It's Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Miss Mae Lu came to town last weekend, so we arranged a quick get-together over lunch. Sporting her new exotic Asian-Afro hairdo, she surely looked a lot different from the last time we met. I just couldn't get enough of her cool vibe. I would never thought of wearing a sexy dress with a pair of Chucks. Well, SHE DID and it looked great! Maybe I should try the Afro 'do, too. Ha! :D


Girl, You Better Know The Game

(ROMWE blouse / Forever 21 skirt & necklace / MBMJ purse / Dolce Vita heels)

In less than 12 hours, I'll be landing in Vancouver. Can't seem to concentrate at work because all I can think of is vacay, vacay, and VACAY! And I can't seem to come up with anything to write for this post because all I have in my mind is vacay, vacay, and VACAY! :p I'll be going on a road trip to Seattle as well and making a stop at the Premium Outlet. I only have a couple of items on my shopping list: this and this. I hope they're going to be on sale when I get there :) I've scheduled a few blog posts during my absence, so keep checking the blog for updates and new outfits ;)

xx toodles.
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ps. CAN'T WAIT to meet you, you, and you! :)


Your Voice Is My Favorite Sound

(Forever 21 top & necklace / ZARA pants / Marc by Marc Jacobs purse / ALDO heels)

I was obsessed with my Forever 21 lace top (as seen here, here, here and here) for the longest time. So when this little lace number popped up on the Forever 21 website, I didn't have to think twice to decide that I had to get it. The less-than-$20 price tag also encouraged the purchase :p It's similar to the old one but it's got shorter sleeves, a wider neckline, and a cropped hem. In other words, it's perfect for the summer ;) I wore this outfit to work but later in the evening, I swapped the pants for a black romper and went for a dinner date with the lovely Jess and Aney. Food porn on Aney's blog! :)

xx toodles.
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Poetry Inside My Head

(Club Monaco top (super old!) / ZARA skirt / Forever 21 necklace / MEXX clutch / Jeffrey Campbell wedges)

It all started with the skirt. I remembered having an old green blouse, so I threw that on to match the green on my skirt. It turned out that they were two different shades of green. Oh well. Then I thought of my recent jewelry find from Forever 21 that I thought would match the blue on the skirt. It turned out that the stone was turquoise, not royal blue. Oh well. My final attempt was to wear my new gray clutch that my mom got me recently. I was so sure that it would match the gray on my skirt. It turned out that the gray clutch was slightly darker than the skirt. Oh well. At least the shoes looked nice, hahahaha... :D

Have a guuuuuhreat weekend, everyone!

xx toodles.
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Everybody Just Have A Good Time

(Top from Indonesia / Joe Fresh shorts / ZARA belt / Marc by Marc Jacobs purse / Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

This is what I wore last Saturday to see the final Harry Potter movie. It was sooooo hot (the weather, not the movie) and I made a mistake by wearing these wedges. Leather sandals are definitely NOT hot weather friendly :( I was on the search for a pair of simple khaki shorts for the summer and I found these at Joe Fresh a few weeks ago. The price is right, cut is right, the fabric is right, and the fit is right... right? ;) Chris usually hates seeing me in shorts, but he hasn't complained about these ones yet. Mission accomplished :)

xx toodles.
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Taking A Day At A Time

(Forever21 blouse / Urban Outfitters skirt / Costa Blanca belt / Marc by Marc Jacobs purse / Jeffrey Campbell wedges)

I swear this skirt was 2-inch longer when I first got it. Damn you, dryer! I guess I better read the washing instruction next time (nope, I never paid attention to it before!) Anyway... I went to see Harry Potter on Saturday and while it wasn't as 'brilliant' as I had hoped, I couldn't help but feeling a little sad that the series has finally come to an end. No more Harry Potter movies. No more magic. No more wild imaginations. It's a bittersweet ending to my childhood :') 

HP fans out there, share your thoughts! :)

xx toodles.
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Set The Music Nice And Slow

(H&M top & necklace / Urban Outfitters pants / ALDO heels)

YEEEEEEEAAH... I don't know why I did a Dita Von Teese-inspired pose there :p I guess I was just running out of ideas on how to pose without looking like I was trying too hard. IT'S HARD, ya know? ;) And my apology for the recurrence of these particular ALDO heels. You know how your mom always suggests you to get a pair of black shoes because they will go with everything? Well, stop listening to your mom (just this once) and get a pair of nude/beige/tan/cream shoes instead! ;)

RANDOM: Just noticed that my current # of readers is 888, which is a lucky number in the Chinese culture. I don't really believe in superstitious, but if that's going to bring good luck to my little blog, then I BELIEVE! :D

Happy weekend, everyone!!

xx toodles.
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Review: Misikko - Hana Professional 1.5" Flat Iron

Misikko, a website that offers the best flat irons in the business, contacted me a few weeks ago if I would like to try out and review one of their popular tourmaline flat iron products. Hell to the yeah I would! ;) The box came in with a few extra goodies, but the star of the show was the Hana Professional 1.5" flat iron.

I'm a big flat iron user. I use it every night after I blow dry my hair. It's important for me to use a good-quality flat iron that won't do as much damage to my hair as the less expensive ones you could get at Walmart (I know I just sounded like a snob, but the pricier ones DO do a better job!)

Is this Hana flat iron the answer to all my prayers to the hair tools gods? 
We'll soon see :)


You Won't Know Unless You Give It A Try

(H&M top & skirt / The Sak purse / ALDO sandals)

I only have two maxi skirts in my closet and I've been wearing them alternately for the past week. They're great to cover up my legs, which are currently full of bruises, because I bump into everything that's on my way and I bruise like a peach and banana combined :p Summer days in TO have been getting hotter and hotter. I hate summer. There, I've said it. I can't wear sleeveless tops to stay cool because my arms are as big as a baseball bat. I wish I was kidding. I've been looking for some workout regimes that focus on arms and the upper body. I need to get rid of these chunky arms pronto :(

xx toodles.

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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

As soon as I received these blouse and skirt from Romwe, I knew that I wanted to wear them together. Chiffon is easily one of the best fabrics to wear during the summer months. It might not be as soft as silk, but it's just as breezy. And I look like I only have 1 leg in the first photo. Rest assured that I still have both of my legs intact and functional ;)


Standing Tall Like A Tree

(H&M blouse / Joe Fresh skirt / Costa Blanca belt / UO purse / Dolce Vita heels)

LOL. I couldn't think of a better title. The brown and green combo reminded me of a tree, so there goes that :p I got this skirt from the clearance rack at Joe Fresh for $12! I squealed with delight when I first stepped into the store. I loved the white walls, minimalist layout and how organized the clothes were. Another thing I love about Joe Fresh is their affordable price point. I had a gift card to spend at Vaughan Mills, c/o Anthea of Clothes Line Finds, so I spent it all on Joe Fresh pieces! I will debut the other goodies on the blog. Be prepared to see some stripes ;)

Have a great weekend, everyone! :) #summerishere

xx toodles.
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Blushing In Chiffon And Pink

(ZARA blouse / H&M skirt / Vintage Etienne Aigner clutch / ALDO shoes)

I wasn't planning on taking blog photos with this outfit because it was one of those days where I dress up conservatively (read: boring) for work. Most of the people in my office wear polo shirts with khaki pants or ill-fitting jeans from the 90s. They top that off with a pair of white tennis shoes. HOW FANCY. Speaking of work, I just booked a short summer vacation for the Civic Holiday long weekend. Guess where I'm going?


Can't wait to see my west coast BFs (you know who you are). Mark your calendar, ladies! :)

xx toodles.
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Cooler Than Cool

Another hot, hot, HOT sale is happening on PRIVÉ right now. Get your favorite Ray-Ban shades for less than $100! Hurry up because these babies will sell like ice cream in summer months. Here's my invite code so you can access the sale immediately :) :)

xx toodles.
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The Old Stomping Ground

Chris and I went to our old university two weekends ago in attempt to avoid our usual "crime scene" aka. the malls and thus, impulse shopping. It was proven to be effective because the only thing we bought was a bottle of water from a vending machine ;)


Give Me A Break

(Tommy Hilfiger shirt / Seven7 jeans / H&M necklace & belt / UO purse / ALDO flats)

These ruby red ALDO flats are one of my favorite shoes (I also have them in black). My problem with flat shoes is that they're not always as comfortable as they appear to be. Wearing flat flats can hurt your feet more in the end than wearing a pair of high heels because they lack the arch support. But that's not the case with these flats, which have comfortable cushioned insoles. After all, every foot deserves a break ;)


xx toodles.
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