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Welcome to my online style journal! I started Monochroma.Chic in late 2009, but I started blogging about my outfits on Chictopia in January of the same year. Being a style blogger has allowed me to expand my fashion horizon, take chances with fashion, form new friendships, and most importantly, discover my true personal style. 

I graduated from university with a Commerce degree a few years ago and I've been working the 9-to-5 desk job ever since. To be honest, I don't mind it ;) I recently switched my career direction into something I've always wanted to do, retail merchandising. It's quite a change from the accounting environment I was in before, but hopefully this would be a starting point to something great :)

Random bits. The eldest child of 2 // Been living on my own since 16 y.o. // My boyfriend was my 6th grade classmate // Favorite meal is kimchi ramyun instant noodle with bokchoy, mushroom, and egg // I screen my calls // High-speed internet > TV // I hate skiing // ♥ Pugs, pugs, pugs  // 51 pairs of shoes & counting // I didn't go to my high school prom // My family calls me "Boeboe" (read: Booboo, like Yogi Bear's sidekick) // I used to bite my nails (... and toe nails, no joke!) // My favorite frozen yogurt topping is mochi balls // I can't choose between rice and noodle. Yes, I'm that Asian :p

Thank you for visiting and I hope you're here to stay :)