, I wear prescription glasses. I just don't like wearing them all the time. And no, I wasn't holding a cellphone. It's an audio guide for the place we were visiting. It's pretty much useless since we're too busy with the camera ;)

I'm going back to school tomorrow. What to wear? WHAT TO WEAR?!?!?! :D

xx toodles.
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Hey Mom!

(Forever21 parka / UO tunic / Costa Blanca shorts / Longchamp bag / 80%20 shoes)

I nervously asked my mom to take some outfit pictures for me in a hidden alley. I was quite surprised when she gladly took the camera without questioning me and started snapping pictures. Maybe she's been secretly reading the blog? :) Anyway, she thinks these shoes look so weird. I thought so too at first (and still do sometimes), but the oddness was what made me decided to get them from Gilt Groupe. They are super super super soooooppppeeeeerrrr comfortable and they have been my go-to shoes ever since. My only itch? They (sometime) squeak when I walk. Hmmm... 

ps. You can see my mom's reflection in the first photo. Hey Mom! :)

xx toodles.
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In the jungle the lion sleeps tonight

(H&M shirt & trousers / Forever 21 accessories / The Sak purse / BCBG wedges)

The long weekend helped refresh my mind, but definitely not my body. I let go of my inhibition and chowed down different types of food throughout the weekend, from german sausages to deep fried butter balls, korean pork bone soup to steak tacos. To add to that, my mom bought a lot of snacks when we went for groceries. While I was busy stuffing my shopping cart with fruits and veggies (give me some credit here! Hahaha...), she picked up a jumbo-size bag of popcorn, gummy worms, and a tub of Baskin Robbins. That was Saturday night and by 6pm today, the popcorn was gone. I didn't even have any and trust me, it was like the party-size bag. 
I have no idea how she manages to stay so slim with that kind of appetite. I definitely did not inherit her genes :p Anyway... the weather in the city has cooled down significantly. I was able to wear a jacket and a pair of tights on Saturday. Yay for Fall! :)
What's your weekend story? :)

xx toodles.
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No fear, no doubt, I provide the answer

(H&M top & bangle / UO pants & purse / Aldo pumps)

THANK YOU everyone for the encouragements in my previous outfit post :') As much as I love to blog for my friends and readers, I think it's equally important for me to actually enjoy blogging. I feel that I've reached the point where I think blogging is shallow and superficial. I know that statement sounds very hypocritical because I am a blogger. But what does blogging mean to you? What does it mean to me? Aside from taking outfit photos, buying the most coveted fashion items, getting freebies from sponsors and giveaways, what does blogging mean to us? 
I'll start. In the beginning, I thought blogging was about connecting with "fashionable strangers" from around the world. I considered some of these people my good friends even though I've never met them in person. It's also a place where I could share my personal style, get feedbacks from my readers and find inspirations from other people. But since then, my focus has shifted to buying new bags, clothes, and shoes in order to stay current and increase my readership number. Is that healthy? I think not. Women don't live by ______ (insert shoes, bags, clothes, makeup, etc. here) alone. Bloggers who rarely show off their new purchases and like to remix their clothes earn my respect. I have yet to earn a respect from my self. Does my respect mean anything in the blogging world? Most likely not, but it means a lot to me. I really need to do some self introspection. 
Anyway, my mom is already asleep so I manage to squeeze in some time to write this post :p 
Have a lovely long weekend, everyone!

xx toodles.
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'Cause we are living in a material world

Fashion Week 

Steal the look:
1. Forever 21 - Chiffon Tier Top - CAD 29.80
2. Forever 21 - Skinny Leg Chino Pants - CAD 23.80
3. Forever 21 - Relaxed Knit Cardigan - CAD 29.80
4. Jessica Simpson - Minas Leopard Boots - USD 110
5. Dorothy Perkins - Purple Suedette Panel Clutch - CAD 24
6. Forever 21 - Milky Jewel Ring - CAD 7.80
7. OPI - Barefoot in Barcelona - price unknown

Urban Traveller
Steal the look:
1. DELIA'S - Haley Lace Top - USD 29.50 or PACSUN - Kirra Libby Lace Top - CAD 34.95
2. American Apparel - Cotton Spandex Jersey Basic Bodysuit - CAD 24
3. Forever 21 - Heather Woven Shorts - CAD 19.90
4. Wetseal - Rolled Sleeve Anorak Jacket - CAD 27.59
5. ASOS - Eyelet Stitch Duffle Bag - USD 42.13
6. ASOS - Ava Suede Lace-up Wedge Boots - USD 101.10
7. ASOS - Retro Style Oversized Face Metal Strap Watch - USD 37.07
8. Forever 21 - Cat-eyed Sunglasses - CAD 6.80
9. ALDO - Salierno Charm Bracelet - CAD 15.98
10. A pair of black opaque tights which you can find ANYWHERE ;)

xx toodles.
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