Looking In My Rearview Mirror

(ZARA cardigan / Tommy Hilfiger shirt / H&M skirt & shoes / ALDO scarf (old) / Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (get it here) / Amrita Singh ring)

This scarf has been proven to be one of my most versatile accessories. I can't remember when I got it, it could be at least 5 years ago. I do remember why I got it,  it was on sale for a couple of dollars ;) I have mostly used it to "dress up" my purses (such as this, this, and this), but one day, instead of wearing a bib necklace under my collar, I thought "Why not turn this scarf into a bow-tie?" I've seen other bloggers did it, so I was really curious to see how it would look on me.

So... what do you think?
I think I look like a flight attendant :p

xx toodles.
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A Thousand Lies Have Made Me Colder


Chris found this adorable sweater during our recent trip to Urban Outfitters, heavily discounted from $89 to $19.99 and another 30% off because (I guess) they really wanted to get rid of it. Well, fine by me ;)


No Reason Why I Shouldn't Say Goodbye

(ZARA trench coat / Old Navy sweater (get it here) / H&M skirt, necklace, shoes / Vintage clutch)

Pairing a casual sweater with a classic pencil skirt might not sound like a brand-new idea, but it was foreign to me until I put on this outfit and said to myself "Hey, this actually works!" But I have a love-hate relationship with this skirt. I don't understand how women can survive wearing pencil skirts to work. My skirt isn't even that tight but it's like wearing a giant squeezer. 8+ hours I spent wearing this skirt cost me at least 10 trips to the washroom. I don't even visit the washroom that often when I'm having a stomach flu. Anyway...

Check out my Q&A with EgoCloset on their blog & don't forget to enter THE GIVEAWAY! :)

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Dress Giveaway With EgoCloset!

Remember this post? I meant it to be a teaser for this new giveaway I'm hosting with EgoCloset. EgoCloset is a Vancouver-based online boutique that sells clothes and accessories from our favorite high-street brands, such as Mink Pink, BB Dakota, and Lucca Couture. They are giving away one of the following dresses to one lucky Monochroma.Chic reader :)


Can Things Grow Beneath The Winter Snow?


It was exceptionally freezing in Toronto two Saturdays ago, but Chris and I braved ourselves to get out of the comfort of my well-heated place for some steamed dumplings, a little bit of shopping, and some fresh (albeit frosty!) air.


Stomp Like A Zebra, Strut Like A Cat


I found a wide yet quite street somewhere in downtown on my way to the streetcar stop. And what blogger wouldn't like love it when she/he finds a place so perfect for a photo op like this? I missed my streetcar, but I managed to snap some photos for the blog ;)


I'm Gonna Pack Up My Things And Go

(BB Dakota vest (get it here) / Old Navy shirt / Anthropologie skirt / Vintage belt / Oasap.com purse (get it here) / ALDO heels)

Haven't been able to stop admiring this structured satchel from Oasap.com every since I got it after waiting anxiously for almost a month for it to arrive. When it comes to an everyday/all-occasion purse, I have non-negotiable criteria:  it has to come with top handles AND a long (preferably detachable) shoulder strap. This purse has all that, so I'm a happy camper... until I get a new purse :p

xx toodles.
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This Distance Never Felt Quite Right

(EgoCloset dress (c/o) / Silence+Noise blazer (old) / Vintage belt / Nina Ricci purse (mom's) / Origo bracelet / Quoise ring (c/o) / Jeffrey Campbell wedges (old))

Who can resist polkadots? I know I can't :) This polkadot number from EgoCloset came in just in time after I couldn't find anything else to wear in my closet, which happens more often than not -- can anyone relate? >:D The material of this dress is quite thin, but the navy blue and purple color combination saves it from being inappropriately see-through. I did wear a black tunic tank underneath for extra coverage, though :p

Stay tuned for a sweet giveaway later this week! ;)

xx toodles.
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I See Your True Colors


Sometimes (actually, often times), I have no idea what to wear so I end up wearing everything I have in mind or anything I lay my eyes on. Like this outfit :)


Something Old, Something New

(ZARA button-up & sweater / H&M skirt / Forever 21 necklace (get it here) / Dolce Vita pumps (get them here) / UO purse)

You know that feeling when you're in the middle of scouring through messy piles of discounted clothes, then all of a sudden, you see something that you don't originally look for but it catches your attention and when you check out the price tag, it's ridiculously marked down, and when you check out the size, it's yours, so you end up buying it because a great deal like that doesn't come very often?

That's exactly how I feel about this ZARA sweater, which by the way, only set me back $10 :)
(or 9.99 to be exact!)

xx toodles.
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ps. That's the longest running sentence with the most syntax errors I've ever written :p


The Heart Beats Happy When It Has A Place

(American Apparel top / H&M skirt / Costa Blanca necklace / Luxury Rebel booties (get them here) / Forever 21 clutch)

Wore this to a birthday dinner date with Chris :)

I've never been a stiletto kinda gal. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'd notice that most of my heels are either wedges or stacked and chunky. I can't handle the skinny heel of Louboutins, Blahniks, and alike. They just look so painful to me. So I had some reservations before I purchased these booties. They're heavily discounted and they looked amazing in pictures, but I was worried about the heel shape. I made the purchase anyway and I was extremely surprised at how comfortable, sturdy, and... comfortable! they were. I can jog, skip and do a somersault in them. Ok, maybe not the last one (yet) but you get the picture ;)

Have a great weekend, peeps! (o^_^o)

xx toodles.
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