Don't Deny The Way You Feel


O Hai! 

I know I've been reaaaally slacking off with my outfit posts lately, so here's the first one for 2012 :)

(Uniqlo jacket / Old Navy sweater (buy here) / H&M skirt, socks, scarf, beanie / Luxury Rebel boots (buy here) / Blue Vanilla beaded bracelet (c/o) / UO purse)

Everyone in Toronto would agree with me that we've been having a very unusual winter this year. A 'plus something' degree just does not say winter to me. So there I was, wearing my (supposedly) Fall jacket unzipped and without a scarf. I wanted to keep the colors in my outfit pretty muted to let my brand spankin' new bracelet from Blue Vanilla shine through. They call it the "Kissing Pumas", I call it "kickass" ;) They offer a lot of statement accessories at affordable price points, so don't forget to check out their website :)

Got these gorgeous suede booties from Shopbop at 70% off during their Christmas sale. If you like them, enter my current Shopbop giveaway HERE! It ends tomorrow at midnight, so hurry up! :)

xx toodles.
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barb c said...

I love those boots!

Charlotta Grönberg said...

Really cute look, love the bracelet!

Wadziie said...

Looks like a cosy outfit
yet chic ♥


newpetite said...

Gorgeous boots!

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

You look amazing :) Those suede booties are SO cute :) i love them! x

Bad Taste Toast said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love all the different shades of brown in this look and the mix of matte and shiny fabrics! Really cool bracelet too!

danni said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! this might be one of my favourites of yours ever!! and now i will pin this and save for copying later.

xoxo danni

Closet Fashionista said...

LOVE your bracelet! The outfit is perfect! And yes...this weather is so weird! But this morning it was really cold...my fingers FROZE when I was taking my pictures, but it's warm again now, haha

Carina said...

Loving your coat! It's such a pretty colour. Lovely pleated skirt too <3

Rachel said...

I love how you layered so many different textures with metallic pieces! I really like your photography too!
Is your Uniqlo coat one of those really lightweight winter coats? I've always wondered how warm those were. They're so cool the way they fold up so small! *o*

Hope Bidinger said...

Ouhh lovin the booties and your beanie is just so cute!

CessOviedo said...

Love how you've merged all the colors and textures here! That skirt is lovely!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Anna G said...

Winter has been missing. Although I don't mind the warmer weather. I love the layers with the sweater and puffy coat. So many great textures and colors.

missdanbee said...

those boots are amazing! <3


xJOLE said...

I know what you mean about slacking off on posts! I thought the milder weather in Toronto would mean more outfits, but alas... x_x The weather may not scream winter, but my body still wants to hibernate!


Delectable Duo said...

Hey Kristy! Awesome OTD, love this combo and the booties are super cute!

Enjoy the warm weather while it's still here!

Btw, where's the setting of this photoshoot?


Jen said...

I've been loving these "outing" photos Kristy- they really highlight your outfits. Does Chris take them for you?? If so- great job Chris! ;) Love the jacket here, I've been wanting to get a quilted jacket for a while now!


bestie said...

When I saw this on Lookbook.nu a couple of days ago I had to stop myself from screaming. You look AMAZING. I just love everything about it!

And the photos are gorgeous, btw. <3