The Ups And Downs Of Life

(ZARA (c.2007) bomber jacket / UNIQLO jeans / Cougar Boots snowboots / ALDO (c.2006) purse)

Apparently I don't have any comfortable and roomy pair of sneakers, so these snowboots are the only footwear I own and can wear while my toe is healing (it doesn't hurt as much now, yay!) It's taking me twice as long to walk from my place to the subway station, not to mention the numerous staircases I have to go through to get to the station, out of the station and to my office. However, it's more painful for me to see people walking pass by me than my swollen toe. I'm a self-proclaimed city girl and I love the fast-paced lifestyle. When I walk, I walk fast and I just zone out from my surroundings. I hate it when people in front of me are walking like a bunch of snails. But now look who's a snail? :(

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Featured: Medium Magazine


The lovely people at the Toronto-based Medium Magazine featured me on their website as Blogger of the Week. You can click on the photo for the full article.

Flattered? YES. 
Honored? HELL YEAH. 

Thanks for all of your support :)

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Closed Doors Are To Keep Out The Curious

(ZARA cardigan / Thrifted blouse / H&M belt / Forever21 jeans / SPRING boots)

I initially wanted to wear this leopard blouse on its own. But I was afraid that my co-workers would come up with another nickname for me after the fancy red pants incident last week. So I grabbed my trustworthy mustard cardigan to tone down the cougar-ness. A success? A failure? You tell me :)

Last weekend, Chris and I managed to construct 8 pieces of IKEA furniture in 2 days. It was definitely a blood, sweat, and tears experience. We were down to our last piece. When we tried to flip a bookcase, I lost my grip (damn sweaty hands!) and it fell on my feet. One of the corner fell strategically on my index toe (is that how you call the second toe?) and BAM! I hope I didn't break my toe but it's definitely swollen, purple, and "pulsating" (you know, that tingling feeling...). No more heels until the toe heals :(

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ps. The pics were taken prior to the toe incident :(


I Want To Breathe In The Open Wind

(H&M jacket, pants, belt / Forever 21 top / Urban Outfitters (old) scarf / ALDO shoes)

My filling appointment last week with the dentist didn't go as smoothly as I thought. I'm no cry baby and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. But when your dentist promised you that you wouldn't feel a thing after the anesthesia, you would take her words for it, right?

Well... DON'T.
It was painful. 

It's either I had a rebellious set of nerves or her largest dose wasn't large enough to tame my nervous nerves. Afterward, half of my lower face was numb for 4 hours and I felt like a chipmunk. I need to go back tomorrow for another filling. Stay away from sweets, kids!

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ps. These photos were taken when it was nice and 10 degrees Celcius outside. The next day, a massive "Spring" snowstorm hit the city. Oh Canada...


Take A Ride To The Other Side

(H&M sweater & jeans / GAP men's shirt / Forever21 accessories / UO purse / Thrifted scarf / Dolce Vita shoes)

Are you blinded by these jeans? My nickname at work for the day was Miss Fancy Pants ;) I didn't think the jeans would attract so much attention until I realized that they weren't just red... they were bloody neon orange! The store lighting must have distorted my eyesight from the actual color. Oh well... it's too late to return them now, so I just have to make them work :) I'm going furniture shopping after work tonight. My entire weekend will consist of constructing a bunch of IKEA furniture and redecorating my living room. Of course by "constructing" I mean telling Chris what to do and watching him from the sideline. I kid I kid... I'm pretty dexterous ;)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Affordable Fashionable

Back in the days when I just started blogging on Chictopia, I fell in love with Juley's (of Swank Heights) style instantly. She's one of those seasoned bloggers who always looks effortless without trying too hard. I checked her blog this morning and I was in awe at how amazing she looked in her spring outfit. And the great thing about it is that you can recreate this winning look without having to break the bank. Take notes, ladies :)

Juley is wearing Forever 21 blouse, scarf, and shoes, H&M skirt, Calvin Klein bag, JewelMint bangle

Check out her amazing blog at SWANK HEIGHTS :)

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If You're A Criminal, Kill It On The Floor

(ZARA coat / H&M blazer, scarf, belt / NewYork&Co. tank dress / Costa Blanca shorts / Nine West boots / Clutch from Indonesia)

J.Lo's newest single is currently on repeat in my iTunes and iPod. It's such an adrenaline-pumping song and it's great to run with. That and Britney's Hold It Against Me are what keeping me up and running on the treadmill (or else I would just collapse and fall off the machine :p). Speaking of working out, how often do you guys work out? I'm a self-proclaimed lazy bum. I can only work out twice a week, 3 times tops (but very rare). The exercise room in my building is cramped and not well-equipped. I can only jump from the elliptical machine to the treadmill then on to the rowing machine. The last fifteen minutes I usually spend on the mat, doing sit ups and stretches. I must say, I'm starting to feel bored of this routine. Maybe I should join a dance class or something. Zumba anyone? :)

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(Images from solestruck.com, aldoshoes.com, lorisshoes.com, and Google)

Are we having some serious doppelgangers here or what? I am aware that ALDO shoes are often inspired by the current "it" designers, but I was surprised when I found out that they replicated some of Jeffrey Campbell and Acne's designs. I am not going to lie, though, I am kinda liking these replicas, especially the ALDO "Trentina". The lower price tag is also a plus ;)

You likey?

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I See Your Face When I Sleep At Night

(H&M sweater / ZARA blouse / UNIQLO skirt / Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

I went to the dentist last Thursday to get my teeth cleaned. After she told me that I had a clean set of teeth, she dropped the F bomb (filling that is...) that I have 3 cavities in between my upper left teeth. I will need to get a local anesthesia because she will have to drill upwards into my teeth. Sheeessshhh... I can feel the pain just from writing about it! That's the main reason why I hate going to the dentist. They always have bad news to tell you :(

I went to see the movie "Limitless" yesterday. GREAT movie + GIANT bag of popcorn + GORGEOUS Mr. Cooper = FUN times :) 

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

(Cardigan from Indonesia / H&M dress / Vintage belt / ALDO shoes / Forever 21 ring)

I know I know, the title couldn't get any cheesier. But I did let the dogs out. Over two dozens of them... all over my body.

Hi I'm Kristy, I like to make lame jokes and laugh at my own lameness :)

My week started off with a bad start. I lost my monthly transit pass just 2 weeks into the month and March is one loooong month. If you live in Toronto, you know that the public transportation here is not cheap. I commute daily, so I need the pass to get around the city. I was pissed by my own clumsiness. I was angry because losing the pass resulted in a significant $$ hit to my monthly budget. But then I realized that it was such a small (minuscule, even!) problem compared to what the Japanese are facing at the moment. They are lacking electricity, water, and shelter. I have all of them. They've lost their loved ones. I am surrounded by my friends and family. Suddenly, I couldn't care less about my transit pass. My thoughts and prayers are with Japan.

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It's Just A Little Crush

We all know that personal style blogs are a great source of inspirations from all over the world. When I'm in a fashion rut, I'll just browse through my list of blogs and I'll get inspired in no time. These  three blogs are my current fashion saviors. Their personal styles speak to me on so many levels. They make classic pieces look modern, fun, and of course... SUPER CHIC :)

Saucy Glossie

Her Waise Choice

One thing that they have in common? They always keep everything classy and polished, yet never boring. That's how a woman should dress. Not like this.

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(all photos are owned by the respective bloggers)