Honeycomb Be My Own

(Anthropologie cardigan / Romwe blazer / Old Navy tee / Zara pants / Purse from Mom / H&M necklace / Luxury Rebel booties (get them here)) 

I scored this Anthropologie cardigan at a maaaaah-jor discount (read: 80% off!!) when I was in the States last Christmas. The price was too good to be true that I was willing to overlook the fact that: A). It's 2 sizes too big, and B). It sheds like a fluffy cat. My solution to A is to wear it unbuttoned so I won't look like a potato sack and my solution to B is to avoid wearing it with darker-colored clothes so I won't look like a giant lint roller. 

Problems solved :)

xx toodles.
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The Moon Is Out, The Stars Are Bright


Yep! That's snow in the background. And yep! I wasn't wearing any socks. What was I thinking?!? After I finished taking some outfit photos, I went ran back in and switched the wedges with my trusty winter boots ;)


All The World's A Candy Store

(ZARA cardigan / H&M stole / FCUK dress from Mom / Vintage belt / Marc by Marc Jacobs purse (get it here) / ALDO boots)

Love the prints on this dress, but hate how the fabric gets staticky, especially during winter :( I have nothing much to say, except that the gloomy sky we've been having lately has slowed down my blogging routine. Can't take pictures in the morning = no blog material. I don't mind the chilly temperature, I just want the sun back!

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xx toodles.
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It's Going To Be A Good One

(ZARA trench & skirt / Old Navy turtleneck (get it here - on sale!) / Luxury Rebel booties (get them here))

NOT what I wore on my birthday. I wasn't able to take pictures of my O.O.T.B. (Outfit Of The Birthday, ha!) yesterday because the snow was blowing like a hairdryer on crack! Ok, that metaphor just doesn't make any sense :p But basically, I was just wearing my thickest and chunkiest (how I wish I was describing a piece of steak!) sweater, jeans, and winter boots. I swear Michelin Man just got some serious competition. Anyway, thank you for the birthday wishes! I just passed the quarter-of-a-century mark. I hope it's going to be a good year :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

xx toodles.
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Birthday Giveaway with Blue Vanilla (CLOSED)

In the spirit of celebrating my birthday (it's TODAY!), I have teamed up with Blue Vanilla to host another giveaway for you guys :) Remember the "Kissing Pumas" bracelet in this post? It's my favorite piece from them and you could also win your favorite Blue Vanilla jewelry by entering this giveaway!


It Is Only The Beginning

(BB Dakota vest (get it here) / Joe Fresh sweater / ZARA pants / ALDO shoes / Blue Vanilla bracelet (c/o) / Etienne Aigner clutch)

The last time I wore these trousers was back in September and they never saw the light of day until last Wednesday. We've been having a mild winter this year and I was able to wear my Fall clothes out and about. But that wasn't the case this past weekend when all I did was hiding inside my winter parka and snow boots. My birthday is coming up in 3 days, so mother nature, please be kind! I want to dress up for my birthday ;)

xx toodles.
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I Gotta Give It Away

(Old Navy shirt (buy here) / H&M skirt & shoes / gifted Forever 21 clutch / Vintage chain necklace)

I had never considered flannel shirt as a closet staple until I got this one from Old Navy. Yes, my shopping obsession with Old Navy continues!


Don't Deny The Way You Feel


O Hai! 

I know I've been reaaaally slacking off with my outfit posts lately, so here's the first one for 2012 :)