First Impression - Summer 2013 Luxe Box

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The lovely people over at Loose Button recently contacted me to review their newest Luxe Box "Summer 2013" edition. I love the idea of receiving a bunch of sample-size products, especially when it comes to beauty items. How many of us have regretted our decision of buying that lipstick, that concealer, or that moisturizer that looks promising in its packaging but turns out to be a complete bust on our face? (me me me!)

Because I just received this box and I have yet to try out all of the products, I'm just going to write about my first impression on each one of them. After all, first impressions are usually the deal breaker in almost everything in life, right? ;)

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Olay Total Effect Moisturizer with Sunscreen (Light-Medium)
So... I don't wear (or even own) foundation. I just don't like the feel of it on my skin. I do, however, wear a tinted moisturizer from time to time, especially when I'm experiencing discolourations on my face. My first impression on this product? COOL PACKAGING + FULL SIZE = SOLD! :D And I'm excited to see if it's actually going to colour-correct my skin tone. I'll keep you guys posted ;)

Donna Karan WOMAN perfume
Now this, I've tried! I usually don't like the smell of Sandalwood, but a hint of that in this perfume is perfect. It also smells a little bit like baby powder, which I find quite calming :)

Marc Jacobs DOT perfume
This might be a bias first impression, but I LOVE everything from Marc Jacobs and this perfume was the item that I felt the most excited about when I opened my Luxe Box. I love sample-size perfumes like this, because they become very useful when I go on trips! :)

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COLORSMASH Hair Shadow in True Royal
WHAAAAAA???!?!? --> exactly what my first impression was. Not sure if I'm even going to attempt to try this conceptual product because the colour scares me! :(

ESSIE Nail Polish in DJ Play That Song
When it comes to nail polish, I only trust 3 brands: OPI, Essie, and Rimmel, so when I saw this nail polish in the box, I couldn't be happier. Plus, I don't have anything similar to this shade, so it's a double-score! :)

Crabtree & Evelyn WISTERIA Hand Theraphy
I've been using Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams for sometime now, but I've never tried WISTERIA. The scent is a bit too strong for my liking, but that's not going to stop me from emptying this tube ;)

Knotties Headbands/Hair Ties (pictured in the first image)
To be honest, I don't understand why these were even included in the package. What's so special about them? Can anybody fill me in on these? Are they the current "it" headbands/hair ties? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Since this is my first ever Luxe Box, I'm pretty satisfied with what I received in my package, with the exception of the hair shadow & knotties. I think they could easily be replaced with a couple of make-up products and my overall impression with this Luxe Box would go up 2 notches. Maybe next time!

Now on to the good news. Become a Loose Button member by July 7 (sign up here) and you'll receive your own Summer 2013 Luxe box! Don't forget to use the invite code "monochroma". Thank you Loose Button for letting me review your special edition Luxe Box! :)

xx toodles.
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angie2911 said...

The knotties have been worn by celebrities Audrina Partridge & Ashley Benson.So yes they are in right now.

FunkyCrew said...

I gave away my knotties to co-workers

what the heck, I didn't get no Essie this time :( and they resend DKNY perfume again - but as per their email, they are sending me another sample to compensate

I always look forward to their nail polish samples, but nothing for me this time around :(

Gregerge tongcui said...
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angie2911 said...

Sephora has their own brand of those hair ties.Funny that you got the same perfume twice & I can't even get one!