Kicking It On The High Gear

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(H&M jacket & bag / Old Navy shirt / ZARA trousers / ALDO shoes / Forever 21 necklace)

This week has gone by pretty quickly! I managed to get some sun on my skin, which has started to look slightly darker, though I still have a looooooong way to go to achieve a noticeable tan. Perhaps I should be spending more time out in the sun this summer than chilling inside an air-conditioned mall (pun intended). But I just can't stand the summer heat! There's a reason why I love living in Toronto and that's because I would rather have a frigid winter than a cruel summer ;)

Happy weekend, everyone!!

xx toodles.
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Jess ♡ said...

Hellooo gorgeous! I love this colour palette, it's so refreshing :)

Us Vancouverites are FINALLY getting the sun back, it's been pretty depressing hearing the crazy high temperatures over in Toronto.

P.S. Pale is the new tan, didn't you hear? ;)

Michelleesque said...

I absolutely love how you are able to pull off trousers so well. It's hard for me to shop for the perfect pants sometimes.


Tinacious Me said...

love the way you layer! very pretty & super cute!

Joanna Le said...

I'm the complete opposite! I love it when it's so hot that you sweat just from BREATHING!

Charlotta, Afternoon Apparel said...

Such a beautiful outfit! Everything looks so nice paired with each other, totally wearable!

Have a happy weekend! xo

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

What a succesfull combo! I love the plaid shirt with the jean jacket :) x

Wadziie said...

such a adorable outfit ♥


Natasha Fatah said...

It will be blisteringly hot this weekend, I'm sure you can get some sun soaking done this weekend. ;)

~Natasha Fatah~
~Natasha Fatah~

karolinas-style.ca said...

looking gorgeous Kristy!

newpetite said...

you look lovely! I love denim jackets..

Kate said...

My love for little denim jackets knows no bounds! They seriously go with everything, and this outfit further proves that! SO cute!

thelovelyblonde said...
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thelovelyblonde said...

I love your bag, a classic twist to an otherwise mod outfit.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love your outfit! Chic as usual! X

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Anthea said...

Love this look!

Bad Taste Toast said...

I love this outfit, it's casual and comfy but still looks really chic! You totally rock the plaid shirt and this beautiful bag! Love everything about this :)

Mrs C said...

Hey, Kristy! Found your blog by chance and boy am I glad I did! Love this look and amazing how individually I never thought these pieces could go together but you proved me wrong! Thanks for the inspiration!

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