The Honesty Is Too Much

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(ZARA trench coat / Forever 21 lace top / H&M skirt & sequined collar / Oasap.com purse / Aerosoles heels)

Life has been pretty hectic this week. I'm in my first week of training at my new job and there's a lot of new information that my brain needs to take in and digest. At the same time, my body is still adjusting to my new morning schedule and the loooooong commute to/from work. Coffee doesn't help much and every time I get home, I just crash. To make matters (slightly) worse, Chris is currently away on vacation with his family, so aside from feeling stressful, I'm also feeling kinda lonely :(

Anyway, wishing everyone a great weekend ahead. I'm just going to relax and recharge my battery for next week ;)

xx toodles.
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.Tinacious Me. said...

Kristy, what a lovely outfit!love the trench! You are so lucky that you got a hold of the marni collars! It was sold out before I got a chance to visit h&M..
xo, Tina

newpetite said...

Gorgeous!! Love the lace top and the skirt! Take care and you'll fit right in with the schedule in a few days..

Natasha Fatah said...

Was wondering where your posts have been. You look great! :)

xoxo ~Natasha Fatah~

Meitzeu said...

This one is pretty!!!

alison*elle said...

Totally thought that collar was part of that shirt... how fabulous that it isn't! Hope you manage to get some rest this weekend :)

xo, alison*elle

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

At least you look absolutely lovely while getting through your new life adjustments! Very pretty skirt and shoes!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Adore that collar! You look pretty =) X


Amey Jane said...

I've actually just discovered your blog :). I love it and that outfit is gorgeous :)

Amey xx

Mitzi Cocoa said...

You look wonderful! So much swag, girl.

Oreleona said...

i really LOVE this look!! u skirt looks amazing!!

Miss Jayce said...

i really love this outfit! Ive been really digging trench coat outfits for work <3

Michelleesque said...

Oh my! I hope that you adjust to your new schedule soon and that you can commute safely from and to work! I love how you styled your outfit. It makes me want to purchase a trench coat now!


Angie said...

you look great in these neutrals, kristy! the trench has a nice flare. i hope you feel better next week! you can do itttt

pandaphilia style

CamMi Pham said...

Nice outfit...surprisely we have never ran into each other at events...hope to meet u in person one day love

Sunny said...

Congratulations on the new opportunity and I hope you get back to feeling like your old fabulous self soon! You look great chica.

eloiselabetise said...

Lovely outfit! Your skirt and your trench jacket are amazing! xxx


Bad Taste Toast said...

Oh I didn't know you have a new job, congrats! :)
The outfit is superlovely, I really like the combo of the dark mauve skirt (pleats yay) and the cream and beige top and coat! Very classic and chic!

Les belles en jupe said...

This is so cute, I love your outfit !

I will show it one of my daily "Belles en Jupe" selection on my blog !
Hope you good luck for your new job !

Blogger said...

Love this outfit .... Is so romantic and cute! The skirt is greaat!!!


linlicious-style said...

I love your blog, amazing photo's!

Follow me with GFC + bloglovin, and I'll follow you!


jellofer said...

Love the skirt Kristy! A recent H&M buy? I don't think I've ever seen it in stores.

t said...

Nice trench!


Ria said...

This is so well put together, I love it.

aki! said...

I remember reading your blog a long time ago... then somehow got linked back to it! I didn't know you were an accountant! That's awesome because I'm actually graduating in two weeks with an accounting degree.

Oh. And you look inspirationally fabulous.

Mae said...



Sounds like that commute really, really stinks, though. I wish I could speak with you one of these days to just catch up... but I'm so busy. (I have a new gig myself... sort of.)

me ke aloha, Mae