Tailored to perfection

(ZARA coat / thrifted blouse / Joe Fresh Style pants / The Sak purse / F21 necklace / vintage belt / Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

I used to be a jeans girl. From baggy jeans in grade school, bell-bottoms in high school, skinny jeans in my 4 years of university, up until now. When I started blogging and working full time, I realized that there's another "pants" world out there. And thanks to the menswear-inspired trend, I started wearing non-denim bottoms. Not only can I wear them to work, I can also wear them for leisure over the weekend. This Joe Fresh Style pair is the perfect example of versatile pants. They also make my ankles look somewhat slimmer. Ha! I'm very particular about my ankles (and eyebrows, lol). Are you obsessed with any of your body parts? Do share! :)

ps. I just added MORE items in my blog shop. Check them out! ;)

xx toodles.
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I wonder how, I wonder why

(H&M blouse & scarf / AA v-neck tee (from Jasmine)  / Uniqlo jeans / UO purse (always!) / Ardene socks / Jeffrey Campbell "Ameake" wedges)

... Why do I always have to cuff my jeans? I love wearing jeans, but it's been a long-time battle between me and the denim because I (almost) always have to cuff the hem. I mean, why can't they produce MORE jeans that are 27 x 30? These Uniqlo pair fits like a glove except that it's 27 x 33 :( Sure, I can wear them cuffed like in the photos, but I much prefer a clean hem. Besides, cuffed jeans immediately transform my ankles into chankles. I thought it would be cute to style the jeans this way, but after going through the photos, I realized that this style didn't work on me. I better alter these soon...

My two cents on Ameake: They're pretty comfortable, but my Oh Yes pair is still the reigning champion. Ameake's foot bed is not as cushioned (soft??) as the Oh Yes, which makes a big difference in terms of comfort. I wore them for about 3 hours until I started to feel pain on the ball of my foot. Five hours was the longest I could last in these wedges. Not bad. Also, these wedges require a more balancing act. Running in these? Forget it. Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase. The heel is very sexy ;)

xx toodles.
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Autumn leaves under frozen souls

 (H&M sweater & hat / Costa Blanca shorts / UO purse / Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

I won't be wearing these JC wedges as often as I used to anymore. One day, I felt the ankle straps were a bit loose, but I thought it was just the leather that had finally broken in. Unfortunately, it wasn't. The elastic bands that attached the buckles to the back of the shoes started to fall apart. I am not sure if they can be fixed because the elastic bands are sewn in to the shoes and I don't want to ruin the leather. I am afraid of taking them to a shoe repair and getting quoted for a ridiculous price. But my favorite shoes need help :(   

xx toodles.
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Take me home


After hours spent on Shopbop.com, refreshing the sale page every 15 minutes like a mad woman, a size 8 finally popped up. CLICK. CLICK. CLICK. And these beauties became mine. I received a gift card from Suddenly Darling and when they asked me which store I would like the gift card from, I answered Shopbop without a doubt. I had been eyeing on these wedges ever since they went on sale for 30% off. It took less than 24 hours from the moment I submitted my order to the moment I opened the UPS box. The fastest shipping I've ever experienced in my life. Thank you Suddenly Darling and Shopbop! :D

xx toodles.
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Lets get down to business

(UO blouse / H&M skirt & tights / ALDO shoes / Alex Folzi briefcase)

Back to my usual veranda and tripod. As much as I enjoy taking outfit photos with CL while we're out and about, nothing beats THE TRIPOD. It never complains, it never captures blurry photos, and it stands at the perfect height for my 5'6" figure :) Anyway, the Fagbure Twins behind Alex Folzi kindly sent me this adorable briefcase from their latest collection. So many colors to choose from, but I knew from the start that my heart belonged to this lilac-ish grey shade. Or I just chickened out from the bright colors and opted for a boring shade :p The briefcase is sturdy and very well-made (and quite heavy!). My concierge accidentally dropped the box that it came with and I heard a very loud bang (ggrrrrr!!!). I prepared myself to see some cracks on the briefcase, but nope, it was as hard as a brick. Plus 10 for durability! The studded leather panel on each corner is my favorite part. And did I mention it's a Canadian brand? Oh yeah... ;)

xx toodles.
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Don't go breaking my heart

(Forever 21 t-shirt / UO blazer & purse / Costa Blanca shorts / ALDO boots / Betsey Johnson sunnies)

Hello bangs! It's been a couple of months since I let my them graced my forehead. I didn't feel like dressing up, so I stayed away from the hair straightener and put my hair up in a bun, just like the old days. And my bangs were surprisingly cooperating, so I let them down. Bad move. It was a windy day and my bangs kept poking me in the eyes. Back up to where they were, bobby-pinned! 

Have you rotated your shoes? I have. The other day I was unpacking my fall and winter shoes and I found these boots. I forgot how much I loved wearing them last winter. It took me about a month to hunt these down on the ALDO website because they kept disappearing on me. And then one afternoon they reappeared. The rest was history :)

xx toodles.
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But I'll be lonely without you

(On me: Joe Fresh Style blouse / Costa Blanca shorts / F21 vest & socks / UO purse / Ardene tights / Blowfish boots via Chictopia Rewards)

(On him: H&M coat / F21 shirt / Uniqlo jeans / Converse shoes / Fred Perry bag)

Took a mini break on Saturday after a long week filled with studying and finishing up a couple of assignments. It's been awhile since I slept at 4 in the morning just to write a paper. I feel young again! Hahaha... :D Of course I replaced a can of Red Bull with a cup of green tea. Can't handle energy drinks anymore. My midterm is tonight. Wish me luck! :)

CL asked to be on the blog. So here he is. Say hi everyone! Is it weird that I wish I had his long legs? I'm sure my heels would look better on him than on me. Just saying...

xx toodles.
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All we need is time

(ZARA blazer & skirt / Forever 21 lace top / H&M belt & hat / UO purse / Spring boots)

I finally jumped into the Fall Shearling bandwagon. Since I couldn't find the jacket, I put my money down for a pair of shearling boots. Don't they look ferocious? That's right, I just said the word. I love Christian Siriano!

Cramming session begins. I have a midterm, an assignment, and a homework ALL due next Monday. I should have started the assignment weeks ago, but of course, I slacked off and only started doing it 2 days ago. Now I'm panicking and sweating blood (Ha! Just kidding about the sweating). I'm going to take a  quick break from blogging so I can concentrate on my "real" life. Talk to you all next week :)

xx toodles.
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Here comes the rain again

(ZARA cardigan / F21 tank (underneath) / Joe Fresh Style pants / H&M belt / ALDO shoes)

I'm not a girl who likes to get her hair trimmed every 3-4 months. Though it's recommended by "hair professionals" and beauty magazines, I always decide to ignore it. Why fix it when it isn't broken? (I embrace my split ends!) But despite my belief, I caved in and got a trim on Saturday while CL was getting his haircut. BAD DECISION. It was the worst $30 spent in my life. The stylist ruined my existing layers (whatever happened to the meaning of trim??) and made my hair look like a lamp!

Anyway, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for:
1. My hair, despite its current shape.
2. My hair straightener, because I can't imagine my life without it.
3. My life, family, friends, and CL.
4. Jesus Christ, because like my hair straightener, I can't imagine living my life without Him.
5. My blog friends and readers because you guys are awesome :)

xx toodles.
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ps. These photos were taken prior to the lamp hair.


Welcome to the dark side

(UO cardigan & purse / H&M sheer tank dresses (layered) / Spring boots)

I went to church last Sunday in this dark ensemble. I got a few stares, probably because I dressed up more like I was going to a rock concert (which I've never been) instead of a church. Anyway, I found this small park on our way to lunch, so I immediately asked begged CL to take a few outfit shots for the blog (tadaa!). In the middle of our mini photo shoot, there was this man who offered to take a picture of CL and I. He probably thought we were tourists (-_-''). Of course we answered in unison "NO THANKS!(insert a smile here)"  But he was very persistent with his offer and I couldn't really tell him that I was taking photos for my blog. It was quite difficult to brush him off and to be honest, he scared me off a little! :(

Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian friends and readers :)

xx toodles.
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Shake it like a polaroid picture

(H&M top, skirt, belt, tights / Costa Blanca necklace / Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

After being active in the blogosphere for almost 2 years, I often find myself posing in a particular way when I take my outfit photos. I like to stand diagonally to the left, tilt my head to the right at a 45-degree angle, cross my left leg behind my right leg (a semi-curtsey), and hold a smile for 5 seconds until the timer goes off and snaps a picture. I was going to use my "limited amount of space" as an excuse, but look at Lily. She never fails to amaze me with her new and exciting poses to compliment her look of the day :) I can only adore her and other "great poser" bloggers from afar. I guess I'm not carefree enough. Or maybe I'm afraid of looking like a fool for trying too hard. Perhaps I should just learn how to shake it off in front of the camera ;)

ps. Mae of Thereafterish. invited me to be a guest blogger on her blog. Check out my post here :)

xx toodles.
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Aren't you a darling?

(80s Purple dress / Talula hoodie / Forever 21 vest, satchel & necklace / Spring boots)

A few days ago, I received an email from Suddenly Darling letting me know that I was chosen as their October's Darling of The Month. It was definitely one of my few OH MY GOD moments *doing the happy dance :)*. I heard about this website from Sybil, so if this the first time you hear about it, go check it out! I love how they emphasize on "modesty" as a way to differentiate themselves from other personal style-based websites out there. You don't always have to show off your "assets" to get people's attention, right? ;)

Toronto's temperature has plunged significantly. I love cold weather, but my body is still not ready for it. I hate it when I get the chills every time I step out the door. And while other fashion bloggers are wearing camel, green, and brown hues, I am pulling out my black and grey pieces from my closet. Black clothes, cross necklace, and black lace-up boots = this is as Gothic as I can be :p

xx toodles.
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