Review - Red Carpet Spring 2014 LuxeBox

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I recently had the opportunity to review a limited edition LuxeBox, called "Red Carpet Spring 2014"(my previous review post on a LuxeBox can be found here). As usual, the products came in a durable white rectangular box, which I always reuse to store my accessories or keep my toiletries organized ;) 

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{Miracle 10 face moisturizer // Loose Button black tights // Bare Love Body Daily Recovery Treatment // Teeez "Sheer Gold" lip gloss // Teeez "Candy Buzz" nail polish // Teeez "Black De Luxe" eye pencil // PRADA "L'eau Ambree eau de Parfum" rollerball}

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PRADA L'eau Ambree Eau de Parfum -- The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging. The faux-leather case that it comes with has a snap magnetic closure, which I think is quite elegant. I could totally reuse the case once I'm done with the perfume! The scent has notes of citron, may rose and amber.  Personally, I prefer fresh and floral-y perfumes, so I would only wear this in the evening as I feel that the scent is too strong for a daywear.

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Miracle 10 Moisture & Bare Love Body Daily Recovery Treatment -- These products didn't really excite me. I always find lotion and moisturizer samples rather useless, especially those that cater towards all skin types. Plus, how can you tell or see an improvement on your skin condition when you only have a sample amount to "treat your condition"?

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Teeez Nail Polish in "Candy Buzz" -- At a glance, it looks more like a lip gloss than a nail polish (right?). But I like the design on the bottle. The polish is an orange-ish red shade, which is pretty versatile and should suit most complexions. I like how the brush is on the flatter side, it makes the application process easier. The formula is pretty great as well. With two coats, you'll get a full opaque coverage. I've been wearing it for 3 days now and it's started to wear off. We'll see how long this will last before I wipe it completely off my nails ;)

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Teeez Paradise Perfect Lip Gloss in "Sheer Gold" -- See? It looks just like the nail polish! Except this one really is a lip gloss :p To be honest, I was quite surprised to receive a clear lip gloss inside a "Red Carpet" box. It's a bit underwhelming, don't you think? If you were invited to a "Red Carpet" event, would you wear just a clear lip gloss? EXACTLY. This product also claims to have a lip plumping effect. It doesn't give me the tingling sensation like other lip-plumping glosses I've tried in the past, but it definitely makes my lips look fuller.

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Teeez Easy On The Eyes Eye Pencil in "Black De Luxe" -- True black. Creamy formula. Glides easily without tugging the eye. Waterproof and long lasting (it's actually pretty difficult to take this off!). This is my favourite product from the box! The only con I have about this eyeliner is the fact that I have to sharpen it regularly. And it's not like this eyeliner is in a shape of a classic pencil liner, which makes it even more difficult to sharpen. See? This is why I prefer liquid or gel liner over pencil. They're low maintenance ;)

Loose Button Black Opaque Tights (no picture) -- This is definitely just a box stuffer and irrelevant to the "Red Carpet" box concept. To me, this product doesn't scream Red Carpet or Spring at all. And what did they name this limited edition box again?? Quality-wise though, they are great. They're on the thicker side, but the fabric still feels very soft against my skin. I had a pair of tights from Loose Button before and they lasted for quite awhile.

I would give this box a 2.5/5 because I feel that most of the products in this box don't fit the Red Carpet idea. What do you guys think? :)

xx toodles.

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ps. this box was sponsored by Loose Button, however, all opinions are my own.


Natalie said...

I actually love everything you got in the box! They all seem like products I'd get good use out of. I'm sorry it wasn't up your street.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

I'm loving your nails! x