When You Say Nothing At All

(Forever 21 blouse / ZARA trousers / Costa Blanca belt / H&M bangle / Payless clutch / ALDO heels)

I haven't bought things from Forever 21 in awhile, with the exception for a few jewelry pieces. I found their clothes to be more expensive than they used to be, but the quality hasn't changed. The clothing style is becoming more juvenile (aka. Avril Lavigne-ish) for my taste. Maybe I have finally realized that I can't be "forever 21" and I need to start dressing for my age. Not surprisingly, I found this chiffon blouse at the Love 21 section, which is the more mature line at Forever 21 (geez, that makes me feel old). You like? :)

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Go Midi Or Go Home

(Old Navy tee / Skirt from Indonesia / H&M belt / Forever 21 necklace / UO purse / ALDO heels)

As I mentioned in my previous post, hitting fashion rut is every blogger's nightmare. I've been that blogger for the past couple of weeks now. Shopping at my my own closet has proven to be a tough "job". Almost every morning I stare at my closet and think "I've got a closet full of nothing". Sounds familiar? :) And that's when I go back to the simplest article in my wardrobe: a white tee. Dressed it up with a chandelier necklace and a playful midi skirt -- I've got myself a Casual Friday outfit for work ;)

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It Was Once A Different Thing

(Romwe.com jacket as blouse / Jacob tank / H&M skirt / ALDO heels)

Hitting a fashion rut is one of style bloggers' nightmares, because A). They wouldn't be able to update the blog as frequent, B). They would have to shop for more clothes, and C). They would end up with no money and would have to live by bread and bread alone (or in my case, instant noodles). Sometimes I like to think back how easy my life was before I became a blogger. I surely didn't spend a lot of money on disposable clothes and footwear. I also didn't spend a lot of time getting ready before going out. Now, I've become more aware of what I wear and how I look. I need to buy those shoes. I need to get my hands on that purse. I need to have that skirt in my closet. Every want becomes a need. Everything I see on other bloggers, I need. I try not to succumb to every temptation, but you know... it's hard.

Blogging is an expensive hobby.
Or a job... that sucks money out of you :p

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Eye Candies

Vicarious By Nature Vest - CDN 38

Barilà Shorts - CDN 62

CZ Falconer Maxi Dress - CDN 54

Vicarious By Nature Cardigan - CDN 44

Amrita Singh Jewelries - CDN 16 and CDN 28

Some rad pieces from the current sales happening on Privé. You just can't beat these prices. To see more from these amazing designers, head over to Privé... NOW! :)

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To The Right

(H&M top & pants / Belt from Indonesia / ALDO sandals / Vintage clutch / Bubble Tea! :p)

Toronto was blessed with another warm Saturday this past weekend. So I took that as an opportunity to wear out my orange pants again. When it's bright and sunny outside, these pants don't stand out as much ;) Chris and I went to check out the Topshop pop-up store in downtown Toronto after all the hypes surrounding it. I can confidently say that the "curated" collection was very underwhelming. Or maybe I'm just not into the boho chic look. Nicole Richie can pull it off, but I certainly can't. So we went across the street and saw a huge sale sign in front of Zara. Now that is my kind of look. I left the store empty-handed, though. SO PROUD :)

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PRIVÉ And Leather Goodness

I found a new addiction -- luxury shopping websites. I like to browse around, save the expensive goodies in my cart, leave them expire and cry over the fact that I can't afford most of them :p Then a little bird told me about PRIVÉ, an exclusive designers sales website based in Montréal, Canada. This means two things: low shipping fee and no custom duties. I was sold.


Reality Is Beautiful In You

(Silence & Noise blouse via UO / ZARA pants / H&M scarf / ALDO shoes / Forever 21 accessories)

This might sound like old news, but I just found another way to wear my favorite oversized scarf... as a shawl. Duh, why didn't I think of doing this before?:p When I lost this scarf during the Vaughan Mills' New Media Challenge, I got very upset but I felt pretty confident that I would be able to buy another one at the H&M store inside the mall. But they didn't have it. So I headed downtown to the flagship store. They didn't have it either. I panicked. I ran to another popular location in the fashion district. ZERO. I was crossing my fingers and toes, hoping that the fourth store would have it in stock. And they did. Fourth time was a charm and reunited never felt so good :) 

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The New Cool Kid In Town

Pretty treats for the guests

Playing with iPad and MediumMag. I want one!!
(the iPad and the magazine, of course)

The venue -- Thompson Landry Gallery

The crowd

My shiny face  >:D

With MediumMag's dream team: Brigid and Chenessa :)

There is a new cool kid in town: MediumMag -- Canada's first beauty and fashion based interactive tablet magazine. Those of you who own an iPad can download the MediumMag app (for free!!) to get your monthly dose of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I was featured as the magazine's first "Blogger Of The Week" (click here for the post) and it was one of the best days of my life! The editorial staff is one of the coolest and most fashionable group of people I've known ;) Above are few shots I took during their official launch party. My crappy camera couldn't handle the low-light setting, so I stole a couple of photos from MediumMag's Facebook Page :p Say hello to the gorgeous editorial duo: Chenessa and Brigid (and a shout-out to Josh, the fabulous dude with the pink bow-tie). I finally got to meet them in person. They all looked STUNNING :)

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(Photo 1 and 2 are from MediumMag Facebook Page)


The Room Is Filled With Laughter

(Tommy Hilfiger shirt / Vintage belt / Cooperative skirt via UO / Forever 21 satchel / ALDO sandals)

I'm finally done with school. YAY. I had my final exam on Wednesday night. I was feeling very studious in the morning, so I decided to go preppy with my outfit of the day ;) I could have worn the sandals with a pair of socks, but I figured that would attract unnecessary attention from the co-workers. So bare legs I went.

I would like to thank everyone for your kind words in my last post. This has been a loooong week and I'm glad it's almost over. With work piling up at the office plus a final exam and a final assignment at school, I was ready to break down. I'm just going to take it slow this weekend, maybe with a little bit of retail therapy? Ha! >:D

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Don't Get It Twisted

Matthew Williamson?

or Isabel Marant?

The magazines side by side

One reason why we should never seek fashion advices from gossip magazines. I was flipping through Life&Style and US Weekly at the bookstore when I saw these two "Who Wore It Better?" segments. Same jacket, two designers. One magazine got it wrong. SO WRONG.

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It's The Quiet Time Before The Dawn

(Forever 21 top / H&M skirt & necklace / Vintage belt / Marc by Marc Jacobs  purse / Jeffrey Campbell wedges)


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ps. In the mean time, do check out my latest post on the MTV FORA website :)


It Ain't Easy Being Yellow

(ZARA cardigan / Dress from Winners / Vintage belt / Purse from Mom / H&M scarf / Jeffrey Campbell wedges)

This yellow dress is one my of favorite pieces for the summer (worn here and here) and I've had it since I was still in university (woop!) As you can see, it's not just a yellow dress -- it's a neon yellow dress! I thought wearing a black cardigan on top of it would tone down the brightness, but it only made me look like a bumble bee. Buzz buzz buzz... ;)


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