Crushes and Crashes

My eyes were glued to my TV last night for The Oscar. Am I the only one who thinks The King's Speech deserved the Best Movie award more than The Social Network? Go Firth! :) Anyway, what's The Oscar without some fashion porn, right? Here is my list of fashion crushes and crashes from the 83rd Academy Award:


Hailee Steinfeld - How adorable is this girl? VERY. 
This length can look awkward on most people, but not on her. 
She looked super elegant for a 14-year old. 
I'm a fan! :)

Anne Hathaway - She had 8 costume changes throughout the night and this Givenchy Haute Couture dress was hands-down MY FAVORITE.
Can I wear this for my wedding?
I don't care if I had to starve myself to fit in it!

Cate Blanchett - She's got the body and the attitude to pull this dress off (warrior princess-ish?)
I like the mustard yellow beading around the neckline and it continues to the back of the dress.

Mila Kunis - This is her year.
The dress she wore to each award was right for the occasion.
There's a potential nip slip with this dress, but thank God she didn't pull off a Janet Jackson  
(though Justin was right there with her to do a sequel, ha!)

Jennifer Lawrence - I've been loving the sleek and youthful Calvin Klein's designs on the red carpet lately
(here and here).
I originally had mixed feelings for this dress, but I ended up liking it.
The low neckline is kinda Baywatch-ish, though.
A bigger "set of girls" and we would think that Pam Anderson attended The Oscar.

Mandy Moore - I want to be with you (you = the dress) ;)
I love how the dress looks like a second skin on her.
It doesn't wash her out, thanks to her gorgeous brunette hair and coral lip color :)


 Reese Witherspoon - It was The Oscar and you picked THIS to wear for the occasion?
You've done A LOT better in the past.
Don't even get me started on the hairdo :(

 Amy Adams - This look would have made it to my MAJOR CRUSHES list if it wasn't for the stupid necklace she wore to accessorize the dress.
It cheapened the whole look (ironically, I'm sure it cost a fortune).
A pair of earrings would have been a better option.

 Celine Dion - I feel suffocated just by looking at the dress. Do you?
It looks way too tight and somewhat cocoon -ish.
It's especially unflattering around the mid-section, unless she's expecting.
And is the bottom half sheer? Dear God.

Marisa Tomei - I'm certainly not digging the jelly fish-like bottom half of the dress and the sweetheart neckline could have been lowered. Gorgeous color, though!  
(ps. look at the other purple lady in the background. DEFINITELY A MAJOR CRASH... AND BURN!) 

 Jennifer Hudson - I applaud her for her recent weight loss.
Look at her tiny waist!
Ok, I know it's hard to focus on her waist when your eyes are immediately drawn to her chest!
A little inappropriate, no?
I also dislike the color and style combination.
High school prom much?

 Nicole Kidman - I love the contrast between the dress and the shoes, but that's about it.
The dress looks like a folded napkin with sequins.

Rachel Roy - Hmm... aren't you a designer?
(who supposedly has a better fashion sense than all of us)
Here, try this.

(all photos are from Style.com)

xx toodles.
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Preppy In Pink

(ZARA sweater, blouse, jeans / Forever 21 satchel & necklace / ALDO shoes)

... and in grey. Well, mostly grey :p This is another attempt to remix what I have in my closet. I am wearing head to ankle (ha!) my old ZARA pieces, the oldest one being the jeans, which I've owned for 2 years now. They definitely fit tighter than they did 2 years ago. Uh oh... :( I almost forgot I had this satchel. I remember how happy I was to find this at Forever 21 store in Buffalo last Summer. This has got to be one of Forever 21's better-made handbags :) Now off I go to continue watching The Oscar!

xx toodles.
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It's Your Love That Heats Me Up

(Thrifted blouse / Anne Klein denim skirt / H&M belt / AE tights / Local Boutique clutch / Jeffrey Campbell wedges)

I went to my local Forever 21 yesterday and I spotted this, this, and this, which have also been sitting in my shopping cart on Forever 21 website for the longest time. With loooooong deliberation and constant nagging from Chris ("Let's go!"), I left the store empty-handed. Forever 21 is a store full of temptations. I usually go there to just "browse around", but I always leave the store with a small yellow plastic bag full of accessories and cr*p. ALWAYS. But not last night (oh so proud!).

I also went to American Apparel and drooled over this and this. I found the jumper extremely overpriced, so I left the store empty handed. AGAIN. I guess I might be better off saving up for this. A timeless piece :)

You might have noticed that I've started using Tag.Loudly to upload my pictures with better quality. It's an amazing and easy-to-navigate website, created by Sophia of Phosphene. Join the fun with my invite code: KRISTANIA. Bye bye Flickr, heeellllooooo Tag.Loudly! :)

xx toodles.
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A sneak peek to my newly painted bedroom. Yes to Yellow? :)

xx toodles.
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I Know Just How To Whisper

(Forever 21 parka / FCUK dress (mom's) / H&M hat & socks / Vintage belt / ALDO shoes)

Perhaps you can't really tell from the photos that the wind was blowing like crazy when I took these last week. I have a bunch of failed shots, such as when my hat's entire brim flipped up and I looked like I was wearing a sombrero :p I was literally holding on to my hat and jacket in the second photo (or else my hat would just fly off!), but it turned out to be a pretty decent shot ;)  I guess wearing a dress on that day was not a very smart decision.

And I would like to welcome my new readers! I hope you like what you see and you are here to stay ;)

xx toodles.
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Floating Amongst The Clouds

(BB Dakota vest / Silence&Noise blazer / American Apparel tee / H&M pants / ALDO shoes / Forever 21 accessories)

Please don't get sick of these shoes just yet. I like to play favorite with my new goodies :) I've also been in a "grey craze" = I'm obsessed with anything grey. Funny because it was only last month that I was in a "red craze". Such a moody blogger! :) And I'm proud to announce that my painting project is finally done. I'm happy with the result in my bedroom but not with my bathroom. Paddlewheel Grey turned out to be more baby blue than grey! My bathroom now looks a baby's nursery. Bah! :(

xx toodles.
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How Can You Stay Away So Long?

(Costa Blanca cardigan & belt / Thrifted scarf (old) / Forever 21 jeans / Dolce Vita shoes)

I am having the writer's block at the moment, so I'll keep things nice and short for this post. I am excited yet anxious to start my painting project again this weekend. I wouldn't call last weekend's result a failure, but there's definitely a room for improvement. Lets see if I would get better at it the second time around. Wish me luck and have an amazing weekend! :)

xx toodles.
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Living Spaces

room inspiration 1
room inspiration 2
A couple of inspirations for my living room. 
Thoughts on yellow dining chairs? ;)

xx toodles.
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Walking In A Winter Wonderland

(Forever 21 parka / H&M skirt & belt / ZARA sweater / ALDO shoes)

I checked my blog this morning and I saw 666 under my Google Connect Followers. Now, I'm not a superstitious girl, but that number still freaked me out a little! Anyway, how cute is this sweater (bought during ZARA big winter sale)? It reminds me of Christmas sweaters sans the tacky red color and the rain deers. It also has a hood, which can come in handy. And I am sure you've seen this skirt remixed many times on my blog. This is seriously one of the most versatile pieces I have in my wardrobe. At $18, it's definitely a steal AND an investment ;) 

Nicole of Le Mode Du Jour highly recommended these heels to me (we're shoe twins now!). Boy, wasn't she right. At 5.5", I feel so tall yet grounded, thanks to the 2.5" platforms for stability. The slingbacks actually stay put when I am walking. AND, they were 50% off plus my 10% off online code. I am one happy camper :D

xx toodles.
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Neck Of Roses

(Silence&Noise blazer / Forever21 top / ZARA pants / H&M scarf / Dolce Vita boots / Ardene rings)

I finished painting my living area (living room + kitchen + foyer) over the weekend. Who knew that such a small space could take SO MUCH TIME to paint?!?! It was pain(t)ful, to say the least. CL and I watched a bunch of Youtube videos to learn the "easiest way" to paint a wall. We thought the "easiest way" would just be to call a professional painter to do the entire place. LOL. I also spent more time criticizing his work than actually painting my share of wall. Women! :p Next weekend is a long weekend, so I'm planning to spend the entire time painting my bedroom (the trickiest room!) and the bathroom. I hope the outcome will be much better than the blotchy walls I have in my living room ;)

So, how was your weekend? :)

xx toodles.
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