Never Stop For Anyone

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Hello Internet! I wasn't planning on neglecting my blog during the Christmas break, but it just so happened that I did... and I enjoyed every minute of it :) I hope everybody was able to spend the holiday season with their loved ones. But can you believe that we're already at the end of 2012?!? Holy molly! :(


I Can Dream About You

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(c/o Choies.com blazer (get it here) / Old Navy tee / GAP skirt / c/o Oasap.com necklace (get it here) / Marc by Marc Jacobs purse / Sam Edelman "Simone" booties)

My Christmas break has officially started! I'm currently in Ottawa with my brother where we'll stay for a night and take the afternoon bus home on Saturday. The Christmas trip will continue on Sunday, where we'll fly to San Francisco to meet up with our relatives & celebrate Christmas in the west coast. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that the weather in SF would be friendly enough for me to leave my winter coat at home (I don't mind a little breeze!). And as a proud Yelper, I've been busy browsing the site for great places to eat in SF, including In-And-Out Burger, lol! I'm still looking for great places to shop, though. Any suggestions? :)

xx toodles.
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That's What Takes Me High

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I can't believe that 2012 is ending in 2 weeks! TWO WEEKS!!!! As soon as Christmas is over, days would just fly by and before we know it, we would be counting down the hour to the first day of 2013. But anyways, lets focus on Christmas first, shall we? Have you finished your Christmas shopping? If not, then giiiirl, but you better get going! ;)


There Was No One Else Around

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Like I've mentioned in my previous post, simple booties are my current obsession. After I returned all the "failed" booties back to where they're from, I innocently walked into a Forever 21 store and saw a big sign that said "ALL BOOTS ARE 30% OFF THIS WEEKEND". So... here I am, debuting another pair of ankle boots that I got for $18. And they're pretty comfortable, which is a great bonus! ;) 


Where Does It Stop?

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(H&M sweater / c/o Oasap.com blouse (get it here) / ZARA trousers / Forever 21 clutch / Michael Kors watch (get it here) / Sam Edelman "Simone" booties (get them here))

Lately, all I've been looking for every time I go into a shoe store are booties. Simple, high-heel booties with no straps, no laces, no hardwares, basically... no gimmicks. I bought several pairs from different stores to try on and compare them at home, but none of them left me feeling satisfied. 

It was Monday, Nov 26, which was also known as Cyber Monday. I just got back from work, so I got changed and went to my desk to check my gmail. I saw a bunch of "Cyber Monday Deals" emails from all of the flash-sale websites I signed up for. I started deleting every single one of them before my eyes stopped on an email from The Peacock Parade about their Cyber Monday deals. The Peacock Parade is a Canadian-based flash-sale website, which to me only means one thing: NO CUSTOM DUTIES! So I thought, "Meh, no harm in checking it out. My size should all be sold out by now". A few scrolls down their page later, I saw an image of a black suede bootie from Sam Edelman. For $29. MY HEART STOPPED.

Less than a week later, the booties arrived in my mailbox ♥
I returned all the "failed" booties back to stores and never looked back :)

xx toodles.
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Let It Last Forever & Ever

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Before I say anything, have you guys checked out my latest giveaway HERE?


Minty Dots

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(Old Navy sweater & jeans (buy here & here) / H&M Necklace / Michael Kors watch / Foley & Corinna Jet Set tote (buy it here) / Luxury Rebel booties (buy them here))

I kinda miss taking blog outfit photos on my balcony. Back when I only had my trusty tripod, this balcony played a great role in keeping my blog "alive" ;) Anyway, do you like my double-dots outfit? Should've worn this sweater back in Easter! Instead, I wore this on Saturday to (finally) do some Christmas shopping, where I managed to cross out most of the names on my list... except for my mom, my brother, and Chris. Why is it more difficult to find presents for the ones you're the closest to? :(

 xx toodles. 
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ps. This is also my final look for #marcthedot x Lookbook.nu campaign! :)