Better Than The Last Time

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It's Friiiiiiiiday! :D What do you guys have planned for the weekend? It's the Mother's Day weekend, which I, unfortunately, won't be able to celebrate with my mom because we're oceans apart. I wish she's here so I could take her out for a mother-daughter brunch, but I guess a Skype chat would have to do trick :)

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(ZARA sweater / c/o YesStyle.com skirt (get it here!) / Forever 21 necklace / Marc by Marc Jacobs purse (get it here!) / Michael Kors watch (get it here!) / ALDO flats)

And in case you haven't noticed, I've been wearing a lot of polkadots lately. 
Like, A LOT. 
(here, here, and here)

You'll see more of them soon ;)

xx toodles.
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Natasha Fatah said...

Beautiful outfit Kristy, you kind of look like you're floating in that last picture.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do / what to give on Mother's Day. I want to take her out, but I think the only things she wants to do is relax!

~Natasha Fatah~
~Natasha Fatah~

Jenny said...

You look lovely in this outfit!

newpetite said...

Beautiful and I love that skirt!

sharon lei said...

Awww sorry that you can't be with your momma for Mother's Day. I won't be seeing my momma this year either because she and my dad are on vacay... back to the motherland... lol. :)

As I told you earlier, I love all the polka dots that you've been wearing! I need to add more to my wardrobe.

xx Love & Aloha

Sunny said...

I love polka dots, they remind me of Zooey Deshanel. Although the distance for the holiday sucks, I am sure your mom knows you love her!

KristiMcMurry said...

Very cute outfit! I hope you have a lovely Skype date with your mom :) I won't be able to see mine either because I'm going on vacation. So sad!

Michelleesque said...

Aww! That's so sweet! I love your outfit, too! :)



love your flats
kisses from prague

AmyRoto said...

so cute! i love polka dots too :)

Petite Adventures said...

Very cute!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love your outfit! So adorable =) X


swebit.info said...

love your flats

Simona said...

Beautiful outfit Kristy! Love every detail!:)

Anonymous said...

Can't go wrong with polka dots. Love the outfit, Kristy! I especially love your Marc Jacobs purse. Can you please repost the link? The link you posted takes me to the skirt not the purse. Thank you!

Kristy said...

@Anonymous Thanks for pointing that out to me :) I've updated the link for the purse. Thanks again for your sweet comment!! :D

Like, Whatever said...

love your nail colour