Blame It On The Stars That Shine At Night

(H&M top & belt / ZARA trousers / Ardene scarf / ALDO wedges)

Chris has been telling me to get a haircut. The last time I got a proper haircut was in December, so it wasn't that long ago. I use a lot of heat on my hair, so the ends are badly split and a trim is much needed. But you know how it is with hair dressers -- they can either make or break your hair. A two-inch trim could result in 4-inch shorter hair and other things that you didn't ask them to do. I'm still searching for the stylist who can tame my unruly Asian locks. I'm not ashamed to admit that my hair is my security blanket. A good hair day can really make my day! :)

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ps. Changed my blog layout (again). It's time for a cleaner look :)


Together We're One, Separated We're Two

(Forever 21 parka / thrifted blouse / H&M necklace / Parasuco Jeans / Longchamp tote / ALDO heels (not shown))

I need help. My legs are as pale as a chalk, but the temperature is getting warmer. Soon enough, I wouldn't be able to survive the summer heat in jeans and pants. I'm also still trying to get used to the idea of wearing skirts sans tights (you know me, I love my black tights!). I've never been to a tanning salon and I don't think I ever will go. Is tanning lotion my next (or one and only) solution? Does that mean I need to apply it all over my body to achieve an even complexion? It would look so weird if my legs were tanned but my upper half wasn't :p Any other suggestions?

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ps. these are seriously one of the best jeans I've ever owned. I usually have to wear a belt with low-rise jeans to avoid any "crack" incidents, but these ones stay put without a belt. Well done, Parasuco!


Green With Envy

Chris and I took advantage of the sunny scorching hot Saturday by going to the zoo! Chris had never been and I had only gone once years ago. So off we went to enjoy some fun in the sun... NOT! Most of the animals were sleeping (I blame the heat) or just not in the cage (where could they be?). And it was super hot, sticky, and just plain nasty. We let ourselves being ripped off by the Sno-Cone vendor who charged us $3.50 for a cone of ice chips (not even properly crushed!) and blueberry syrup. Oh Lord. 


Giveaway: Vaughan Mills $100 Gift Card

The great people behind the Vaughan Mills New Media Challenge has kindly given me an extra $100 gift card to give away to one of my local readers. Can I hear a BOO YEAH!? :) This gift card can be used towards purchases made at any Vaughan Mills' retail and outlet stores. Want it? Here's how you can enter:

1. Follow me on Google Connect (1 entry)
2. Follow me on Twitter and tweet: "@Monochroma_Chic, gimme that $100 @Vaughan_Mills gift card! :)" (1 entry)
3. Do #1 and #2 (2 entries)

Please write in the comment box which option you choose to do and leave your email address (and your Twitter handle if you do #2 or #3). This giveaway is open to my Greater Toronto Area readers and it will run until Sunday, May 29 at 11:59 PM EST. $100 gift card can get you a loooong way at Vaughan Mills, so you don't want to miss this chance! :)

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Stay On The Line

(GAP men's shirt / ZARA cardigan / Uniqlo jeans / Michael by Michael Kors tote / ALDO shoes)

The idea of mixing horizontal and vertical stripes is always appealing to me. While the first one gives you an illusion of a slimmer figure, the other can really widen your frame. So I guess wearing both patterns at the same time would just cancel out the effect each one has on you? Sure, I'd buy that. And maybe I should stop hemming my jeans and just fold out the excess. I'm kinda liking the color contrast and how they hug my ankles without making them look chunky (ch-cha-cha-chaaaaankles!)  Ah Uniqlo, you make great skinny jeans :)

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It's A Jungle Out There

(Forever 21 parka & ring / FCUK dress as top / Vintage belt / H&M skirt / MANGO purse / Jeffrey Campbell wedges)

The weather's been shitty lately and I haven't been able to take decent outfit photos. Good thing I still have some sitting in my folder ;) I also received a few compliments about my hair and my eyebrows, which was kind of surprising (but thank you!) because I have no idea if what I'm doing is right or wrong :p

I wash my hair every night. I know it's not good for the hair, but I use baby shampoo, so it's better, right? :p I let it air-dry for 30 to 45 minutes before I use the blow dryer. Then, I take my straightening iron to curl in the ends (about 3 inches). I sleep on it and I wake up in the morning with nice soft waves :)

Now on to the buuhrows! I use two things: a dark brown eyebrow pencil (Rimmel) and a dark brown eyebrow powder (Wet n' Wild, ha!). I use the pencil to fill in my brows, focusing on the ends and any area where I have sparse hair. I use an eyebrow brush to blend in the pencil. Then, I take an angled brush to apply the eyebrow powder. Why do I do this step? I like the "depth" that the eyebrow powder gives to my eyebrows, if that makes any sense :) I finish it off with another quick brush to distribute the color evenly.


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Vaughan Mills New Media Challenge (+Video!)

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I participated in a "fashion race" sponsored by Vaughan Mills last Saturday. All I can say is that 1 hour was NOT ENOUGH for most of us to find our "ultimate" fashion finds with the $100 gift card. The place was huge, so I wasted a lot of time going from one store to the other. I ended up going back to the first store I visited, BCBG MaxAzria, at the 50-minute mark and bought an orange spring/rain coat. Much like the "go-see" rule in ANTM, if we didn't make it back in an hour, we would be disqualified. I reached the meeting point with a few minutes to spare. Phew.



Hi Torontonians! REIA STUDIO will be holding a huge sample sale this week on Wednesday-Thursday, May 18-19. Brace yourself because you will see lots of drool-worthy designer pieces at 70% off or more! This won't be one of those "designer sample sales" that only carry Ed Hardy and True Religion stuff. I've been tricked into attending one of those and I WAS NOT HAPPY! 

63 Wingold Avenue, Suite 200A
Toronto, ON M6B1P8

They will also be holding a VIP Preview Day on Tuesday, May 17. This is an exclusive event (by invitation only), where people can get the first dibs on all of the designer goods. The first 100 people who follow REIA STUDIO on Twitter will be sent an invitation to attend the Preview Day. Sounds simple, right? So get up, follow, and shop away! :)

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Life In Plastic It's Fantastic

(H&M sweater / UO skirt / Forever 21 satchel / ALDO pumps / Vintage belt)

Can't help but feeling a little Barbie-ish in this outfit, thanks to the "bubble gum" color scheme. This outfit was inspired by one of my good BFs, Jasmine. She's the queen of stripes, pastels, bows and everything adorable :)

I have an exciting news to share with you all. I was asked to be a part of Vaughan Mills' New Media Challenge that will take place tomorrow. Vaughan Mills is a huuuuuuge mall that houses both regular retail and outlet stores. My favorite thing about it is the Holt Renfrew Last Call. I DIE. 

The premise: each participant will be given a $100 gift card to spend on their "ultimate fashion find" within 1-hour time limit. The judges will pick a winner based on their finds and award him/her with a $500 Vaughan Mills gift card. 

CUUUHRAZY, right? :) I'm beyond excited about this event. I'll be tweeting throughout the challenge and asking you for your opinions on what/what not to buy. I know I can always count on all of you, so follow me on twitter! :)

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Cherry Blossoms

Last Saturday, Chris and I went to High Park to check out the blooming cherry blossoms. I've never been there so I was very looking forward to it. As soon as we arrived, we saw a sea of people on every corner of the park. We had to "fight" for a tree in order to take a few decent pictures with the cherry blossoms. I was quite disappointed, but it was an interesting experience overall. Here's a short video we took at the park. Please turn down the volume because it is loud! And I apologize if I sounded a little angry. I was expecting the walk in the park to be a little more romantic (lol!) and it obviously didn't turn out that way :p

Some pictures I managed to take after I "won" a tree :)

Thanks for reading! :)

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Love Is A Game Of Chances

(H&M scarf & pants / AA pullover / Belt from Indonesia / ALDO shoes & sunnies / UO purse)

What was I thinking? I was trying to pull off a Carrie Bradshaw by walking in the park in high heels (she did it effortlessly in every single episode), but I guess I'm no match for her (who is anyway?). The uneven ground and semi-wet soil weren't exactly the perfect setting for "fancy" shoes. I only lasted 3 hours in them, but good thing I came prepared. I immediately switched into my flats, which made the walk out of the park a breeze. Anyway, the park looks pretty nice, eh? It's located in the middle of the city and it's a great "hiding place" from the city noise. Too bad I live far uptown. I wouldn't mind getting my future house in the area, though. Fingers crossed ;)

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MTV FORA: How To Rock the Flatform

My second guest blogger post is up on MTV Fora.  
Click here for the full post :)

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It Seems My Life Was Standing Still

(UO blazer & belt / ZARA blouse / H&M skirt / The Sak purse / ALDO shoes)

I am seriously going to miss wearing tights. The "May Flowers" have finally arrived and I have reluctantly said goodbyes to my pile of black tights. Anyway, I've been having issues with my Blogger Dashboard. My reading list suddenly vanished last week and it's been off since then. It's frustrating because I've been relying on it so much to keep myself up-to-date with my favorite blogs. Marie experienced the same problem but hers was back up and running in no time. WHAT IS GOING ON? :'(

UPDATE: It's back up and running! Maybe I should complain more in my blog posts? :p

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