Guest Blogger Series: Death by Platforms

Last day of 2010, you guys! Have you come up with your New Year's resolutions? :) Just a few more days in Indonesia then I'll be back in Toronto. Believe it or not, I actually miss the cold city. After all, home is where my shoes are, hahahaha! Speaking of shoes, here's a girl who knows how to strut in heels: Kookie of Death by Platforms. I've never actually seen her in flats. That's how she lives up to her blog name ;) And her outfits? Bombastic. Inspired by Coachella and the M-O-D looks, she is definitely one of the chicest people from the Philippines.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm seriously loving her paperbag shorts and the vintage belt. Her bucket purse is the item she currently can't live without and I can so see why. It's black, it's roomy, and it's got a cute tassel on each corner. ZARA definitely knows how to make great stuff ;)

For more Kookie, check out her amazing BLOG :)


Guest Blogger Series: Her Waise Choice

Hello everyone, I'm still on the beautiful island of Bali :) Next up is the lovely Jen from Her Waise Choice. She has an eye for affordable yet elegant pieces and wear them like they worth a million bucks. As a fellow Olivia Palermo's style fan, Jen always manages to grace her blog with gorgeous outfits shot by her talented photographer boyfriend. Together, they're a force to be reckoned with in the blogosphere :)


The item I want to feature for the post is the skirt... and why I love it so much. I love full miniskirts and leopard is my favourite print. This one was a no brainer. Plus, it really flounces: when you tug at it to poof it open it actually stays open! And I am wearing the "brick" lip pencil by MAC :)

(H&M scarf and blazer / thrifted blouse / Zara skirt and booties)


Guest Blogger Series: Transient Withdrawal

Merry Christmas, everyone! I'm currently in Bali with my family, celebrating Christmas sans snow for the first time in so long :) Anyways, what's the first thing that pops in your mind when you hear "Jasmine of Transient Withdrawal"? STRIPES? That's right. She knows how to rock stripes like no others. It's become her signature style and you can always expect the cutest stripes outfits from her. And what else pops in your mind? BOWS? Bingo. She makes the simplest bow hair pin look very chic. Her outfits are always well-put together and comfortable. This series wouldn't be complete without her, so here she is :)



I'm Jasmine, from Transient Withdrawal, and I'm guest blogging here today! Kristy asked us to blog about one item that we cannot live without. This was actually pretty difficult for me because if you follow my blog, you'd know that I wear my favorites almost on a daily basis: bows, stripes, and cardigans. I think I own approximately 20 of each... Err is that too much? Sometimes I don't think it's enough. Now since I haven't found a striped cardigan with a bow on it just yet, I'm going to cheat and blog about all three!
(Cardigan and striped top -- GAP / Bow -- Etsy / Floral skirt -- Cotton On / Tights -- F21 / Flats -- Topshop)

This is my favorite bow and my favorite striped top, mainly because it took me a long time to find both of them and because they're so easy to wear.

Kristy, I hope you're having tons of fun in Indonesia!
Thanks for reading this post :) Visit me on my blog and say hello!


Guest Blogger Series: Jennifhsieh

The bubbly Jen from Jennifhsieh is also one of my favorite bloggers out there. You can always expect amazing photos from her! She likes to remix her clothes and come up with new and interesting combination. She's the perfect example of a successful fashion blogger who doesn't need to buy new pieces all the time. Take notes, ladies ;)


While Kristy is probably sitting around in warm weather, I'm sitting here in artificially warm weather, hiding from the cold. It just keeps on getting colder and colder outside to the point where leaving my apartment just feels like torture.

This is one of my more casual outfits and I'm wearing my favorite jeans. I bought them back in high school and year after year the knee holes just keep on ripping and getting bigger. I know it's considered tacky but I can't help but love these jeans just because they fit me so well and never fail to be there for me. No matter how big the holes rip, I'll always be loyal to them. Well - maybe until the holes go all the way around and my jeans become capris. :P

These jeans are definitely something I can't live without :)


Guest Blogger Series: the capricious club

The next blogger in our Guest Blogger Series is Bestie of The Capricious Club. She has such a distinct personal style that's very captivating and fun to watch. She indulges in bohemian, 60s, and menswear-inspired looks. Her long wavy locks are to die for and she's also one of the few bloggers who can pull off high-waisted skinny jeans perfectly. Curious to know more about her? Here she is...


Hello there! I’m Bestie of the capricious club, hailing all the way from Manila, Philippines. I’m here to distract you a bit while Kristy’s enjoying her little vacay. (;

While living in a tropical country might be appealing to most people, it’s a bit of a burden for me because I am a huge fan of cold-weather trends: scarves, tights and layers upon layers of clothing. So I have to get creative. I use pieces that “imitate” these instead, so that I can get my fall/winter fix without dying of a heatstroke in the process.
One of my favorite layering pieces (one of my favorite pieces ever, really) is this chambray shirt. It is incredibly – and surprisingly – versatile. It’s naturally casual and comfortable for those no-fuss days, but can also be dressed up when need be.
(Chambray shirt and dress – thrifted / Wedges – Michael Antonio / Mustard bag – Gold Dot / Headband – f21)
Here I am pairing it with a bunch of my other wardrobe favorites: a white, breezy dress, a braided belt, my strappy wedges and a vintage-looking purse in my favorite color.


Hello There

Hey guys :)

Just dropping by to say hi. I'm still alive, though feeling a little unwell (allergies!). I wanted to thank all of you for continuing to visit this little blog of mine :) I hope everyone is having (or will have) a great holiday. I'm off to Bali in a few days and hopefully I will get some sunshine on my pale skin :p 

Talk to you soon <3

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Guest Blogger Series: Thereafterish.

Another good blogger friend of mine is Mae of Thereafterish. After a series of blog comments and casual emails, I finally had the chance to meet this fabulous lady in Toronto. She was fun to be around with and chic to the core. What I love about her is not just her fashion sense, but also her writing skills. There's more to blogging than just pretty pictures, right? :)



Hi, I'm Mae L. Normally, you can find me writing, camwhoring and all-round blogging at Thereafterish. (yes, period included), but our lovely Kristy has asked me to entertain you cats and kittens while she is traipsing about her amazing and exotic and warm homeland of Jakarta, Indonesia.

One piece of clothing/accessory I can't live without?

For some it's a blouse, or a necklace, or a beautiful skirt. For me? The ultimate piece of clothing I would be caught dead in, and could not imagine living without (well, I could, but it would be a very, very terrible existence!) is the Fierce Black Shoe.

I know I'm cheating on the requirement Kristy laid down in that it's not necessarily a specific item, but more a fine-tuned subcategory.

The majority of my shoe inventory consists of some type of black shoe in strappy iterations. My favorite style of FBS are cage heels: the strapped in, bondage details have all the tough, edgy elements which add a really modern, spunky facet to any outfit, but they are still feminine in their own way.

There is also something unequivocally sexy about a proper, towering, almost traditional pump.

Shoes are to the outfit as lipstick is to the face. (On a sidetone, another thing I can't live without is also not a piece of clothing, but a piece of makeup: red lipstick) The make or break, the icing on the cake, the big finish. Shoes can immediately elevate, degrade or metamorphose a look completely by a simple swap. It is for this reason that the Fierce Black Shoe wields such incredible power for me, and for pretty much style in general.

It is one of the things in my closet I will never be without. I could live most of my days without proper flip flops or a good statement necklace or statement "It" bag, but the Fierce Black Shoe, in its many inexpensive and pricey renditions, will always be the powerful mainstay of my closet.


Guest Blogger Series: Sw Versaire

Our next girl is a good blog friend of mine, Seval. Her edgy hair style and red-painted lips are her signature looks She's one of the sweetest people I've met through blogging and I hope to meet her one day! So lets cut to the chase and learn more about her :)

Hello Guys,

This is Seval from Sw Vesaire. I'm a Turkish girl, living in Istanbul and trying to keep myself motivated through fashion. Since Kristy is having her loooong break, I'm here to sneak into her blog and your screens...

Now, if you let me, I want to talk about friendships a little bit... For the last two years, I've been blogging (first on chictopia and then on my own blog) I've had so many friends around the world... Didn't you think the relationships in fashion was superficial? Well, I totally did and I found out that I was totally wrong! 

Anyways, there are lots of items I like to wear at the moment but the ones that I use most are the accessories apparently, most of which I got from my friends in real life and blogosphere... I can add some of them on any of my outfits and I feel complete... Just like in this outfit that I wore to a little wedding ceremony...
1- My F21 Connector Ring (my friendship ring, sent to me by our lovely Kristy)
2- My Kensie Long Silky Vest (from Mel of Ideé Géniale)
3- My Onix Necklace (My boyfriend's birthday gift to me) 
4- My H&M Bag
5- My Maybelline Red Lipstick...

(Also wearing Zara sweater dress, H&M tights and Asos shoes)

So as you see these are some items that I can wear nearly everyday. You know, I like to use my things more than once! :)

Okay, that is it! Hope you liked it, guys! And I hope Kristy is having a very good vacation, cause she totally deserved it this year :)

Have a good day!


Guest Blogger Series: Le Mode du Jour

Say hi to the ever-so-fabulous Nicole of Le Mode du Jour. There are so many things I adore about her. Her fantastic ombre hair? Of course! Her shoe collection? Hell yeah! Living in the west coast? Oh yes. When I first found out about her blog, I knew that I would become her avid reader. And to this day, I'm always looking forward to her new posts (and new shoes!) Ok, enough babbling. Meet Nicole! :)


As with every other woman, I have this ridiculous obsession with shoes. It's not so much ridiculous as it is an obsession, but it just can't be helped and I'm sure you all can relate. So my guest blog for the lovely Kristy is going to showcase my favourite pair of shoes, which are the Jeffrey Campbell Mariel wedge. These shoes are light as a feather and just as comfortable too. Yes, they are high, but that's one of the things I love about them. I always get compliments from random strangers when I wear these, and who doesn't love a random compliment? Especially when it's about your shoes.

(Top: Noble U / Shorts: Forever 21 / Tights: Joe Fresh / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Cardigan: Talula / Jacket: Mackage / Scarf: Unknown

I decided to wear light grey tights to highlight the design of these shoes and kept the rest of my outfit simple with faux leather shorts and a flowy black top. I got lucky when Pat and I went to shoot photos for this guest blog because we came upon two people sitting on this mint green couch in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic. Talk about random awesomeness! Thanks to Kristy for letting me do a guest blog while she's away. I look forward to seeing photos from her trip when she returns. Ciao!

All photos by Patrick Leung


Guest Blogger Series: This Was Forever

Say hello to a fellow Torontonian blogger, Emily of This Was Forever. She's a fashion enthusiast and a beauty guru, which is a deadly combination I must say ;) Her reviews on beauty products are always very helpful and honest, something that I always look forward to seeing on her blog. She also likes to put interesting pieces together.  Her style is eclectic and adorable, just like the girls you see on Japanese magazines :)


There are some things that we purchase with the best of intentions, but never get around to wearing. For me, this includes a mixture of scarves, a handful of jeweleries, an open front cardigan, a yellow fridge boots and the list continue. However, what I can’t stop purchasing, can’t stop wearing and can’t live without are my hats. Anything from fur to knit, fedoras to caps, toques to beanies, I’ve got them all! I never had a favourite hat to begin with because I’ve never liked favouritism, even within my closet. So for me to just pick one would be an impossible task. I simply cannot live without any of my hats. 

Much like how a good pair of shoes can spice up your entire outfit, a stylish headwear that is matched with a cute hairstyle can bring out the best of your features as well as your hair. It’s also so much fun to play with different sizes, different colours and different shapes of hats. Styling an outfit around a hat is lot easier than you think and it can really make a huge difference in your entire wardrobe. What’s my best advice? Look in the men’s section because women’s hats tend to be more expensive and there are always more choices in the men’s aisle :)


Guest Blogger Series: Simply Hope

By the time you read this post, I'm already on my way to Indonesia :) I will have limited access to the mighty Internet, but I've prepared something to keep Monochroma.chic alive: Guest Blogger Series. In this series, you'll learn more about some of my favorite bloggers, particularly about their favorite item(s) in their closets. Who doesn't love to peek at other people's closet, right? ;)

Lets start off with Hope of Simply Hope. I "met" her on Chictopia and I instantly fell in love with her edgy boho style. She embodies Rachel Zoe's aesthetic and you can totally see that in her outfits. And to my surprise, she's only 15 years old! When I was 15, I only knew wedges as fries, not shoes :p This girl will surely have a bright future in fashion. Without further ado... everyone, meet Hope :)


Hey guys! I am Hope of Simply Hope. The lovely Kristy asked me to be apart of her guest blogging appearance, so here I am! My style is edgy/boho/feminine, if that makes sense???? Well, velvet is definitely making a comeback and I couldn't resist buying this wine colored-dress. 
(Boots-urbanog / Dress-forever21 / Vest-forever21)

I paired this dress with my over the knee boots (something I would be caught dead in). There are so many different ways to style these boots. You can even pair them with a v-neck and jeans and look instantly chic! Thank you Kristy for having me be a guest blogger, I really appreciate it! xoxo


Peanut butter & jelly sandwich

(ZARA cardigan / UO dress / Vintage belt / ALDO "Waybright" shoes)

Last outfit post from Toronto :) One morning, I decided that I wanted to look like peanut butter jelly. So I came up with this look and wore it to work. Don't you just want to spread me all over your toast? LOL, that sounds SO WRONG :p It's been snowing since Monday and you can see some flurries in the photos. The snow accumulated on my balcony and I had to wipe some off my shoes (with bare hands... such an idiot!) Anyway, I'm almost done with packing. I had to leave out some of my favorite pieces to make room for new purchases. I packed 2 pairs of wedges, 3 pairs of flats, and 1 pair of sandals. 
Enough? Not enough? :)

In case I couldn't blog during my trip, I would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday. I hope you'll be able to spend this joyous season with your loved ones. I know I will :)

xx toodles.
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When nylon and rubber collides

(ZARA cardigan & skirt (from Seval) / Old Navy tee / H&M trapper hat / F21 necklace / Cougar Boots snow boots)

What they've been telling you is true. East coast winter is damn cold. We started to get some flurries on Monday and it has accumulated to 10-15 centimeters as of today. Perfect timing to try out the snow boots that Cougar Boots sent me for review. Warm? CHECK. Comfortable? CHECK. Stylish? Not bad, at least they're not UGGS-ly looking ;) The company claimed that these snow boots can withstand temperature as low as -30C (or -22F). Since it's only -12C outside, I can't confirm (yet) that it's true. But I did step into a pile of snow to see if they're waterproof. And they were, thank God! In a bad winter condition like this, just keep the stilettos indoor and wear these outdoor. Your feet (and butt) would thank you ;)

xx toodles.
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Horizontal & Vertical

(AA striped top / UO striped skirt / F21 necklace & satchel / Costa Blanca belt / Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

Inspired by a fellow stripes fan, Jasmine, I put together striped pieces for a Casual Friday at work. I added a statement necklace and gold-buckled belt to make it look more... office-ish?? And I just had to wear my favorite wedges out once again before the snow hit Toronto. Although in 5 days I'll be saying "Goodbye winter, Hello extreme humidity!" I know for sure that my hair is gonna go wild (frizzy frizzy frizzzaaayyy...) Expect vacation pictures with a lot of hair buns and bobby pins! 

Hope everybody had a great weekend :)
And welcome to my new readers!! :D

xx toodles.
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