Stomp In The Name Of Love

(BB Dakota vest (get it here) / H&M blouse / Uniqlo skirt / Vintage belt / Michael by Michael Kors bag / c/o UGG boots (get them here))

We had a small Halloween party at the office last Friday. Since we would like to maintain our "professional" image (ha!), all female employees were prohibited from dressing up in slutty sexy costumes. And male employees weren't allowed to wear any superhero costumes that promote underwear as outerwear, lol :p Now you would think that based on my outfit above, I would just add a witch hat, a broomstick, and I'd be good to go. Well, think again because my costume was far from being ugly or creepy...


If I Told You That

Last week, I received a pair of skinny jeans to review from the lovely people over at Parasuco Jeans (thanks Amanda!). Jeans are important winter staples in my closet. I usually prefer skinny jeans over other styles because I can wear them tucked in to tall boots or out with a pair of flats or heels.


Ugg... Really?

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Lotus Leaf Communications to attend the opening party of the first UGG store in Toronto. I debated whether or not I should go since I have never been a 'fan' of UGG and going to its launch party would make me look like a hypocrite. Right? ;) I was prompted by their PR team to check out the UGG website and I was surprised by how different their new designs are from the infamous sheepskin ugg-ly boots we all know of (never own one, never will). I guess I should have just mock the shoe style and not the brand :) Anyway... off I went to da' partay!


I've Got To Let You Know

(H&M dress & belt / Mackage jacket via PRIVE / Marc by Marc Jacobs purse (get it here)/ ALDO heels / Amrita Singh necklace via PRIVE)

Celebrated Chris' 26th birthday last Friday with a bunch of his close friends. I still can't believe that he finally passed that quarter-of-a-century mark and soon it'll be my turn. We first met when we're just a couple of sixth graders in Indonesia. We weren't even friends, just classmates. I hated his arrogance, but he couldn't care less, which made me despised him even more. Then he went abroad to continue his studies and I stayed in Indonesia. Fast forward 8 years later, we both moved to Canada but we were still unaware of each other's existence. Until one day, he found me on Friendster (lol, the good ol' days!) and we started talking. Turns out, we went to the same university. So we started hanging out... more... and more. It's been 5 years :)

(gosh, I'm old)

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Who Am I To Disagree

(H&M jacket / Ardene scarf / Old Navy dress (get it here!) / Longchamp Le Pliage tote / Jeffrey Campbell shoes)

I've been obsessing over Old Navy collections lately. I know Old Navy doesn't rhyme with "high-street fashion", but to give them some credit, I think they've really stepped up their game. Sure, they still sell those logo tees and rubber flip flops in all colors of the rainbow, but they've also produced some sweet pieces, like this floral dress I'm wearing. Too bad you can't see the entire dress (next time, I promise!) but it's one of those dresses that you can see yourself wearing it all year round and is appropriate for almost all occasions (just don't wear it to a funeral!) And say hello to my Jeffrey Campbell Ameakes. They've been collecting dust all summer long! >:D

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Hit Me Baby One More Time

(ZARA blazer / AA chiffon blouse / Uniqlo skirt / Forever 21 necklace / MBMJ purse (get it here) / SPRING boots)

Whenever I see a girl ties a knot with her shirt, I am instantly reminded by the song that started it all, "Hit Me Baby One More Time". Of course the lack of six-pack abs 'forced' me to wear this look with a high-waisted skirt instead of a pair of low-waisted training pants. Anywho, it's been quite windy outside and taking photos on the 24th floor multiplies the wind gust by 10 times. Out of the 20 photos I took (uh huh, I took that many), half of them consisted of me trying to get my hair off my face or pulling my skirt down. Now those would make great blooper pics, wouldn't they? ;)

Wishing everybody a great weekend ahead!

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The Capitol ~ Day 2

Another gorgeous day in Ottawa. We were damn lucky! Our plans for the second day were to walk along the Rideau Canal, visit the Museum of Civilization, and have a nice Thanksgiving dinner for 2 at a nearby restaurant. We did them all, except I didn't get to take a lot of pictures in the evening because my camera ran out of battery. Oh well... at least I got all the good pictures during the day. We went back to Toronto the next day, so this is the last set of pics from Ottawa. Enjoy! :)


An Orange A Day...

(H&M blazer / La Quaintrelle dress / GUESS purse / Nine West boots)

Whenever I hear about H&M is having a huge sale, I run sprint to my nearest H&M store and immediately scour over their racks and racks of discounted clothing. That's just how I roll. I usually go bananaz (read: spend too much!) when I'm in such a situation, but this time, I managed to exercise some self-control and left the store with just this orange cropped blazer. Good girl, Kristy!

And the winner of my La Quaintrelle $25 gift card giveaway is........... Jess from Lack of Creativity! She's such a sweet heart and one of my great blogger-friends :) Thanks to everyone who entered. I hope to host another giveaway soon!

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The Capitol ~ Day 1

The weather over the Thanksgiving long weekend was amazing (definitely something to be thankful for!) The sky was clear and the air was breezy. On our first day in Ottawa, we stopped by a cute 1950s diner to load up on carbs and protein before we explored the city, from the Parliament Hill to the Byward Market :)


Let Me Be The One

(ZARA trench coat (similar here) / H&M top & necklace / Forever 21 skirt & belt / Cole Haan purse / ALDO heels)

Urgh, somehow life has taken its toll on me :( I haven't been able to write a proper blog post (or leave comments on other blogs) because my mind has been preoccupied by something else for the past few days. Until I find out about the result, I am going to take a hiatus from blogging. SORRY :( But anyway, have a great weekend, everyone! :)

My current giveaway with La Quaintrelle ends tonight.  

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Sing It Back To Me

(H&M cropped jacket, sweater & skirt / Cole Haan purse / ALDO pumps (similar here))

Just got back from our Ottawa trip. How's your Thanksgiving weekend, Canadians? :) The weather over the weekend was perfect. I packed 3 pairs of tights for the trip and I didn't get the chance to wear any of them. I even got tan lines on my feet from wearing flats! Who knew you could still get a tan in October? ;) Anyway, I will share some of the pictures I took in the capital city soon. Hang tight! :)


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She Was Dressed To Thrill

(Forever 21 anorak (similar here) / Old Navy cardigan (similar here) / H&M blouse (similar here) / Costa Blanca shorts / Cole Haan purse / ALDO flats & sunnies (similar here))

Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is here and Chris and I are heading to Ottawa for the long weekend. Still looking for suggestions on places to eat and visit, so keep 'em coming :) And don't forget to enter my giveaway from some free shopping money! Now who doesn't like that? ;)

Have a safe Thanksgiving weekend, Canadians!

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Giveaway: La Quaintrelle $25 Gift Card

Woohoo, another giveaway is up for grabs! 
This time, a randomly chosen winner will get a $25 gift card for La Quaintrelle, an online shop with loads of pretty and elegant dresses :)

Flapper Dress (left)  -  Tangerine Sky Dress (right)

Emma Dress (left)  -  Confetti Dress (right)

Remember the pretty lace number I wore in this post? Yup, it's the Emma Dress right there! ;) To enter this giveaway, you must:
- Follow La Quaintrelle on Facebook or Twitter (mandatory)
- Visit La Quaintrelle and choose an item you'd like to get with the gift card.
- For a bonus entry: follow my Twitter

Make sure you do one of the mandatory entries in order to qualify for the giveaway :) This giveaway will be open until October 14, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. Don't forget to leave your email address in the comment box! Good luck, everyone! :)

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Dressed Up For The Part

(H&M cropped jacket / Forever 21 dress (similar here) & necklace / UO purse / ALDO heels (similar here or here))

Wore this outfit to see Cirque du Soleil performance for the first time EVER! It was an amazing experience and Chris and I made a promise to each other that we would see it every year from now on. It also made me want to go to Las Vegas to see their other shows there *sigh... day dreaming*. Anyway, as a Cirque du Soleil virgin, I wasn't aware that their signature color scheme was yellow and blue...


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ps. I apologize for the dark & grainy photos. It was cloudy outside and I used the wrong camera setting :(


PRIVE Picks: Motel Rocks

I mentioned in this blog before that I liked browsing through designers sales websites. PRIVE is one of my favorite websites because I feel that their items are more affordable than, let say... Gilt Groupe? Anyway, today's sale is for Motel Rocks and while the British street style is not really my thing, I was still able to find some pieces that caught my attention :)

Bess Cardi - $52

Fransesca Dress - $42

Beth Dress Cotton - $42

Shirley Shirt - $50

The Bess Cardi and Fransesca Dress are my favorites. There are more dresses, tops, and bottoms listed for 50% off or more. Go check them out now! :)

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