Why Does It Hurt So Bad?

(H&M blazer & blouse / Club Monaco skirt / Marc by Marc Jacobs purse / ALDO boots / Proopticals.com glasses (c/o))

I've been slacking off with the outfit posts lately, but good thing I found these photos in my draft folder :) The year is coming to an end and I honestly can't say that I've achieved something...  or anything! I can only hope that 2012 would bring better things into my life. Cheers to a better and brighter year!

xx toodles.
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newpetite said...

Gorgeous! Love the jacket on you!

Anna G said...

I always love the colors and patterns in your outfits. I hope you have an amazing 2012.

Charlotta Grönberg said...

Love this outfit, it's fun and rich in details. Great colours! Have a happy year of 2012! xxx

Natasha Fatah said...

I love this outfit Kristy. I love orange, it's been a big stable in my closet this year!

Happy New Year!

CessOviedo said...

Glad you've found these pics, really cute look! Love those glasses to pieces, very sassy! Happy new year honey!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Bad Taste Toast said...

Aw don't say you haven't achieved anything, as far as I could see you achieved to always look fantastic in what you wore in 2011 Kristy ;)

Wishing you all the best for 2012, happy new year dear!

Roya said...

Seriously in love with those boots. And Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2012 =)

xJOLE said...

Adore the small pleats on the blouse!


Mercedes and Connie said...

love ur blog!
I follow you!
hug from BARCELONA


follow each other?

Audrey said...

Love that orange jacket! You look so chic! www.casualglamorous.com

Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

Very cool outfit..you look lovely! Happy new year!

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Such a great outfit. Love the top and the eyeglasses.
Hey I just did a post again inspired by one of your outfits. :)

Jess said...

Fab glasses girl :) and the polka dots. Let's see each other soon okay? Oh and happy new year!

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Dang! I knew I should have bought that swing jacket from H&M! Happy New Year yaaa...

Visit me:
LeeAnne, Style N Season

♥ Natalie said...

Wow, I found your blog a few minutes ago and I already love it! ♥ I love your jacket, it's such a nice color! And I just wanna have these boots...

Rachel said...

love your photos and style! your leopard glasses are very cute :)

Bad Taste Toast said...

Hi Kristy!

I just wanted to let you know that I (once again) borrowed one of your pics for a favourites feature over at my blog. Of course I linked back to you ;)
Come and check it out if you like.
Happy Friday!


Meanz Chan (Koi Story) said...

I am in love with those glasses and your orange jacket! This outfit is just adorable Kristy!

Jen said...

I love those glasses Kristy! Hard to pull off but you do it beautifully. And orange + polka dots is such a fun, quirkly combo but you do it with an injection of sophistication too :)

Re: outfit photo laziness- don't stop blogging Kristy! Pleaaaaseeee!


Huda said...

love the blazer and boots.

Leslie Quiros said...

those boots are gorgeous and I am loving how you styles that skirt with the cardi. Good color combo as well!
loving your blog and your style girl. Definitely following on GFC and bloglovin :) hope we can follow each other if you like mine!

bestie said...

You are a styling genius Kristy. I love you. (:

Matthew said...

very dope look!

I think your jacket and your glasses really make the outfit , love the cool and casual look.

we are based in Toronto as well. Good to know there are people in the city who care about Fashion like we do!



Style Societe said...

cute jacket babe!
fashion lookbook
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LyddieGal said...

I love your orange blazer and polka dots! so cute!

Chic on the Cheap

Josie Chen said...

Kristy, this outfit is great! So diverse in color & texture. Just perfect!

xo Josie

*Glam Chameleon* said...

Love this look, so casual yet so chic!! Pretty style and blog!:)